20. Ta-Ha

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. O man (pure Muhammadan consciousness, the original Self metaphorically described as the totality of the Names taught to Adam and the Spirit that was blown into Adam)!

2. We did not reveal the Quran for you to be miserable.

3. It (the revealed knowledge) is only a reminder (of its reality) to a consciousness that is open to awe (perceptive to the might of Allah)!

4. It is sent down in parts from the creator of the earth (body) and the great heavens (the forms and levels of consciousness manifesting from the dimension of Names).

5. Rahman is established on the Throne (Rahman established His sovereignty by creating the worlds [the existential world created by the potential of the Names inherent in one’s brain] with His Names, i.e., in the quantum potential, Rahman observes His knowledge through His knowledge).

6. Whatever is in the heavens (consciousness) and the earth (manifest action) and everything in between (in one’s imagination) and beneath the earth (the depths of his body) is for Him (for the manifestation of His Names).

7. And if you speak your thoughts (or conceal them) know that indeed He knows the secret (in your consciousness) and what is even deeper (the actual Names that compose it).

8. It is Allah! There is no deity-god, only HU! The Beautiful Names belong to Him (He creates what He wills with those qualities)!

9. Has the story of Moses reached you?

10. How he (Moses) saw a fire and said to his people, “Stay here, indeed I have sensed fire... Perhaps I will bring you an ember from it or find a guide near that fire.”

11. When he came close (to the fire) he perceived a calling, “O Moses.”

12. “Indeed, I am your Rabb! Take off both your sandals (let go of your physical and mental conditionings and remain as pure consciousness) for you are indeed in your sacred valley of Tuwa!”

13. “I have chosen you! So, perceive the knowledge that is being revealed!”

14. “Indeed, I am Allah! There is no deity-god, only Me! So serve Me (by manifesting the qualities of My Names)! And experience salat to remember Me!”

15. “Indeed, the hour (of death) will come... But I will keep its time hidden so that everyone will see and experience the consequences of their own deeds.”

16. “Do not let those who don’t believe (in the eternal life to come upon death) and who follow their baseless illusions distract you from it (the truth that all shall return to Allah) lest you be destroyed!”

17. “What is that in your right hand, O Moses?”

18. (Moses) said, “It is my staff... I lean on it, I beat down leaves for my sheep with it and it also serves my other needs.”

19. “Let go of it, O Moses!”

20. So he threw it... And behold, it became a moving serpent!

21. “Take hold of it and have no fear! We will return it to you with its initial appearance!”

22. “And now put your hand in your chest, as another miracle, it will come out white without blemish or illness!”

23. “Thus We show Our biggest miracles to you!”

24. “Go to Pharaoh! Indeed, he has transgressed all bounds!”

25. (Moses) said, “My Rabb, expand my consciousness (so that I may digest these and apply their requisites).”

26. “Ease my task for me.”

27. “Untie the knot in my tongue.”

28. “So that they understand (the intricacy of) my words.”

29. “And appoint for me a helper from my people.”

30. “My brother Aaron.”

31. “Strengthen me through him.”

32. “Let him share my task.”

33. “So that We may glorify (tasbih) You much.”

34. “And remember (dhikr) You much!”

35. “Indeed, You are Basir over us!”

36. He said “You have been granted your request, O Moses!”

37. “Indeed, We had also bestowed Our favor to you once more (before this).”

38. “We had revealed to your mother that which was revealed.”

39. “Place him (Moses) in a chest and cast the chest into the river... The river shall take him to the shore where he shall be taken by an enemy of Mine and his! I have placed My love upon you... So that you may be raised directly under My sight.”

40. Recall when your sister walked along and said (to the family of Pharaoh), “Shall I show you one who will embrace him and take care of him?” Thus We returned you to your mother so that she may be happy and not grieve... And you killed someone and We delivered you from that trouble... We subjected you to trial after trial... And recall how you stayed among the people of Madyan (with Shuayb a.s.) for many years... And then, as decreed by your fate, you came here, O Moses!”

41. “I have chosen you for Myself.”

