14. Ibrahim

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Alif, Lam, Ra... This (Book) Knowledge (of reality and the sunnatullah) that We reveal to you is so you may take mankind out of the darkness (of ignorance) into the Nur (light of knowledge) based on the suitability of the Name composition comprising their being (B-izni Rabbihim), to the path of the Aziz (the One whose will to do as He likes, nothing can oppose) and the Hamid (the One who evaluates only Himself).

2. To Allah (who is the Aziz and the Hamid) belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth (for the observation of the qualities referenced by His Beautiful Names)... Woe to those who deny the knowledge of the reality for the severe suffering awaiting them!

3. They (who deny the knowledge of the reality) prefer the (limited) worldly life to the eternal life to come and they obstruct from the way of Allah, wanting to deviate it... They are in an extreme error that is difficult to correct.

4. And We disclosed every Rasul with the language of his people so they may explain clearly to them... Allah sends astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills... And He is the Aziz, the Hakim.

5. Indeed, We disclosed Moses with miracles, saying, “Take your people out of the darkness into the light of knowledge (Nur) and remind them of the eternal life to come, during which the command of Allah will be realized”... Indeed, there are signs in this for everyone who is very patient and very grateful.

6. And when Moses said to his people, “Remember the blessing of Allah upon you... (Remember) how He saved you from the people of the Pharaoh... They used to afflict you with the worst torment, slaughtering your sons and keeping your females alive... In that there was a great adversity from your Rabb!”

7. And (remember) how your Rabb had declared, “Indeed, if you are thankful I shall increase it, but if you are ungrateful, then certainly My punishment is most severe.”

8. Moses said, “If you and everyone on earth denied (the reality and was ungrateful) then (know well that) Allah is surely the Ghani, the Hamid.”

9. Did not the news of those before you, the people of Noah, Aad, Thamud and those after them reach you? None knows them but Allah! Their Rasuls had come to them with proofs yet they had covered their mouths with their hands (a gesture used by the Arabs to denote refusal of an idea) and said, “Indeed, we deny that with which you have been disclosed, and regarding that to which you invite us, we are in a disturbing doubt.”

10. Their Rasuls said, “Can there be doubt about Allah, the creator (the Fatir) of the heavens and the earth? He forgives the mistakes resulting from your humanity and gives you a chance until the end of your lifespan.” They said (to the Rasuls), “You are but humans like us (there is no miraculous aspect to you)... You want to obstruct us from what our fathers used to worship... So, bring us a clear sultan (miraculous authority, proof).”

11. Their Rasuls said to them, “We are humans like you, but Allah bestows His blessing (of risalah) upon whom He wills of His servants... It is not possible for us to bring you a sultan (miraculous authority, evidence) except if it becomes manifest by the permission of Allah (B-iznillah)... So, let the believers place their trust in Allah (believe the Name Wakil in their essence will fulfill its function).”

12. “And why should we not place our trust in Allah when He has guided us in the way of the reality? We will surely be patient against the harm you cause us... Those who trust should place their trust in Allah (believe the Name Wakil in their essence will fulfill its function).

13. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality (who live an egocentric life) said to their Rasul, “Either we will drive you out of our land or you will turn to our belief”... Their Rabb revealed to them, “Indeed, We will destroy the wrongdoers.”

14. “And after them We will make you dwell in that land... This is specific for those who fear My position and threat.”

15. (The Rasuls) wanted conquest... And (thereby) every obstinate tyrant lost.

16. And beyond him is Hell... He shall be given putrid water (the water of hell).

17. He will try to sip it but will not be able to swallow it... Death will come to him from all sides, but he will not die! And after that, a worse suffering!

18. The example of those who deny their Rabb (the qualities of the Names in their essence) is like the ashes that are forcefully blown by the winds on a stormy day... They shall gain nothing from what they do... That is the biggest deviation (from the reality).

19. Did you not see that Allah has created the heavens and the earth in Truth (with the qualities of His Names as compositions of His Names)... If He wills, He can do away with you and bring a new creation, unique and new.

20. This is not difficult for Allah, the Aziz (whose command nothing can oppose)!

21. And they are all gathered and fully exposed for Allah! The weak will say to those who were arrogant, “Indeed, we were your followers, so can you now ward off from us anything of the wrath of Allah?” (The arrogant) will say, “Had Allah guided us, we would surely have guided you... (But now) whether we scream out in agony or are patient, it is all the same for us... (For) there is no place of escape for us.”

22. And when the matter is concluded (when the reality becomes evident), Satan will say, “Indeed, Allah informed you of His true promise... I also promised you, but then I betrayed you... I had no authority (power) over you (anyway)... I only whispered some ideas to you and you followed my ideas (because they resonated with your ego)! So do not blame me, but blame yourselves! Neither can I be called to your aid, nor can you run to my aid. I had also denied your association of me with Allah before! Indeed, there is a painful suffering for the wrongdoers.”

23. As for those who believe and fulfill the requirements of their faith, they will be admitted to Paradises, beneath which rivers flow, and in which they will abide eternally, according to the Name composition comprising their Rabb (B-izni Rabbihim). And their greeting therein will be, "Salam".

