“If the negative thoughts and emotions that have been uploaded to your memory waves and stored as energy have not been deleted, then it gets fixated on the spirit body, and hence is exposed and observable by everyone!”

“Wait a minute… Am I understanding what you’re saying correctly? Are you saying all my thoughts and feelings are being transferred and uploaded through memory to my spirit, that is, in the form of carrier waves to my wave-body at all times?”

“First make sure you understand the make-up of the ‘spirit’ well, as it is the conglomeration of all the four energy layers. Hence, memory waves are not different or separate to the spirit. We can either call their totality ‘spirit’ or talk about their different layers…”

“In other words, all my qualities and properties are holographically uploaded to the carrier waves in the form of memory waves and hence stored in my spirit?”


“And then some of this can be erased, I gather? So can I actually delete some of this stored information?”

“Indeed again! It is well in the hands of humans to delete the ‘unwanted negative’ data from their records!”

“You’re an incredible person, Alph! These are unbelievably amazing things that you’re telling me!”

“Yes, well… except, I’m not a person, Jem. I am next to you in your world, but I am not from your world. You’re conditionings and value judgments and extremely limited knowledge, which doesn’t even come close to correlating with the universal realities, have no impact on me.”

“OK, I’m sorry, Alph! I just got a little overexcited, I spoke without thinking.”

“Yes, I know, Jem. I excuse you… As sadly, you still think of yourself as a person too. You are still veiled from your ESSENCE! Knowing the truth does not entail living the truth, as one of you has once said You cannot taste the sweetness of honey by licking its jar! Don’t forget, if you don’t internalize this knowledge and start applying and experiencing it, then it will only be a big burden on your shoulders and a source of much suffering in the future. As, you will be consumed by the flames of the fire of remorse for having known the truth, but not living by it!”

“You’re right, Alph! But after being conditioned for years to think in a particular way, it is incredibly difficult to break away from it and to adopt a new view… Anyway, Alph, you were talking about deleting stored data?”

“I think you need to understand the make-up of the spirit first…”

“True… So, according to my understanding, the carrier waves constitute the actual spirit and the memory waves represent the ‘personality’ that is associated to that spirit. But what are the anti-gravity waves?”

Anti-gravity waves are another micro type of wave that result from various cosmic radiation activating the mother’s womb on the one hundred and twentieth day after conception, these are also uploaded to carrier waves. Specific brain exercises can aid in the strengthening and continued production of these waves…”

“We can strengthen our anti-gravity waves via other waves?”

“Yes. The ionization that takes place in teleportation for instance is due to strong anti-gravity waves. Because you don’t know this however, you simply think its ionization.”

“So, are we to think that anyone who can be teleported must possess anti-gravity waves?”

“Of course… Those to whom you refer as saints are individuals whose spirits possess anti-gravity waves.”

“Does this mean anyone who can be teleported must possess these waves?”

“You can’t discern that! Many amongst you deliberately or inadvertently make contact with the Setrians and the Setrians change their location by teleporting them… Oftentimes they won’t even be aware of this… So, how can you know something that they don’t even know about themselves? Unless you’re an extremely knowledgeable scholar in the field!”

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