“Like what?”

“Just when you think you’ve escaped your conditionings, without even realizing you will become conditioned by another one, out of humanly relations. This will be a scary hindrance for you, but the worst part is that you won’t even realize this is a hindrance… When you’re away from the society, however, you will be free from this risk.”

“It seems a retreat is a must then in order to really be cleansed of conditionings.”

“No, no, that is not what I meant! One may well achieve the same purification while living in a society. I just wanted you to know that it is difficult. If you have a strong will and determination, and find a good friend who is knowledgeable and experienced, oblivious of its difficulty, you can still achieve this purpose.”

“You know what just occurred to me? These stages you talk of in regards to the development of the ‘human’, or actually I should say the ‘unit’, ascending in stages, from soil to plants to animals and finally to humans… It sounds a little like the reincarnation belief?”

“Reincarnation is originally based on materialism. Later, it got fused with spiritualism and ultimately took the meaning it has today.”

“What do you mean? What does reincarnation have to do with materialism?”

“According to the materialistic view, everything is in a constant state of recirculation. Animate things become inanimate, and inanimate things become animate. In essence, it is this transition that comprises the real meaning of reincarnation. However, with time, this transition became understood and accepted as spiritual beings, which reached as far as believing that spiritual beings come back again and again to the material world.”

“The materialists’ view on the recirculation of matter seems to resonate with what you mentioned earlier about the various stages of soil-plants-animals-human development.”

“This is exactly where the misconception takes place! They become aware of various parts of reality, but failing to connect them together to see the big picture, they complete it with their own conditioned assumptions, and this is where the deviation happens. Just like the story of the blind man who thinks he’s holding a snake while he is actually holding the trunk of an elephant!

“All beings in the universe are like infinitely intrinsic circles sharing the same central tangent. No diameter is the same as another, each circle is either closer or further away from the center compared to another circle. The furthest and biggest one naturally encompasses all the rest of them.

“As I said, all of these intertwined circles are tangential to the same center, they trace the routes of all the beings, and they are the localized manifestations, the images of the cosmic consciousness.

“Every manifest being draws its own route with its life path. Some traverse their path and return without materializing, while others return as a plant or an animal, and some traverse through the human body before returning. And all those who humanize draw unique paths, too.”

“So who has drawn or will draw the biggest circle?”

“He is someone who lived on Earth, someone of great eminence… we call him Dabaddah, he is an exemplary being. He who traverses the furthest path, the point furthest away from energy, and manifests as a human at this point, is a signpost for the rest of existence.”

“Wait a minute… Dabaddah? Who is Dabaddah? I’ve never heard of him.”

Dabaddah is what we call him. He has a different name amongst earthlings in your world, but I can’t tell you. When you complete your knowledge acquisition you will easily recognize who he is.”

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