“So, do I have to engage in these practices?”

“That’s your business. By principle, we don’t meddle in others’ activities. Our job is to help you understand the truth. The rest is up to you. The level of your comprehension will determine what you decide to do.”

“Ok, so let’s talk a little more about the brain and the practice of ‘incantation’ you mentioned earlier… What does this actually mean?”

“As you know Jem, all of your activities are generated within your brain and then manifested, if need be…”

“How about the SPIRIT?”

“The SPIRIT receives all its properties from the brain. But the other point you are unaware of is that just as the spirit receives all its energy from the brain, it also constantly replenishes the brain and hence the body. As a very simple example, think of the battery of your car. The ignition of the car relies on the battery, in turn the motor charges the battery via the alternator; the motor and electrical circuits work with the battery… Similar to this, the brain produces and develops the spirit, loads it with knowledge and energy, and in turn the spirit supplies the brain with energy reinforcement and memory power.

“If at some point the brain is deprived of this energy supply coming from the spirit, it loses its life energy and ends its activity. Thus, you say the person has died… Whereas, it isn’t the person who has died but merely their brain! The person simply ceases to live a life powered by the brain and continues their life with the holographic wave-body, which you call spirit instead.”

“At this point, is the person able to travel freely with this wave-body?”

“Not at all… In fact, this is where the biggest trouble stems from… I had told you in our previous meeting that the afterlife is an automated life just like the dream world… It is a plane of existence in which the natural consequences of your memory records automatically play out their course. Just like you can’t change or control your dreams, you will have no control over this dimension and how it plays out. This is why many people will be damned to great pain and suffering in the hereafter; they will be buried alive!”

“Buried alive? How? Why?”

“As we said, ‘death’ is the cessation of the brain and the continuation of life via shifting from the physical body to the wave, or ‘spirit’ body. Now if an individual lives his life persistently associating and identifying with the physical body, then as a result of this predominant memory record of ‘being the physical body’ he will automatically believe and feel he is consciously and physically being buried beneath the soil when his body is buried.

“Imagine you are being buried alive! Imagine being able to see and hear everything and everyone around you while they bury you under the earth or, worse yet, cremate you! You can no longer die; as technically you are already dead, and you don’t even have the option of ‘losing the plot’! What do you do? It doesn’t even seem imaginable!”

“Alph, that is scary! Actually scary is an understatement! But there has got to be a way out, no?”

“Your master has informed you about this; it is written in your books… Sadly you don’t give it much thought… You simply think death is just the end of life, and that you will eventually resurrect and continue living elsewhere… This is an extremely inadequate understanding!”

“And the solution?”

“The solution is in everything I’ve been telling you!”

“What do you mean?”

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