42. Go, you and your brother, with My miracles... And do not show any weakness when remembering Me!”

43. “Go both of you to Pharaoh! Indeed, he has transgressed all bounds.”

44. “But speak gently with him! Perhaps he will contemplate and evaluate or feel awed!”

45. “Our Rabb! Indeed, we are afraid that he will put too much pressure on us or go overboard.”

46. “Do not be afraid! Indeed, I hear and see with and through you (the secret of the unity of existence; non-duality)” (Hadith Qudsi: “...I will be the ear by which My servant hears and the eyes with which My servant sees...”)

47. “So go to him and say, ‘We are indeed the Rasuls of your Rabb! Send the Children of Israel with us and do not torment them! Indeed, We have come to you as miracles from your Rabb... May salam be upon those who follow the guide’.”

48. “It has been revealed to us that suffering will be upon those who deny and turn away.”

49. (Pharaoh) asked, “Who is your Rabb, O Moses?”

50. (Moses) said, “Our Rabb is He who gives everything its existence and qualities and then eases for it its way.”

51. (Pharaoh) asked, “What about the previous generations? What will happen to them (for they have not seen this reality)?”

52. (Moses) said, “Their knowledge is the knowledge with my Rabb... My Rabb neither does wrong nor forgets.”

53. It is He who made the earth like a cradle for you and opened pathways therein and disclosed water from the sky and produced pairs of various plants with it.

54. So eat and graze your animals... Indeed, there are signs in this for those with healthy thought.

55. We created you from it! And We will return you to it! And from it We will bring you forth (resurrect you) one more time.

56. Indeed, We have shown him (Pharaoh) all of Our signs... But he denied them and refrained from accepting.

57. He said, “Have you come to drive us out of our land by means of your magic, O Moses?”

58. “We will bring you magic to match yours... So, appoint a time for both of us and let us meet in an appropriate place.”

59. (Moses) said, “The meeting day will be the day of the festival... Let the people assemble at late morning.”

60. So Pharaoh turned (went) away and gathered his tricks (magicians) and came.

61. Moses said to them, “Woe to you... Do not make up lies against Allah lest He destroys you with a punishment... He who slanders has most definitely lost.”

62. (The magicians) argued among themselves over their affair, whispering secretively to one another.

63. (Pharaoh’s magicians) said, “These two are nothing but magicians... They want to drive you out of your land with their magic and destroy your exemplary lifestyle.”

64. “So put together your tricks and come forward in a line... Whoever prevails today has surely attained salvation”

65. They said, “O Moses! Either you throw first or we shall be the first to throw.”

66. (Moses) said, “No, you throw”... And behold! By their magic, their ropes and staffs appeared (in his imagination) as though they were moving rapidly towards him.

67. Moses felt apprehensive inside!

68. We told him, “Do not be afraid! Indeed, you, yes you, shall prevail”

69. “Leave that which is in your right hand and let it swallow what they have wrought... For they have only wrought a magician’s trick... A magician shall never succeed wherever he may go.”

70. The magicians then prostrated and said, “We believe (in scope of the letter B) in the Rabb of Aaron and Moses.”

71. (Pharaoh) said, “Have you believed him without my permission! Indeed, he is your master in teaching you magic... I will certainly cut your hands and feet off on opposite sides and crucify you on the trunks of the palm-trees... You will surely know whose punishment is more severe and lasting!”

72. They said, “After the clear sign that has come to us we will never prefer you over our creator... So, decide whatever you will! Your jurisdiction applies only in the life of this world.”

73. “We have indeed believed in our Rabb so that He may forgive us our mistakes and our sorcery... Allah is better and lasting.”

74. The truth is, he who comes to his Rabb as guilty, hell shall be for him... Therein he will neither die (and be freed) nor will he experience living!

75. But he who comes to Him as a believer and as one who has fulfilled the requirements of his faith, the highest ranks shall be for them.

76. Paradises of Eden underneath which rivers flow... They will abide therein eternally... This is the recompense for those who purify themselves.

77. Indeed We revealed to Moses, “Take my servants and travel by night... Strike for them with your staff a dry path through the sea! Let them (walk) without fear of being caught or fright (that they will drown)!”

