“Otherwise, the bounties of the station they occupy will blind them to the absolute truths and eventually they will pass on from this world veiled from the reality, like so many others.”

“Ok, so what would you advise me to do, Alph?”

“Never give up searching. Always contemplate. Be open to new ideas at all times. Don’t be prejudiced about anything. Don’t make any judgments about anything until you evaluate its reality and place in the system. Don’t squander your precious time judging and gossiping about others. First, try to understand the system in which you’re living, and then arrange yourself and your life according to it. Unless you are asked, don’t intervene in other people’s business; don’t even try to give advice. He who seeks will find… And he who does not seek, will not know the value of what you share, so why waste it?”

“Alph..? Why are you talking as if you’re about to say goodbye, for good?”

“Because I am, Jem…”

“But how can that be? I have so much to learn yet! I haven’t acquired and put into practice anything yet! How will I ever be able complete my learning on my own? No, Alph… You can’t just leave me and go like this…”

“I’m sorry, Jem… I have received orders from my supervisor, Aynha. He warned me against sharing too much information with you… If you go out and share this information with others you might put yourself in a vulnerable position, for it is considerably difficult for the masses to comprehend and accept such knowledge!

“None other than deep contemplators and serious seekers of the truth will appreciate this knowledge that I have shared with you. Think about your own master, who once imparted the greatest truths to the world… Even he was labeled ‘crazy!’ You’re just a simple man, Jem. Do you think they will spare you? Let me give you some advice as your friend, take it or leave it, it’s up to you:

“As the value of a diamond increases, the number of its buyers will decrease. As the level of knowledge decreases, the numbers will increase! Do not let the numbers fool you. Try to be beneficial to everyone, but never hold back the knowledge of reality from its genuine seekers. Be patient, and know that there is a time and place for everything. Nothing happens before its due time. Things that have been preordained at the level of consciousness play out in the cosmic dimension and manifest in the material world according to its core program. Nothing and nobody can change this!

“It is impossible for you to possess something that is not meant to be yours or not possess something that is meant to be yours. Do not rejoice over what you earn or be grieved by what you lose, for everyone has been created for his or her own environment and are all mortal beings in their temporary dimensions.

“Never let names, shapes, and forms, lead you astray from your purpose.

“Know that you are either here to discover and decipher the universal mysteries and realities, or pass away aloofly just like the other billions before you. First decide which you want to be, and then take the necessary steps.

“If ‘truth’ is your destination, then even if your time is up before you actually reach it, you will still be befriended by, and be mentioned amongst the travelers of that path.

“So, Jem… we are ONE, IN ESSENCE! Find yourself a FRIEND like your ESSENCE, lest you waste your life!”


Like a stranger Jem felt… as he quietly wept…

Like a stranger he felt… in YOUR world…

Maybe some day…




Cerrahpasa, Istanbul


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