3. Ali-Imran

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Alif Lam Meem

2. He is Allah; there is no god or godhood, only ‘HU’ (the Name HU denotes the Absolute Essence, which can never be conditioned or limited by the corporeal worlds and/or any concepts. It is usually followed by another Name to signify the quality that becomes manifest through HU, in regards to the relevant topic)Hayy (life itself) and Qayyum (everything finds life and subsists with HU).

3. He, as the very reality itself, revealed what is in your hands (disclosed in your consciousness), the Book (knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah)confirming the Truth from the past. He had also revealed the Torah (knowledge disclosed to Moses) and the Gospel (knowledge disclosed to Jesus).

4. As HUDA for people (to guide them to the reality, to show them the right path). He also revealed the Furqan (the ability to distinguish right from wrong, the good from the bad). Certainly, those who cover and deny the signs of Allah (the manifestations of His Names) will have severe suffering. Allah is the Aziz, the Zuntaqim (enforces the consequences of actions without any sympathy).

5. Allah! Nothing in the heavens (the dimension of consciousness – angelic realm – the quantal dimension; the essence of matter) and the earth (dimension of matter – the body – the earth) is hidden from Him (because He comprises the essence of everything with His Names. Concepts such as hidden or apparent apply only to ‘things’ or thingness)!

6. It is HU who shapes (forms, programs) you in the womb (mother’s womb – in Arabic rahim; the productive mechanism within your essence: rahimiyyah) as He wishes. There is no god, only HU, the Aziz, the Hakim.

7. It is HU who has revealed to you the KNOWLEDGE (Book). Some of its signs are clear (open and net commands) and comprise the basis – foundation of the knowledge (Book) – and some of it is allegorical (metaphoric and symbolic expressions). Those with deviation (ulterior motives, distorted thoughts) in their hearts, judge with the allegorical verses, interpreting them for the purpose of causing provocation. Only Allah knows their (true and precise) interpretation. Those who are grounded in knowledge (deep contemplators) say, “We believe, all of it is from our Rabb.” And none can discern this except those who have reached the essence (the intimates of reality through whom Allah hears, sees and speaks; ulul albab).

8. “Our Rabb, after giving us guidance (enabling us to recognize and discern the reality) do not turn our consciousness (back to the illusory identity – ego based existence), and bestow your grace upon us from your Self (ladun; the potential of the Names comprising my essence). Most certainly you are the Wahhab.”

9. “Our Rabb, you will surely gather mankind in a period of whose coming there is no doubt. And never will Allah fail to fulfill His promise.”

10. Certainly for the deniers neither their wealth nor their children will benefit them against what becomes manifest from Allah. They are fuel for fire.

11. (Their course) is just like the dynasty of the Pharaoh and those who came before them. (They had) denied our signs (the manifestations of the Names). And Allah seized them in their error. Allah is severe in recompense (severe in enforcing the due consequence of an offence; shadid al-iqab).

12. Say to the disbelievers (those who deny the reality), “You shall be defeated and gathered in hell... How wretched a resting place!”

13. The truth is there were signs for you and a lesson to be taken from the two groups who met in opposition. While one group was fighting for the cause of Allah, the others were deniers; (the believers) saw with their own eyes that (the deniers) were twice their number. But Allah supports whom He wills with His aid. Certainly there is a great lesson in this for those with insight.

14. Beautified for the people is the desire to indulge in the pleasures of women and children, heaped up sums of gold and silver, noble horses and cattle. However these are but transitory pleasures of the world. But Allah... The most beauteous goal (to attain) is with Him.

15. Say, “Shall I tell you of something even better than all of this? For those who are protected in the sight of Allah there are Paradises underneath which rivers flow, they will reside therein eternally. There they will have pure spouses (this could also denote the spouse of consciousness; a perfect body free from any ailment) and the pleasure of Allah. Allah, as the essence of His servants, is the Basir.

16. They will say, “Our Rabb, we have indeed believed. Forgive us our faults and protect us from burning (suffering).”

17. (They are) the patient ones, loyal, content (in submission with the comprehension of their servitude), they give (to the needy) and ask for forgiveness for their inadequacies in the early morning (the process of awakening).

18. Allah knows with certainty that none exists other than He. He is HU, there is no other, only HU... And (so do) the forces (potentials) of His names (angels; compositions of qualities that manifest through the knowledge of reality) and those of knowledge (those who possess this knowledge also know, and thus testify to this reality) and maintain themselves in accord with this truth... There is no god, only HU, the Aziz, the Hakim.