78. Pharaoh pursued them with his army and the sea engulfed and drowned them.

79. Pharaoh led his people astray; he did not guide them to the right path.

80. O Children of Israel! Indeed, We delivered you from your enemy and made a covenant with you on the right side of Mount Sinai... We sent manna and quail upon you.

81. So, eat what is clean from the sustenance with which We nourish you and do not go to excess... Lest you incur My wrath (as a result of your deeds)... For whoever incurs My wrath, surely he is in a serious downfall.

82. Indeed, I am Gaffar over those who repent (who become aware of their actions that do not befit their essential reality and turn back with regret), who believe and fulfill the requirements of their faith, and who then find the right way.

83. “What is it that makes you distance yourself from you people with such haste, O Moses?”

84. (Moses) said, “My Rabb, I hasten to attain your pleasure. They are following in my footsteps...”

85. (His Rabb) said, “Indeed, We have tried your people after you left them, to make them see their own level of understanding... Samiri (a man of sorcery and magic who fled from Pharaoh’s palace and joined them) has led them astray!”

86. Moses returned to his people in anger and sorrow... He said, “O my people... Had not your Rabb made you a good promise? Was the time of the promise too long for you? Or did you will to incur the wrath of your Rabb and that is why you did not keep your promise?”

87. They said, “We did not defy you consciously... But we were carrying heavy loads of the people’s ornaments and so we threw them (into Samiri’s fire)... for that is how Samiri had thrown them (so we imitated him).”

88. (Samiri) made a statue of a calf for them that produced a roaring sound... Whereupon they said, “This is your deity-god and the deity-god of Moses, but Moses has forgotten it!”

89. Do they not see that it (the calf) cannot give them any response and has no power to harm or benefit them!

90. Indeed, Aaron had told them, “O my people... You have only been tested with it... Most certainly your Rabb is Rahman... So follow me and obey my command!”

91. They said, “We will continue to worship this (calf) until Moses returns to us.”

92. (Moses) said, “O Aaron! Why did you not prevent them when you saw they had gone astray?”

93. “Why did you not follow me (and show them the right way)? Have you rebelled against my command?”

94. (Aaron) said, “O the son of my mother! Stop seizing me by hair and beard! Indeed, I was afraid that you would say, ‘You have caused dissension among the Children of Israel and did not follow my word.’”

95. (Moses) said, “What is your purpose, O Samiri?”

96. (Samiri) said, “I perceived what they perceived not! So, I took a little of the Rasul’s product (by using the force of the letter B he informed us about) and threw it (into the blend of molten gold)... This is what my (inner) self (the force within my essence) prompted me to do.”

97. (Moses) said, “Begone! Indeed, throughout your whole life you will say, ‘do not touch me’ to people... And you will be faced with an end from which you will never be able to escape... Look at the deity-god you keep worshipping! We will most definitely burn it until it becomes dust and then scatter it into the sea.”

98. The possessor of Uluhiyyah is Allah alone... There is no deity-god, only HU! He encompasses everything (in every aspect) with His knowledge!

99. Thus We relate to you some of the news of past events... In truth, We have given you a reminder (dhikr) from Our ladun (the potential of the Names comprising your essence).

100. So, whoever turns away from it (the reality that is being reminded), indeed, he will bear a heavy burden in the period of the Doomsday.

101. They will live the consequences of their mistakes forever! A grievous burden it (their mistake) will be for them during the Doomsday period!

102. The day the Horn will be blown! We will resurrect the wrongdoers that day; their eyes will be filled with terror.

103. They will murmur among themselves, “You remained (in the world) only for ten (hours).”

104. We (as their essential reality) know better what they will say; the most learned of them will say, “You stayed only one day.”

105. They ask you of the mountains... Say, “My Rabb will turn them into dust and scatter them.”

106. “He will leave their places bare and flat.”

107. “You will see neither pits there nor any humps.”

108. At that time, they will follow the inviter from whom none can escape... All voices will be silenced with the fear of the Rahman... You will hear nothing but a moaning coming from the depths.

