“Why don’t you tell me his name?”

“Because if I do, thinking he was just another human like yourself, you will evaluate his ideas in respect of your conditionings and infinitely be deprived of a great truth. I am not telling you so you won’t judge him with the influence of your conditionings and you understand and evaluate his teachings beyond all your preconditioned beliefs. In other words, I am refraining from telling you Dabaddah’s earthly name for your own sake.”

“Are you ever going to tell me?”

“When you complete your knowledge acquisition you are going to recognize him for yourself. The biggest indication that one has been cleansed of his conditionings is his ability to recognize Dabaddah.”

“Countless enlightened people have lived on Earth and showed the right way. Who to believe? Even today, there are numerous people claiming to be enlightened, claiming to be a guide. Who should we follow?”

“You must first differentiate the ones who offer a complex system from those who don’t. One who cannot explain everything, one whose path does not answer every question, has no right to be a guide to others for they are still under the influence of conditionings and lack the sight to see the truth as a whole!”

“But how can one analyze them all? They all expect you to blindly accept and believe and submit yourself?”

“In order to fully benefit from someone’s teachings, it is imperative that you submit yourself, that is, open all your doors of knowledge without a predetermined judgment… But of course, this never happens just like that!

“There are some who acquire part of the knowledge of the truth through various means, and use this simply to exploit people… And there are some, who know the truth, but don’t have the ability to communicate it to others. Then there are some who both know the truth and have the ability to share it with others. There’s much to be said about this topic, but suffice it to say, a strong mind can easily lead people astray or silence them.

“For example, if something doesn’t work out for you, he can tell you ‘there is good in it for not working out’ and give you solace. If something goes wrong, he will tell you ‘there is good in this wrong, don’t worry, you will be happy in the end’ and comfort you.

“The truth is, the ‘wave system’ is what permeates and prevails throughout the universe. Anyone who knows the truth about the waves and their crests and troughs, that is the highest and lowest points of the wave, could easily manipulate others.

“For example, to offer someone a job they can’t do when they are at a ‘crest’ point in their life... Since every crest is followed by a trough, if the person fails to perform the task, when the natural fall to the trough point occurs, he can say ‘see, you didn’t do as I told you, and this is why you fell’ whereas in reality a fall coming after a rise is part of the natural cycle of life. Or, when something seemingly bad happens, he manipulates and conditions others to believe the ‘bad’ happened because it was done oblivious to him.

“On the other hand, to tell someone at a low point to be patient as they will soon be out of this adverse situation, and when, due to the natural course of waves, he moves on to the crest, to say ‘see, I told you so, you are here because of me’ hence enslaving others to himself!

“Or to claim the seeming adversities that afflict exceptional individuals, in conformity with the principle of opposites, to be the results of some ‘wisdom’.

“The most effective reason people use to bind or enslave others to themselves is by convincing them that their every action is based on and driven by some wisdom. When someone believes this, they will hand their selves over by their own free will.

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