19. Indeed, the religion (system and order) in the sight of Allah is Islam (the whole of creation is in a state of submission, whether conscious or unconscious of the qualities of the Names)! Those to whom a Book (knowledge) has been given, have fallen into division after this knowledge, because of jealousy and ambition. And whoever covers the existence of Allah in His signs (which are the manifestations of His Names) indeed Allah is swift in reckoning (Allah instantly puts into effect the consequences of one’s actions; sari-ul-hisab).

20. If they argue with you say, “My face is in submission to Allah; so are those who follow me!” Ask those to whom the knowledge of reality and sunnatullah has been given and the illiterate ones (those who are unaware of this reality; the dualists), “Have you also accepted Islam?” If they submit they would have accepted the reality. But if they turn away, your duty is only to inform. Allah, as a result of His Names comprising His servants, is the Basir (evaluates).

21. As for those who deny the existence of Allah in His signs (the manifestations of His Names), and kill the Nabis against the will of the Reality, and kill those who enjoin justice, give them the tidings of a severe suffering!

22. They are the ones whose deeds will be worthless both in this world and the eternal life to come. There will be no helpers for them.

23. Have you not seen those who were given a share of the revealed knowledge; they are invited to the revelation of Allah, that a judgment be made between them, but then some of them turn away and leave.

24. This is because they think, “The fire will not touch us except for numbered days.” Their invented delusive belief is a betrayal to their religion.

25. So how will it (their state) be when we gather them together in a period that is sure to come, and the results of their deeds are given without any injustice!

26. Say, “Allah, the sovereign of all sovereignty... You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom you will. You honor whom You will and You abase whom You will. In Your hand is all good. Certainly, you are Qadir over all things.”

27. “You turn the night into day and turn the day into night. You bring the living out of the dead and the dead out of the living. You give provision (life sustenance) to whom You will without account.”

28. Let not the believers abandon the believers and take the deniers of reality as their friends. Whoever does this severs his ties with Allah. This can only be done for protection. Allah warns you to be careful of Him. To Allah is your return!

29. Say, “Whether you conceal what is in your hearts or reveal it Allah (as its creator) knows it. He knows everything that is in the heavens and the earth (external and internal). Allah is Qadir over all things.”

30. Each person will find before him everything he has done of good or evil on that day. He will wish there were a great distance between it and himself! Allah warns you to heed Him (for He will definitely make you experience the consequences of your actions). Allah is Ra’uf to his servants (from their essence).

31. Say, “If you love Allah follow me so that Allah will love you and forgive your faults. Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.”

32. Say, “Obey Allah and the Rasul!”... If they turn away, then indeed Allah does not like the deniers of reality.

33. The truth is, Allah chose Adam, Noah, Abraham and his descendants, the family of Imran (in their time) over humans and purified them.

34. Descendants from each other, as a single lineage... Allah is the Sami, the Aleem.

35. Recall when Imran’s wife said, “My Rabb, I have unconditionally pledged the child in my womb to You; accept it from me. Certainly You are the Sami, the Aleem.”

36. And when she delivered (the child who she thought would be a boy) she said, “My Rabb, I have delivered a girl.” Allah knew the female was not like the male (that a female could not perform in the same way as a male). “I have named her Mary. I seek protection from You for her and her lineage against the Satan, the expelled.”

37. So her Rabb accepted her with cordiality and raised her like a precious flower. He put her in Zachariah’s care. Every time Zachariah came to the temple he found her with new food. He asked her, “O Mary, where is this from?” Mary replied, “It is from Allah” (As a result of His grace it reached her through His servants). Indeed, Allah gives life sustenance (provision) to whom He wills, as He wills.

38. Thereupon Zachariah prayed to his Rabb, “My Rabb, grant me from Your ladun (the potential of the Names comprising my essence) a pure offspring. You are certainly the hearer of my prayer (perceiver of my introspection).

39. So when in the temple he was in a state of introspection with his Rabb, the angels said to him, “Allah gives you tidings of John, confirming a word (B-kalimah) from Allah (Jesus, the word of Allah, the manifestation of specific forces) and sayyid (the master/chief of forces) and chaste (in control of his ego), a righteous Nabi (living the Truth in his essence).