24. Did you not see how Allah explains with symbols, a pure expression (knowledge of the reality) is like a pure tree (the perfect man) whose root is firmly fixed (the core data in the brain pertaining to the original self) and whose branches reach out to the sky (the outcome of which is formed in the consciousness)!

25. (That tree) produces its fruit (knowledge and gnosis) at all times, based on the suitability of its Name composition (B-izni Rabbiha)... Allah gives examples to people that perhaps they will contemplate on them and remember.

26. And the example of a filthy word (a baseless idea) is like a filthy tree (fruitless/futile), devoid of a root, superficial and without a basis.

27. Both in the worldly life and in the eternal life to come, Allah fastens those who believe upon the word of the permanent Truth (the Word of Unity)! Allah leads the wrongdoers astray. And Allah does as He wills (Allah manifests the qualities of His Names that He wishes)!

28. Do you not see the one who exchanges the blessing of Allah (the knowledge of the reality) to disbelief (denial) and reduces his people to a life that is not the outcome of the reality?

29. It is Hell on which they lean! How wretched a state of life that is!

30. They attributed equivalents (gods) to Allah, to mislead from His path! Say, “Enjoy yourselves; your destination is the fire!”

31. Tell My servants who have believed, to establish salat and to give from the life sustenance We have provided them, secretly or publicly, before a time comes in which there will be no exchange, nor any friendship.”

32. It is Allah who has created the heavens and the earth, and revealed water from the sky and produced thereby fruits as provision for you and subjected ships for you to sail through the sea by His command and subjected for you the rivers!

33. The Sun and the Moon, which continually fulfill their functions, are in service to you (you are constantly using the energy and various qualities of the Sun and the Moon without even realizing)... And you benefit from the night and the day.

34. He has given you everything you have asked of Him (based on your natural dispositions during the period of creation)... If you were to count the blessings of Allah, you could not enumerate them by evaluating them... Indeed, man is most unjust and a coverer of the apparent Truth!

35. And Abraham had said, “My Rabb, make this city secure... Protect me and my sons from worshipping idols/deities.”

36. “My Rabb... Indeed, they (the deities) have led many astray... So, whoever follows me, then indeed he is of me... And whoever disobeys me, then indeed You are the Ghafur, the Rahim.”

37. “Our Rabb... Indeed, I have settled some of my descendants in an uncultivated valley near your sacred house, our Rabb, so they may establish salat (experience the return of their introspection to You)! So, make those whose consciousness is open to comprehending the reality, incline toward them, and provide for them knowledge and gnosis... So they evaluate and are grateful.”

38. “Our Rabb! Indeed, you know what we conceal and what we reveal... (For) nothing in the heavens and the earth can be hidden from Allah.”

39. “Hamd (the evaluation of the corporeal worlds) belongs to Allah, who has bestowed Ishmael and Isaac to me in my old age... Indeed, my Rabb is Sami of the prayer in my essence.”

40. “My Rabb, make me an establisher of salat (of those who experience the return of introspectively turning to the reality of the Names) and also from my descendants (create establishers of salat)! Our Rabb, fulfill my prayer.” (Note: An individual such as Abraham is requesting the establishment and experience of salat; it is worth contemplating what this may mean.)

41. “Our Rabb, in that time when life accounts are openly displayed, forgive me, my parents and the faithful!”

42. And never think Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do! He only delays them for that time when their eyes will stare in horror.

43. (On that day) they will run ahead, their heads outstretched (looking for help), their glance in darkness... A state in which they will not be able to see themselves! They will not know what to think!

44. Warn the people of the period when the wrath (death – the beginning of an eternal suffering for those who are unprepared) will reach them! In that time, the wrongdoers will say, “Our Rabb, respite us for a short term so we may respond to Your invitation and follow Your Rasuls”... Had you not sworn, before, that for you there would be no such end?

45. And you lived among the dwellings of those who wronged themselves! It was explained to you how We dealt with them... And We presented examples to you.

46. Indeed, they planned a trap, but their trap is with Allah (they cannot escape its consequence)(What good is it) even if their trap (scheme/plot)could move mountains!

47. Never think Allah will fail in His promise to His Rasuls... Indeed, Allah is the Aziz’un-Zuntiqam (the enabler of a system in which the due of the deserving is irresistibly enforced)!

48. During that period the earth (the body) will be replaced by another earth (another body), and the heavens as well (individual consciousness will also be turned into another system of perception)! All will be apparent (openly evident with all their inner faces) to Allah, the Wahid, the Qahhar.

49. During that period, you will see the guilty ones tied in chains (with the ties that separated them from Allah)!

50. Their garments of liquid tar (the blackness of their ego has embodied them) and their faces covered with fire (of being curtained from the reality).

51. Allah has willed for every ego/self to live the consequences of its earnings! Indeed Allah is Sari’ul Hisab (instantly forms the results of deeds)!

52. This is a notice for mankind; let them be warned with it and know that HU is the ONE, the possessor of Uluhiyyah! Let those with reason, who can contemplate in depth, remember and evaluate (this truth)!

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