109. Intercession will be of no avail that day... Except for the one to whom the Rahman gives permission and who is pleased with His word (who says “only Allah”)!

110. He knows what is before them and behind them (their past and future)... They cannot encompass His knowledge.

111. All faces will bow down humbly before the Hayy and Qayyum One... He who bears a burden (who has died without becoming aware of his vicegerency) will indeed be in loss.

112. He who does good work as a believer will not fear injustice or being wronged.

113. Thus We revealed the Quran in Arabic, and explained within in it all kinds of warnings and consequences. It is hoped that they will protect (purify) themselves or heed the advice (of the Quran).

114. Supreme is Allah, the Maleek (the Sovereign One who has providence over all things), the Truth. Do not hasten to (recite) the Quran before its revelation is completed to you and say, “My Rabb, increase my knowledge.”

115. We had informed Adam before this... But he forgot... We did not find him determined (in complying with the warning).

116. When We said to the angels (the forces pertaining to earth), “Prostrate to Adam (conscious being)”, they all prostrated immediately, except for Iblis... Who refrained!

117. We said, “O Adam, indeed this (Iblis; the illusive idea that you are the body) is an enemy to you and your partner (your body)! Do not let it drive you out of Paradise (reduce you from being in the state of universal consciousness to corporeality; individual consciousness) lest you become one who suffers (in misery of being confined to the body and thus burns with the consequences of this limitation)!”

Note: The reality denoted here, according to my observation, is as follows: While the being referenced as ‘Adam’ is inexistent, it becomes manifest as a ‘conscious being’ through the ‘blowing of the Spirit,’ which is a metaphoric expression signifying the Names of Allah. This manifestation takes place in the brain, that is, the physical body. The ‘Spirit of the Names,’ or in other words, this conscious, angelic being comprised of pure data, is essentially free of gender. However, once the brain is programmed to accommodate for this manifestation and goes through the various stages of development, the organs and a group of neurons referred to as the ‘second brain’ in the gut, send signals to the brain, embedding within it the notion, “I am this body.” This thought is then exploited by Iblis and hence Adam is reduced to a state of accepting itself as the physical body. In other words, a species of the jinni (invisible energy beings), called Iblis, sends impulses to one’s brain provoking the idea that they are comprised merely of their physical body (symbolized as their ‘partner’) hence covering the reality of the Universal Consciousness. The brain lives completely within its own illusory world! For the individual consciousness arising in the brain is based totally on the accumulation of the genetic information, the conditionings, the value judgments, and the emotions and ideas produced as a result of them; all received by the brain to form its database. And the ‘intellect’ is used in light of this database. So, the individual, or the ‘identity’ that is formed as the person, is asked to ‘believe’ in the Universal Consciousness (comprised of the Names of Allah) and live by the qualities within his ‘original self’ in order to become aware of the (angelic) forces inherent within his essence. Hence, to remind him of this, Knowledge (in the form of a Book) is sent! The purpose is to remind man of his original self; pure universal consciousness, which is free from all forms and concepts; an angelic force (Nur) based on the knowledge of Allah. Universal consciousness is also referred to as ‘fuad’ (the reflectors of the qualities of the Names to the brain – the heart neurons) as it reflects the heart, or more precisely, the reality. One’s capacity to comprehend the reality referred to as ‘fuad’ is determined in the mother’s womb on the 120th day after conception. On this day, the brain is either embedded with this capacity, in which case the person is characterized as ‘fortunate’ (sa’id) or not, in which case the person is not endowed with this capacity, and hence characterized as ‘unfortunate’ (sha’ki.) After this, these neurons continue carrying out their function from the brain to which they are copied. I believe one aspect of ‘mirror neurons’ pertains to this event. As for the body, which, as the partner, or form of consciousness, is endowed with a specified life span, has been expressed in various ways: In terms of its material make-up it is called the ‘dabbat’ul ardh’, in terms of its common qualities with other animals it is referenced as ‘an’am’ and in respect of stimulating limiting or obstructive ideas within the brain in regards to the angelic qualities of consciousness, it has been called ‘satan.’ A human is essentially universal consciousness; however, when consciousness opens its eyes within the human body, it forgets its origin. Due to this, ‘dhikr’ or ‘reminders’ are sent. The knowledge contained within the Quran is such a reminder. It is here to remind man of his essential self. The limitation arising from the brain thinking ‘I am this body’ is symbolic of a conditioned hell-like bodily lifestyle. On the other hand, observation pertaining to the angelic realm of consciousness signifies a paradise-like state of life. All such concepts and depictions employed in the Quran are metaphoric and allegoric expressions. Since Paradise denotes a life related to consciousness in which the qualities of the Names are manifest, the biological body and anything connected to it, is invalid and unnecessary in this dimension. Hence it is said Paradise is a state of life that is beyond perception. The details of this topic can be a book on its own, but I felt it necessary to share this much here to stress the importance of proper construal of metaphors in the Quran. I ask forgiveness for any inadequate or improper observation I may have, only Allah knows its reality.