40. He said, “My Rabb, how can I have a son! I have reached old age and my wife is barren!” He said, “That may be (your case)... But Allah does as He wills!”

41. He (Zachariah) said, “My Rabb, grant me a sign”. He said, “Your sign is that you will not be able to speak to people for three days except by gestures; so remember your Rabb much and experience the greatness of His glory in the morning and the evening.”

42. And recall when the angels said to Mary, “O Mary, indeed Allah has purified (enabled you to experience your essence) and chosen you. He cleansed you (from the filth of duality) and chose you above all the women in the world (of your time)!”

43. “O Mary, be obedient to your Rabb (live in awe), prostrate (experience your inexistence in the sight of Allah’s existence) and bow with those who bow (feel and acknowledge the Names that are manifest in your being).”

44. This knowledge is what we reveal of the unknown to you. And you were not with them when they drew lots as to which of them should be Mary’s guardian. And you were not there when they were disputing with one another (regarding this).

45. When the angels said to Mary, “Allah gives tidings of a word from Him (B-kalimah; a servant to manifest His attributes) His name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary. He is honored in this world (exalted in dignity) and the eternal life to come and is of the muqarriboon (lives in a state of qurbiyyah [manifests Names that are very specific to Allah due to his state of closeness] and an instrument for miracles).”

46. “He will speak to the people in the cradle and in maturity. He is of the righteous.”

47. (Mary) asked, “My Rabb, how can I have a child when no man has touched me?” He said, “Just like that! Allah creates what He wills! When He decrees a matter, He only says ‘BE’ and it is.”

48. He will teach (program – embed into existence) the Book (the knowledge of reality), Wisdom (the operation mechanism of the system and order formed by the Names of Allah in the worlds), the Torah (revelation – the knowledge revealed to Moses) and the Bible (the reality revealed as good news).

49. And He will send him as a Rasul to the children of Israel. (He) will say, “Indeed I have come to you from your Rabb bearing His signs in my essence. I will create out of clay a form of a bird for you and breathe into it (activate the forces of the Names within it) and it will become a bird with the permission of Allah (B-iznillah; with the will of Allah’s Names to manifest in that particular form). I heal the blind and the leper, and give life to the dead with the permission of Allah (B-iznillah; in congruity with the forces of the Names comprising their essence). I also inform you (as Allah informs me) of what you eat and store in your houses. There is (an important) sign in this (regarding the power of your Rabb) for you, if you believe.

50. “And I come confirming what was before me (the original uncorrupted) of the Torah (revealed to Moses)... And to make lawful (halal) for you some of what was forbidden to you (through distortion). I have come to you with a sign – miracle from your Rabb. Protect yourselves from Allah and obey me.”

51. “Allah (with His Names) is most certainly my Rabb and your Rabb! So become conscious of your servitude to Him and live accordingly. This is the straight path.”

52. And when Jesus sensed their denial of the truth, he asked, “Who will help me in the way of Allah?” His disciples answered, “We are the helpers of Allah... We have believed in accord with the letter ‘B’ (that the essence of our being comprises the Names of Allah); witness this with your essence! We are in submission to Allah.”

53. “Our Rabb, we have believed in what You have revealed (Jesus) from your reality (essence) and we have followed your Rasul, so register us among the witnesses (of the truth).”

54. They schemed, and received a scheme from Allah in response. Allah is the best of schemers. (In order to eliminate the discloser of the truth they resorted to secretly contriving against him, but through the very same method Allah overcame them, by making their schemes result against them.)

(The original word used here to denote scheme is ‘makr.’ Essentially, makr is the undertaking of an action, which separates one from Allah, yet the person is unaware of this and assumes he is not harmed by it so he continues to engage in it. Eventually he falls even further away from Allah, or the actualization of the forces of the Names within his essence, which is by far the greatest punishment one can incur.)

55. And recall when Allah had said, “I’m going to cause you to die (that is, they will not be able to assassinate you through their secret schemes, I will cause you to die when your time comes)... I’m going to raise you to myself (enable you to experience the supremacy of your essence); I’m going to purify you by removing you from among the deniers of the reality (disbelievers) and until Doomsday I’m going to place those who follow you above those who deny the reality. In the end, your return is to Me. I will judge on matters over which you differed between each other.”

56. “But as for those who deny the reality, I will subject them to severe suffering both in this world and the eternal life to come. And they will have no helpers.”

