“If a unit completes its journey as a human it earns the label ‘human’ and carries this name amongst others of the same kind. But the truth is, in our view this unit existed long before it became a human, it was simply travelling in the direction of its purpose.”

“And after death?”

“We had already spoken about this. But let me explain again. The unit called human comprises a place in the universe with his thoughts and the waves it emits, so when his connection to his physical body subsides, he will simply continue his existence without a material body, driven, however, with the conditionings produced and generated via the body before it stopped functioning.”

“Is data and conditioning the same thing?”

“If you feel and internalize the data and it produces results then it is transformed into knowledge and awareness. But if it remains as disembodied external data and, even though you live under its partial influence, you fail to apply the information contained in it or you apply but don’t get any results, then it hasn’t caused ‘awareness’ but has become a conditioning.

“Regarding death, if during your earthly life you can emancipate yourself from the restraints of your conditionings and find your essential self you will continue your life after death with the strengths of your essential self. In your terms, you will go to heaven.

“If you can understand this secret you will realize that the ‘Reality’, is your very own essence, and all the attributes you know as belonging to the Reality are your own qualities. Consequently, this realization will enable you to conduct your life with the rightful use of these innate qualities while in the meantime your journey towards your essence continues.

“Finally, embarking from the Universal Intellect, you will discover yourself within It, and It within yourself, and thus return to the point at which you started.

“Otherwise, you will be challenged with things that seem to oppose your nature, upon which you will be supported with the necessary strengths in order to overcome these challenges. Through these strengths, you will again arrive at the same awareness, and hence reach the same point… Any other questions?”

“What must I do in order to find my essential self?”

“You must cleanse yourself from all of your environmental conditionings, the set of values you’ve adopted based on these conditionings, and all the emotions that are produced as a result!”

“Can you elaborate a little, please?”

“Aren’t all those practices you define as traditions, customs, culture, and so on, the outputs of certain internal conditionings? Don’t they all result from the false belief that you exist as a separate individual? Even your emotions result from these conditionings, do they not? Therefore, in order to find who you really are, you must first abandon all your animalistic and humanly emotions!

“But these emotions don’t just emerge out of nowhere. They result from relations, which develop in accordance with the conditionings enforced by their environment. This means, in order to abandon certain emotions you must first escape from all of your environmental conditionings, so that the incidents they give rise to no longer produce the same effect on you. That is, you don’t generate ‘emotions’ that lead you astray from your essence.”

“Yes, but these conditionings you speak of are very distinct things in the society, if you don’t comply with them you will either be labeled insane or you will have to move away from the society altogether…”

“Those who came in the preceding ages used to retreat totally. They used to withdraw to the mountains, caves or the desert for some time, in order to undergo the challenge of purifying themselves from all of their conditionings and the humanly emotions they produce. Indeed, many of them were labeled as delirious. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any other way and, even if there is, it will take a very long time.

“One way you can go about this is to appear to be complying with the conditionings so on the surface it will have some value. But, internally, you will neither be complying with them nor will they hold any value or validity for you. And no situation you find yourself in will make you emotional. This will also take you to the same destination, but it will take much longer and bears some risks.”

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