“And what about the bad things we do to each other? Say, for example, if I were to harm someone, what will happen?”

“Again, the relevant circuitry will become activated, whereby, you will pay back the bad deed you’ve done in units of positive energy, and if you don’t have enough positive energy, then their negative energy will be sent to you…”

“OK… So, what is the difference between anti-gravity waves and energy waves?”

“Anti-gravity waves will free you from Earth’s gravitational pull, energy waves will give you the strength to move. In other words, if you possess anti-gravity waves you will be able to escape from Earth’s gravity field… On the other hand, the units of your energy waves will determine your speed when escaping and your strength in your new environment. And the level of knowledge carried by your memory waves will determine how well you will be able to use your energy waves. Of course, this knowledge isn’t the knowledge pertaining to the worldly things that you will part from one day, but knowledge pertaining to the various stages of life after death. This is why, how an individual lives now is of paramount importance. As I warned you before, once this brain stops functioning, your spirit will have no other means to obtain any strength!”

“Now I understand… Thank you, Alph! And how can I strengthen my energy waves? Or, what does energy strengthening depend on?”

“There’s something you need to be aware of here… As you know, people use only a minute percentage of their brain capacity. As such, their knowledge and strength of spirit is limited by this small production of energy. Whereas, if a person can activate his unused brain potential via certain exercises, increasing the five per cent usage to say about fifteen per cent, he will not only have a much stronger spirit, but also enormously develop his brain functions, such as the mind, intellect, comprehension, thought, imagination, and so on…

“As you know, once the brain stops working, the spirit will have no other means of obtaining new strengths or skills. Due to this, your only chance is to make the best of your brain now, while it’s still healthy and functional!”

“Oh… I get it… So ‘worship’ is the exercise that develops brain capacity?”

“Well, of course! What did you think? Everybody’s real strength and level of knowledge depends on the extent to which they are able to develop their brain capacity.”

“Ok, Alph, if that’s the case, let’s expand a little here… Why do we make ablution, pray and fast, and go on pilgrimage rituals? Why these particular practices? How are these related to universal realities? I mean, we’re all going to part from this world one day! And, as the religious scriptures teach us, worshipping and praying are things that don’t exist in the afterlife, so why all the trouble?”

“Jem, you’re asking me as if I’m the one who made all of these compulsory in the first place, as if I were all knowing!”

“In the dimension you live, everything is clear! I can tell from everything you have been sharing with me… Perhaps Allah imparted this knowledge to us through someone in your dimension… I don’t know… But I have a feeling you have the answers… So, please tell me, why is all of this obligatory?”

“Ok… Ablution is the practice of transferring bioelectrical energy in water to the brain and hence the reinforcement of energy…

“The daily prayers you are asked to perform are a system based completely on the incantation of certain words, in order to expand the brain capacity and upload this brain power to the spirit…

“Fasting, on the other hand, is designed specifically to upload brain energy directly to the spirit rather than expending it on raw material analysis.

“As for pilgrimage, it is the discharging of the negative energy that individuals accumulate, which binds their spirits to the world, and hence, eternally confines them to the Sun…

“You can do further research into these, if you like, and find the scientific evidence for each of these practices. Keep in mind that they used metaphorical and symbolic language in the past to denote all of this, and collectively referred to all of them as worship. The truth is that all of these practices are completely based on scientific facts. In other words, religion is nothing but the symbolic expression of certain scientific requirements for the safety and happiness of humans. You will decipher these truths as your science advances.”

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