57. And those who believed in ‘their essential reality’ and engaged in the necessary practices, the results of their work will be given to them in full. Allah does not like the wrongdoers!

58. This knowledge contains signs (pertaining to past events that are unknown to you) and wise remembrance (revealing the wisdom of those events).

59. “Indeed, the formation of Jesus in the sight of Allah is like that of Adam (if the formation of Jesus is like that of Adam, then the formation of Adam is like that of Jesus. This is the angle from which we should approach this topic). He created him from dust, then said to him ‘Be’ and he was (the creation of man by breathing the spirit [the activation of the forces of the Names] into that which is formed by dust – a molecular structure – is the same as breathing the spirit into a molecular structure formed in the mother’s womb).

60. This is the Truth from your Rabb, so do not be of those who doubt!

61. Whoever disputes this reality after this knowledge has come to you, say, “Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves, and pray; may the wrath of Allah be upon those who lie about the reality.”

62. Indeed, this is the truth of the matter. Godhood is an invalid concept; only Allah! In truth, Allah is HU, the Aziz, the Hakim.

63. If they turn away (from this truth), indeed Allah knows the corrupters (enforces the consequences of it).

64. Say, “O those to whom the knowledge of reality has come, let us come together on a common understanding, let us not consider servitude to anything other than Allah, let us not associate any partners (live in duality) to Allah, our essential reality; let not some of us deify (take as gods besides Allah) others of us (like Jesus).” If they turn away from this then say to them, “Bear witness that we are of those who have submitted to Allah.”

65. O those to whom the knowledge of reality has come, why do you argue about Abraham? The Torah and the Gospel were revealed after him (hence they narrated the situation). Do you not have the intellect to realize this?

66. (It is bad enough) you argue over things about which you have little knowledge, but why do you argue over things about which you have no knowledge? Whereas Allah knows, and you know not!

67. Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian... But he was of those (hanif) who did not believe in a god (external deity) and was aware that only Allah existed (the concept of oneness) and had submitted to Him (knew that Allah had absolute administration over their existence). His comprehension was free from duality!

68. Indeed, the closest ones to the truth with Abraham are those who follow his understanding, this Nabi (Muhammad saw) and those who believe in him. Allah is the Waliyy of the believers.

69. A group of those to whom the knowledge of reality has come, wanted to lead you astray, but they cannot lead anyone astray other than themselves. Yet they do not realize this.

70. O you to whom the knowledge of reality has come, even though you bear witness to the reality, why do you deny the existence of Allah in His signs (the manifestations of His Names)?

71. O you to whom the knowledge of reality has come, why do you hide the Truth within falsity and conceal the Truth while you repeatedly know of it?

72. A group of those to whom the knowledge of reality came said, “Go to the believers and tell them, ‘we have believed in what has been revealed’ then reject it at the end of the day (by saying you thought about it and realized it was not possible). Thus, maybe they too will (follow you and) abandon their way.”

73. “Do not believe those who do not follow your religion!” Say, “Guidance is the guidance of Allah (involves the realization that the Names of Allah comprise one’s being). Do you oppose because the like of what has been given to you is given to another, or because they are going to prevail over you (with what has been given to them) in the sight of your Rabb?” Say, “Most certainly, bounty is in the hands of Allah, He gives it to whom He wills. Allah is the Wasi, the Aleem.”

74. “He specifies His grace (from whom He wills) to whom He wills! Allah is the Azim, the possessor of bounty.”

75. Among the people to whom the knowledge of reality has been given is he who, if you entrust him with a great amount (of wealth), he will return it all to you as is. And among them is he who, if you entrust him with a single dinar (gold), he will not return it to you unless you constantly stand over him and demand it. (This is because of their thought) “The illiterate ones who are in opposition to us (who are ignorant of the reality) have no rights over us.” They deliberately lie about Allah.

76. Indeed, he who stands by his word and protects himself, undoubtedly Allah loves those who are protected.

77. As for those who sell their covenant and promise to Allah for a small price; they have no share in the eternal life to come. Allah (not an external deity, the actualization of the forces of the Names within their essence) will not speak to them, look at them or purify them during the period of Doomsday. There is severe suffering for them.

78. There are some among them who talk by perverting the meaning (to mean something else) of the knowledge of reality, so that you think it is revealed knowledge. (Whereas) what they say is not revealed knowledge. They say, “It is from Allah,” but it is not from Allah! They deliberately lie about Allah.

