“And how can I strengthen my anti-gravity waves?”

“Why are you so impatient, Jem? You want to capture and gather everything all at once! This is impossible my friend! Everything takes place chronologically. If something is to take place five stages or units of time later, it is absurd and impertinent to want it to occur now! Everything has already been cosmically programmed and every ‘thing’ within the system is executing the requirements of their creation program. If you realize this, you will never think anything to be unnecessary, wrong or irrelevant again! Just look at your own body… Your lungs clean your blood; your kidneys regulate the fluid and excretes the wastes as urine… While one’s program and nature is to be and function as a lung, the other’s one is to be a kidney and to form and excrete urine! Neither the lung can be a kidney nor the kidney a lung. An intelligent and wise person will find everything in its perfect place and will not try to alter it.”

“So, if a person’s anti-gravity waves were not activated by birth, it can’t be activated later, right?”


“But, that isn’t really fair! There really isn’t anything the person can do to change anything then?”

“You will understand the wisdom in this later. For now, just try and understand the spirit!”

“Ok, so… What about the energy waves you mentioned?”

Energy waves that are either produced by the brain or transferred by other brains are of two types: positive or negative. The positive waves are uploaded to the anti-gravity waves, while the negative ones are loaded directly to the carrier waves…”

“I get it… So if my brain emits positive waves, but it can’t produce anti-gravity waves, do the positive waves go to waste?”

“No, nothing goes to waste. There are some benefits that it will bring you of course, but these will only be worldly benefits, effective throughout your life in this dimension only… Unfortunately, it will have no effect on the other side for someone who cannot produce anti-gravity waves!”

“How can this positive energy be generated?”

“In two ways: either you generate it yourself, or you receive it from someone else in return for a service you may offer…”

“So it is given deliberately?”

“Deliberately or not!”

“Willingly or unwillingly?”

“Indeed! Whether one wills or not, this energy transfer will take place as the automated consequence of the way brains have been programmed to function. It is the natural result of the system. You don’t have the capacity to intervene and alter this system.”

“And how does this system run?”

“The instant you think of someone a connection you call telepathy is established between your brain and that person’s brain.”

“Is this applicable to everyone?”

“Of course…”

“Do we have any effect on this? Can we increase or reduce or even prevent it from happening?”

“No, it is beyond your control. You can’t alter this system in any way.”

“So, if I start talking about such and such a person in such and such a country right now..?

“Immediately a connection will be established between your brains without you even knowing it… If you say negative things about this person, then your positive energy will be transferred to this person via this connection until you have paid their due right… And vice versa, of course, if the other person was saying unfavorable things about you then you will receive their positive energy…”

“And what if someone did a favor for me?”

“Then you need to immediately return the favor, for if you don’t, then it will be automatically returned by your positive energy, and if you have no positive energy to give, then you will receive their negative energy… What you commonly refer to as ‘taking each other’s sins’ is based on this mechanism, albeit many of you are completely unaware of it…”

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