Incantation, or the repetition of certain words, is the process of producing specific frequencies of wave or energy, which then disseminates to all the idle cells in the brain, activating certain circuitry, and hence expanding the brain capacity. In this case, bioelectrical energy reflecting the meaning denoted by the name you repeat will be produced, and activate the relevant cells and hence strengthen the brain in that particular area.

“Your master has taught you ninety-nine names as a concise summary of all the cosmic activities. Every cell in every brain has an innate capacity to manifest these names. Every name expresses itself with a unique formula, at different degrees and strengths, in every brain…

“If the person encounters an enlightened one who knows the ins and outs of this system and all of its mechanics, he may advance rapidly in a very short time depending on the quality of the exclusive formula he may receive from his teacher, but this will be with an exclusive custom-made formula specifically appropriate for his brain function!”

“How short a time?”

“If he focuses on the topic, with the formula given to him, he can advance the forty year journey of previous generations in only two years!”

“And how can we find such an enlightened teacher?”

“Well, that depends on your luck! It is increasingly hard to find authentic teachers amongst so many fake ones. Especially if you’re not experienced and do not have adequate knowledge in the field!”

“So, if I don’t get lucky and die without having found the truth, it’s not my fault! So, how can I be punished for something I have absolutely no control over?”

“Remember the lion and how it clutches the gazelle with its vicious paws and rips it apart, Jem! Remember the beautiful butterfly that flaps its wings about in the warm sky and the caterpillar that never makes it out of the cocoon! Think about the poor lamb you butcher and fry and eat with pleasure!

“Quit your primitive ‘God’ belief and understand the reality of Allah, Jem! Try to comprehend the system and the order of Allah. Your biggest fault is your failure to recognize and duly understand the One who claims I WISH AND DO AS I WISH AND IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ANYTHING TO QUESTION ME!

“An intelligent individual will live his life according to the absolute truths rather than the relative ones, and if his program permits, he will reach infinite happiness and peace, and perhaps join us one day! Otherwise, one hundred and thirty billion have passed through this world before you and you will simply be another one, who won’t even be remembered or mentioned again, just like billions and billions of creatures before you.”

“But, Alph, there are thousands of teachers under various titles today that aren’t even aware of these things! They have millions of followers who run around pursuing illusory things with utmost sincerity!”

“Yes… And this imitation suffices them – they don’t search for and acquire the ‘reality!’ Rather than trying to understand Allah’s system and order, they suffice with a literal understanding of the metaphors and live an artificial life, running after and pursuing things that they will part from one day.

“The purpose of the majority is to ‘live the good life’ my friend, and in the meantime earn the favor of someone who they believe will be beneficial to them on the other side! They think Allah is a god and they try to ‘trick’ him, but alas, this can never happen. For, Allah is not a god, and anyone who goes against the system will have to pay the price.

“Don’t ever forget that each person will find himself in the society he deserves, and every society will be appointed the leader they deserve. If someone has truly been enlightened, whatever title he or she may possess, and how ever hard he or she may work for the good of the society, this person will always know his or her boundaries and be mindful of others who may be more advanced than themselves, and pursue his or her journey in search of higher truths at all times.

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