79. It is not possible that Allah should give a human the knowledge of the reality, authority and Nubuwwah, and he would say to the people, “Leave Allah and serve me!” On the contrary, he would say, “In compliance with the teachings of the knowledge of the reality and the practices you engage in, be of those who are conscious of their servitude to their Rabb.”

80. He (the aforementioned one of knowledge) would not ask you to take the angels, or the Nabis as your Rabbs either. Why would he ask you to deny your reality after you have submitted to Allah?

81. And recall when Allah took the covenant of the Nabis, “I have given you from the knowledge of reality and Wisdom, from now on when a Rasul comes to you confirming what is with you, you shall believe in him completely and help him. Have you accepted and taken My heavy load upon yourselves?” They said, “We have accepted!” “Bear witness, as I too bear witness as your essential reality.”

82. Whoever turns away (from this word), they are the corrupted ones (those whose beliefs are corrupt).

83. While whatever is in the heavens and the earth (the material and spiritual dimensions of the universe) is willingly or unwillingly in a state of submission to Him, are they looking for something other than the religion of Allah (Islam – the system and order created by Allah)(Yet) they will be made to return to Him.

84. Say, “We believe in Allah as the One who created our essence from His Names, and we believe in everything He revealed to us; and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and that which was revealed to his descendants; to Moses and Jesus and in what was given to the Nabis from their Rabb. We do not make distinction among them. We have submitted to Him.”

85. And whoever seeks a religion (system and order) other than Islam (the consciousness of being in a state of submission) his search will be ineffective! And he will be of the losers in the eternal life to come.

86. How will Allah guide people who deny the reality even after clear proofs come to them and they bear witness that the Rasul is the Truth! Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

87. The return of their deeds is the curse of Allah, the angels and the whole of mankind (they have fallen separate from all of them).

88. They will remain under these conditions forever. Their suffering will not be lightened and they will not be cared for.

89. Except if after this they (acknowledge their mistake and) repent and correct themselves (amend their wrongdoings) indeed Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

90. But those who deny the reality and are persistent in their denial, their repentance will never be accepted. Indeed, they are the very people who have gone astray.

91. They deny the knowledge of reality and they die with this denial; even if they had a world of gold and offered it as ransom (to save themselves) it will never be accepted. Severe suffering awaits them and no one will help them.

92. “Never will you experience the essence of reality (albirra) until you unrequitedly give away that which you love. And whatever you give unrequitedly in the way of Allah, Allah (as its creator) knows it (and creates its return).

93. All food was lawful to the Children of Israel, except what Israel had made unlawful (forbade) to himself before the Torah was revealed. Say, “If you are loyal to your word bring the revelation (Torah) and read it!”

94. And whoever casts lies about Allah after this, they are the wrongdoers.

95. Say, “Allah has told the truth. So follow the people of Abraham (the religious understanding) as hanifs. He was not a dualist!”

96. The first house made for people was in Becca (the old name of Mecca), sacred for the worlds and a source of guidance.

97. In it there are clear signs and the station of Abraham. Whoever enters it will be in safety. Pilgrimage to the House (Kaaba, the abode of Allah in one’s heart) is the right of Allah (the qualities of the Names in one’s essence) upon all people who have the means to undertake it. But whoever denies (his ability to go even though he has the means to), indeed Allah is Ghani from the worlds.

98. Say, “O you to whom the knowledge of reality has come... While Allah witnesses all your deeds, why do you deny (or cover) the existence of Allah in His signs (the manifestations of His Names)?”

99. Say, “O you to whom the knowledge of reality has come... Even though you bore witness (to the reality) why do you avert the truth and turn the believers from the way of Allah? Allah is not unaware of your deeds.”

100. O believers, if you follow some of those to whom the knowledge of reality has been given (who have gone astray afterwards), they will turn you back from belief to people of denial.

101. While the signs of Allah are displayed in front of you and there is a Rasul among you, how can you be of the deniers of the reality? Whoever (detaches himself from all else and) holds firmly onto Allah, the essence comprising his being, he has been guided to the straight path.

102. O believers... Protect yourselves duly from Allah (as He will definitely subject you to the consequences of your deeds) and die only as ones who have experienced submission.

