25. Al-Furqan

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Sublime is He who revealed the furqan (the criterion by which the reality may be differentiated from falsity) to his servant as a warner to the worlds (all humanity).

2. The existence of the heavens and the earth is for Him! He is free from the concept of begetting a child! He has no partner in all of existence! It is He who has created all things and formed them according to His determination!

3. Yet they have taken deities besides Him, who create nothing and are created themselves, who have no power to cause benefit or harm to themselves, and who have no attribute to form life, or death, or life after death.

4. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality say, “This (Quran) is only a lie that he has forged. And others (the Jews) have helped him at it”... In truth, they have committed a great injustice and perjury.

5. They said, “These are the fables of the past that he has had written down, to read in the morning and evenings.”

6. Say, “It has been revealed by the One who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth! Indeed, He is the Ghafur, the Rahim.”

7. They said, “What kind of a Rasul is he? He eats food and walks about in the markets... Shouldn’t an angel have been sent to him, accompanying him as a warner?”

8. “Or shouldn’t he have been given a treasure or a garden with exclusive produce...” The wrongdoers spoke among each other saying, “You are following a man who is bewitched.”

9. Look how they went astray because of the comparisons (incorrect evaluations) they made to you! They can no longer find a way out!

10. Exalted is He who, if He wills, can give you better things than this; who can form Paradises underneath which rivers flow and make palaces for you.

11. But they denied the Hour (their eternal life to commence ensuing death)... And We have prepared a blazing fire for those who deny the consequences of that Hour.

12. They will hear its outburst of rage and intense roar even before they enter it (while they are in the dimension of the grave).

13. When they are bound (helpless) and thrown into a narrow space, they will plead for death (they will realize death is the only way out from the suffering that has befallen them).

14. “Wish for not one death but many deaths today! (Alas, you shall not die!)

15. Say, “Is this better or the Paradise that has been promised to those who protect themselves? That Paradise is the consequence (of their life)and a place of return (to their essence).”

16. They shall forever find whatever they desire therein. This is a binding promise upon your Rabb!

17. At the time when He gathers them and those who they deified/worshipped besides Allah, and says, “Did you mislead my servants or did they go astray from the path (leading to their essential reality) themselves?”

18. They (the objects/idols of their worship) will say, “Subhan, You are! It is not possible for us to take besides You any guardians. But when You provided comforts for them and their fathers, they forgot the knowledge of the reality and indulged in bodily pleasures eventually leading to their ruin.”

19. (He will say to those they worshipped besides Allah): “They have truly denied the things you’ve said... You can neither have the strength to ward off (the suffering) from yourselves nor find any help! Whoever does wrong from among you We will subject him to a great suffering.”

20. The Rasuls We disclosed before you also ate food and walked about in the markets! We have made you objects of trial for one another... Will you be patient? Your Rabb is the Basir.

21. Those who did not expect to meet Us (to experience the manifestation of Our Names in their essence) said, “Should not an angel been sent down to us or should we not be able to see our Rabb (with our eyes)?” (Unable to comprehend the intrinsic reality within their essence and incessantly seeking an external god!) Indeed, they were full of arrogance and self-importance, and they transgressed and disobeyed.

22. There is no good news for those who are guilty of denying the reality at the time when they see the angels! They will say, “It (good news and the ability to administer with the forces of the Names) has been forbidden to you, forbidden!”

23. When the actual doer becomes evident, they will realize the good work they did does not belong to them! (All of their works have been in vain. For, while you assume you are the doer, it is Allah who does a good deed through you!)

24. The people of Paradise will have the best residence and the finest lodging as their eternal abode.

25. The time when the sky (consciousness) is split open with its clouds (the grace that enables the realization of the reality) and the angelic forces (the reality of the Names) become manifest one after another!

26. The time when the reality that sovereignty belongs to ar-Rahman (will be experienced)! A time of great difficulty for those who deny the knowledge of the reality (the reality of the Names within their essence)!

27. At that time, the one who wronged himself (by failing to experience the reality of his original self) will bite his hands and say, “I wish I had walked on the path of the Rasul.”

28. “Woe to me, I wish I had not befriended him (the body demon, the idea “I am the body” produced by the second brain in one’s gut)!”

29. “Indeed, it led me astray from the remembrance (of the knowledge of the reality reminding me of my essence)... Satan (delusion – thinking you are the body) is man’s great deserter (deserting him and leaving him helpless).”

30. The Rasul (one who READs his essential reality) said, “O Rabb! Indeed, my people have abandoned the Quran (experiencing the requisites of their essential reality and turned to bodily pleasures instead)!”

31. And thus, for every Nabi, enemies were formed from among the deniers of the reality... Sufficient is your Rabb, which comprises your essence, as the Hadi (One who enables the realization of one’s essential reality) and the Nasir (the One who aids in the process of attaining this liberation).

32. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality say, “The Quran should have been revealed to him all at once (like those revealed to the Children of Israel).” (Whereas) We (revealed it as thus) to anchor it in your heart (the reflectors of the Names to your brain - heart neurons) and made you recite it in sections (so that you may find each denoted quality within your own essence).

33. Every time they came to you with a problem, We came to you with the best explanation and as the Truth.

34. Those who will be gathered in hell, whose essences have darkened and whose faces look down, those are worse in position and most astray in way.

35. Indeed, We gave Moses the knowledge of the reality and the instructions of application, and appointed his brother Aaron as an assistant.

36. Then We said, “Go, both of you, to the people who have denied Our signs in their essence!” And We made them miserable!

