“In order to take precaution against something one must first know about this thing from which they are taking precaution, right? Your biggest downfall is not knowing about what you will be faced with… You must urgently attend to this problem!”

“I know now, that when I taste death, I am uninterruptedly going to continue living with my spirit. So, what can I do to avoid being imprisoned in the grave?”

“Delete the false information on your memory records, reload the correct information and live your life accordingly!”


“All your life you thought you were your physical body and hence lived a life centered on your bodily needs and wants… Whereas, one day, this body is going to decompose under the soil and transform, while ‘you’ are going to continue living! Thus, use this body until that day, but do not get possessive! Just like a car you drive to get from one point to another, use this body as a vehicle only, do not identify with it. You think this dimension of existence is the real abode, but your master, though he looked like you, knew very well he was not from this world that you so eagerly take possession of. In fact, he even claimed this truth with a sentence he shared with certain learned people once…”

“What had he claimed?”

Three things from your world have been made likable to me,he said…”

“And? So what if he liked three things, everybody likes some things, how does this prove anything?”

“Jem, you are not listening to the words! It is imperative you take heed of his words, especially the pronouns he uses! Listen to what he said: Three things from YOUR world have been made likable to me..!”

YOUR world!

“Exactly! What does this mean?”

“A world that he doesn’t belong in! A world he does not include himself in! Our world, NOT his world!

“But if he said YOUR world, and indirectly claimed not to be a part of this world, then where is his world? What kind of a world does he belong to? Did you ever think about this?”

“Oh, Alph! You tell me these intriguing things that we’ve never thought about before and totally confuse and befuddle me! I don’t know what to think… So, what are you saying now, that he is not someone from our world?”

“If by your ‘world’ you’re referring to your planet Earth then relax, he was born and raised on Earth just like the rest of you. But, as soon as he knew his true self, he found his real world, and that world is not this world, my friend!

“The realities, values and judgments of that world are far different from the principles of your world. And, until you discover and realign your lives according to that world, you will be bound to live as an earthling, die as an earthling and be buried alive! The difference between YOUR world and OUR world is like the difference between you and me! Your master and his true followers are from our world, and they hint this to you when they address you, so that those who are receptive to the reality will pick it up.”

“What else can I do?”

“If you can, try this exercise every night before you go to sleep: Lie still on your bed and imagine leaving your body and watching your body from above. If you can practice this every night it will help you to dissociate your identity from your body…”

“And what if I can’t dissociate completely?”

“You would still have gained a considerable amount of practice, which will be uploaded to your memory waves, and hence assist you to dissociate during death, even if to some extent…”

“Alph… If everything is happening in our minds, how can we best strengthen our minds or our brains?”

“Each brain has its own unique decoder program, and hence, each brain is different… It would be wrong to devise one generic program to simultaneously develop all brains…

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