118. “You will not (feel) hungry therein (for there is no biological – material body) nor naked!”

119. “Indeed, you will neither be thirsty therein (in your new body) nor hot from the sun (due to not having a biological – material body)!”

120. Then Satan incited him, “O Adam, shall I inform you of the tree of immortality and of a possession that never deteriorates?”

121. They both (consciousness and body) ate from it (the tree of corporeality)! So they perceived their body and tried to cover it with the leaves of Paradise (they tried to cover their sense of corporeality with the awareness of their non-corporeal eternal nature). And Adam disobeyed his Rabb (succumbed to his ego) and his way of life erred (as a result of being veiled to the reality of the Names comprising his essence).

122. Then his Rabb chose him and purified him, He accepted his repentance and enabled him to reach his essential reality!

123. (His Rabb) said, “Go down both of you (consciousness and its bodily partner that will eventually be left behind) as enemies to one another! When guidance (reminder of your reality) comes to you from Me, whoever follows My guidance (the reality of which I inform you) he will not deviate and will not become unfortunate!”

124. And he who turns away from My dhikr (the absolute reality of which I have reminded him), indeed, he will have a restricted life (limited by the conditions of his body and mind), and We will resurrect him as blind in the period of Doomsday.”

125. (Then) he will ask, “My Rabb, why have you raised me up as blind, while my eyes were able to see (in the world)?”

126. (His Rabb) will say, “Thus it is... Just as Our signs came to you and you forgot (to evaluate) them, so will you be forgotten (deprived of the things you did not remember) in this period!”

127. Thus, the one who squanders his life (his potential of vicegerency) and denies the signs of his Rabb within his own essence, lives its consequences! And the suffering to come is even more intense and lasting.

128. Even though they walk upon the remnants of the generations who were destroyed before them, do they not see the Truth? Indeed, there are many proofs for those who are intelligible enough to take a lesson.

129. If it were not for a decree and a set life span already determined by your Rabb, the suffering (immediate death) would have been inescapable!

130. So be patient about what they say... Glorify (tasbih) your Rabb as His Hamd (by feeling the One who manifests Hamd within you) before the sun rises and before it sets! And glorify (tasbih; experience your essential reality) in a part of the night (I’sha) and in the middle of the day (zuhr) so that you may attain the state of pleasure (observing).

131. And do not shift your eyes to the transitory wealth (given to) some of them as the ornaments of the life of this worldly life to test them! The provision of your Rabb is better and more lasting.

132. Command your relatives to experience salat (introspective turning to one’s Rabb) and be constant in its observance! We ask for no sustenance from you, (on the contrary) it is We who provides your sustenance! The future is for those who protect themselves.

133. They said, “Why hasn’t he brought a sign from his Rabb!”... Did not the clear signs of the previous knowledge reach them?

134. If We had destroyed them with a suffering before this they would have said, “Our Rabb, why didn’t you disclose a Rasul so that we may have followed Your signs before being humiliated and disgraced?”

135. Say, “Everyone is waiting and observing, so you wait too! You shall know soon who the people of the straight path who attain the reality are!”

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