37. And when the people of Noah denied their Rasul We drowned them and made them an exemplary lesson for the people... We have prepared a tragic suffering for the wrongdoers.

38. And Aad (the people of Hud) and Thamud (the people of Salih) and the companions of the Rass (the unstable well) and many generation between them...

39. We had given each of them lessons... (In the end) We destroyed them all.

40. Surely they came upon the city upon which We showered wrath (the destroyed city of the people of Lot)... Did they not see it? No! They did not expect to be resurrected and returned to their essence after death!

41. When they see you they only make a mockery of you, “Is this the one Allah has disclosed as His Rasul!”

42. “Had we not been steadfast (upon our deities) he (the Rasul) would have lead us astray from our gods”... When they see the suffering they will know whose path is astray.

43. Did you not see the one who has deified his ‘hawa’ (instinctual desires, corporeality, illusory self)..! Are you going to be his representative?

44. Do you actually think most of them can hear or use their intellects? They are like cattle, no, perhaps they are even more astray (from being a human) in their way!

45. Did you not see how your Rabb lengthens the shadow (the ego-self, when the sun of the reality has not yet fully risen)? Had He willed surely He could have made it constant (immobile)... Then We made the Sun (the awareness of the reality) a proof for them.

46. Then We withdrew (seized) it (the lengthened shadow) to Us with an easy withdrawal (made it feel its inexistence with the awareness of the reality).

47. It is He who made the night a cover for you and sleep a form of death... And made the day a time for rising (awakening).

48. It is HU... Who sends the winds as heralds of His grace (rain)... We have disclosed pure water from the sky.

49. So that We may bring life to a dead land and nourish with it many animals and humans of Our creation.

50. Indeed, We have explained it (the Quran) to them in many ways (so that they may remember and contemplate)... But the majority of the people deny the reality.

51. Had We so willed, We would have disclosed a warner in every city.

52. Do not follow those who deny the knowledge of the reality, struggle vigorously with them by means of this (the Quran) with all your strength!

53. It is HU... Who releases the two bodies of water (universal and individual consciousness – the body): one sweet (the original self) and the other salty and bitter (the ego identity assuming it is the body)! And formed a barrier of enmity (opposition) between them (remember the verse ‘descend as enemies to one another’)!

54. It is HU who has created a human (the biological body of man) from water and formed the relations of blood (genetic-based) and matrimony! Your Rabb is the Qadir.

55. They worship things (they take as deities) besides Allah who neither benefit them nor harm them! One who denies the knowledge of the reality supports that which is against his Rabb.

56. We disclosed you only as a giver of good news and as a warner.

57. Say, “The only thing I ask for in return is for you to find the path to your Rabb!”

58. Place your trust in the Ever-living One who does not die (comprising your essence with His qualities) and glorify (tasbih) Him (as His hamd)! It is enough that He is Habir (aware) of the mistakes of His servants!

59. It is He who has created the heavens, the earth, and everything in between in them in six stages, and then established His sovereignty upon the Throne (the various waves of data created with the qualities of the Names of Allah)... He is the Rahman! Ask one who is Habir (informed of the reality) about Him!

60. When they are told, “Prostrate to Rahman” (i.e. feel your inexistence in the sight of your essential Names-based reality) they say, “What is Rahman? Why should we prostrate to something you tell us to?”... This (offer) increases their hatred even more. (This verse is a verse of prostration.)

61. So magnificent is He Who forms constellations in the skies (the materialization of the various compositional groups of His Names at the macro level) and forms an object (the Sun – energy source) of radiance (Nur) and an illuminating reflection (the Moon – the reflector of light) (each of them have different functions)!

62. It is HU who makes the night and the day as successors to each other for those who want to realize and evaluate the Truth.

63. The servants of Rahman (who are aware of their Names-based essence) live on earth (in the body) consciously and without an ego... When the ignorant ones (who are veiled from the reality) try to provoke them they say, “Salam!”

64. They spend their nights in prostration (with the awareness of their inexistence) and standing (in the observation of the Qayyum within their essence) before their Rabb.

65. They say, “Our Rabb... Ward off the suffering of hell from us! For indeed its suffering is tormenting to man!”

66. “Indeed, that state and place of burning is atrocious!”

67. They are those who neither squander when unrequitedly giving nor withhold stingily... But keep a just balance between the two.

68. They do not turn to a god besides Allah, or take a life that Allah has forbidden except by right (retribution) and do not commit adultery... And whoever does that shall face its consequence!

69. Burning will be multiplied for him during Doomsday and he will abide forever in disgrace (abandoned, alone).

70. Except he who repents, believes and fulfills the requisites of his faith! Allah will change their bad deeds into good deeds... Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

71. And whoever repents and does righteous deeds, he will indeed return to Allah as one whose repentance is accepted.

72. They are those who never bear false witness... When they encounter rumors and empty discourse, they pass by with dignity.

73. When they are reminded of the signs of the existence of their Rabb within their beings (essence) they do not remain deaf and blind (to that Truth)!

74. They say, “Our Rabb... Grant us partners (or bodies) and children (the fruits of our bodily endeavors) who will cause us joy (Paradise life) and make us leaders worthy of being followed for those who want to be protected.”

75. They will be rewarded with mansions (higher states of life) for being patient (against the conditions of the worldly and bodily life)! There they will be greeted with life and salam (the actualization of the forces of the Names).

76. They will abide therein forever... What a blessed station and abode!

77. Say, “If it wasn’t for your introspection my Rabb would not hold you in esteem! Truly you have denied... Soon you will live the inevitable consequence!”

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