103. Hold fast onto the rope of Allah (which leads to) the reality of the Names in your being, all together, do not fall into separation. Remember the blessing of Allah upon you. Recall that you were enemies once, He brought you together by forming a mutual understanding in your consciousness; and due to this blessing that He manifested in you, you became brothers. You were near the edge of a fire pit; He saved you from that fire. Thus Allah explains his signs, so that you attain the reality.

104. Let there be a community among you inviting you to good (the Truth), judging according to the Truth and reality, and advising you to walk away from things that are contrary to Religion. Those are the ones who will be emancipated.

105. Do not be like those who fall into division and separation after clear proofs have come to them. There is great suffering for them.

106. During that period, some faces (forms of consciousness) will shine (with the light of the Truth) and some faces will darken (with the darkness of the ego)... Those with darkened faces (will be told): “You fell into denial after you believed! Experience the suffering brought forth by your being because of your denial of the reality.”

107. But those whose faces shine (as the result of their comprehension of their essence), they will be in the grace of Allah... They will abide therein eternally.

108. These are the signs of Allah, we make you recite them in Truth. Allah does not wish wrong upon the worlds.

109. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth, all of it belongs to Allah (they exist and subsist with His Names). All will return to Allah (a time will come when everything will see its essential reality, and those who fail to evaluate this will burn)!

110. You are the best community from among mankind. You judge with the Truth and reality, you advise abstinence from things that are contrary to religion, and you believe in Allah with the comprehension that your essence comprises the Names. Had those to whom the knowledge of reality was given (the People of the Book) also believed, it would have been good for them. Some are people of faith, but the majority are deniers of the reality.

111. (They) can give you no harm other than torment. If they fight with you, they will turn their backs on you and flee. No help will be given afterwards.

112. Their verdict is humiliation (belittlement) wherever they are; they have been subject to the wrath of Allah and are bound to live in humiliation... Except those who hold firmly a rope from Allah (the covenant ‘You are our Rabb’; the realization that their essence is comprised of the Names) and a rope from among man (follow someone with this faith)! For they were denying the existence of Allah in His signs (the manifestations of His Names) and killing the Nabis (in compliance with their egos) against the will of the Truth. This is because of their rebelliousness and transgression.

113. They are not all the same. There is also a group among those to whom the knowledge of reality has been given who prostrate and read and evaluate the signs of Allah throughout the night.

114. They believe that the Names of Allah comprise the essence of their being and in the eternal life to come, they judge with the Truth and reality, they advise people against things that are contrary to Religion, and they hasten to (both material and spiritual) good. They are the righteous ones.

115. The good they do will never be denied. Allah, with the Names in the essence of the protected ones, is the Aleem.

116. As for those who deny the reality, neither their wealth nor their offspring can protect them against Allah. They are bound to burn eternally!

117. The example of what they spend in this servile material world (the lowest state of existence – worldly life) is like a frosty wind that strikes and destroys the harvest of a people who wrong themselves. Allah has not wronged them, but it is they who wrong themselves.

118. O believers... Do not befriend those other than your kind (those who are not of your faith and belief)(They) wait for an opportunity to harm you and seeing you in hardship makes them happy. Do you not see how their adversity overflows from their mouths! And what they conceal inside (their hearts) is even bigger. Thus, we clearly inform you of the necessary signs. Use your reason (evaluate).

119. You are such people (of belief) that (due to the reality you believe in) you like them. Whereas they do not like you (because you do not share their faith)! You believe in all of the knowledge of reality. When they see you they say, “We have believed”; but when they are left to themselves they bite their fingertips in rage. Say, “Perish in the fire of your rage!”... Most certainly Allah, as the very essence of your being with His Names, knows what you conceal within.

120. When a good thing happens to you, it grieves them; but, when an affliction befalls you, they rejoice. If you persevere and protect yourselves, their plot will never harm you. Most certainly, Allah encompasses what they do (without the concept of locality).

121. And remember when you left your family in the early morning to post the believers at their suitable stations for the battle. Allah is the Sami, the Aleem.

122. Then, two groups among you began to lose their courage. But Allah was their Waliyy. Let the believers place their trust in Allah (believe that the Name Wakil in their essence will fulfill its function).

123. (Truly) when you were in a weak and helpless state, Allah gave you victory at Badr. Then protect yourselves from Allah so you may be of the evaluators.

124. Remember when you told the believers, “Is it not sufficient for you that your Rabb reinforces you by the disclosure of three thousand angels?” (the manifestations of some of the forces of the Names through the believers to bring about courage and perseverance to struggle).

125. Yes... If you endure and protect yourselves, even if the enemy strikes you suddenly, your Rabb will reinforce you with five thousand angelic forces from the Names within your essence.

126. Allah did this as good tidings for you and to reassure you of the forces contained in your hearts (essence). Help is only from Allah, the Aziz and the Hakim.

127. And (Allah did this) to cut off (destroy) a part of the deniers of reality, and to make the other part turn back, abased.

128. It is not for you to judge; He will accept their repentance if He wills, or cause them suffering. For indeed, they are the wrongdoers.

129. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah (they exist and subsist with His Names). He forgives whom He wills, and causes suffering to (enforces the consequences of the actions of) whom He wills. Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

130. O believers, do not consume the doubled and multiplied return of usury (loansharking is forbidden)! Protect yourselves from Allah (for He will definitely subject you to the consequences of your actions) so you may be emancipated!

131. Protect yourselves from the fire that is prepared for the deniers of reality.

132. Obey Allah and the Rasul so you may reach a state of grace.

133. Hasten to forgiveness from your Rabb (sourced from the composition of the Names in your essence) and Paradise (the abode of the actualization of the forces of Allah’s Names), which is as wide as the heavens (the states of comprehension) and the earth (the platform of the forces)... It has been prepared for the protected ones!

134. They are the ones who give unrequitedly in the way of Allah during ease and hardship, they control their fury when they get angry, and they forgive people for their faults. Allah loves those who do good.

135. When they do something shameful or when they wrong themselves (by becoming veiled from Allah), they think about Allah and ask for forgiveness for the wrong they have done. Who can forgive faults other than Allah! They are not persistent in their wrongdoing.

136. The result (consequence) of their actions is forgiveness from their Rabb and Paradises underneath which rivers flow. They will abide therein eternally. What an excellent reward it is for those who do useful deeds.

137. Communities with lifestyles of their own have come and passed before you. Travel the earth (literally or by way of knowledge) and see what has become of those who denied (the reality).

138. This is an explanation (lesson) for the people and guidance and advice for the protected ones.

139. Do not weaken and do not grieve; you are the superior ones, if you are of the believers.

140. If you are touched by (the pain of a) wound, a similar wound has touched other people as well. Such times recirculate among mankind. It is so that the believers can be known by Allah (as the outcome of the manifestations of the Names in their essence) and who bear witness to the reality at the expense of their own lives. Allah does not like those who do wrong (those who do not fulfill their duties to themselves and others).

141. (These events are so) that Allah purifies the believers (through these experiences) and to destroy the coverers of the reality thereby.

142. Or did you think you could enter (experience the state of) Paradise before Allah makes evident who among you are the warriors (those who struggle with perseverance and determination to live the reality) and those who are patiently steadfast on this path!

143. You had certainly wished for martyrdom without having to encounter death. Now you see it, but you keep looking on!

144. Muhammad is no other than the Rasul. Rasuls have come and gone before him too. If he dies or is killed now, will you turn back (from your faith and cause)? And whoever turns back will not harm Allah! Allah will subject the grateful ones to the outcome of their gratefulness (they will experience the results of their evaluation).

145. And it is not for one to die unless it complies with the unchanging program (kitaban muajjala) formed by the Names of Allah in one’s being (B-iznillah)! Whoever wants the blessings of this world, We will give in this world. And whoever wants the blessings of the eternal life to come, that is what We will give to him. We give the consequences (outcomes) of the grateful ones (the product of their evaluation).

146. Many Nabis fought, even though in their company there were those who were experiencing their servitude to their Rabb. They did not slacken with the afflictions that befell them in the way of Allah, nor did they show weakness and succumb. Allah loves those who are steadfast during difficulty.

147. They had said, “Our Rabb, forgive our faults and the extreme ways in our affairs, give us resilience and patience, help us against the deniers of the reality, give us victory.”

148. So Allah gave them the reward of this world and the most beauteous reward of the eternal life to come. Allah loves those who do good.

149. O believers, if you follow the disbelievers (the deniers and coverers of the reality) they will turn you back on your heels and you will remain as losers.

150. In truth, your protector is Allah! He renders victorious with His help.

151. We will cast fear into the hearts of those who deify (through duality) their egos (even though there is no such evidence) over the Names of Allah comprising their essence, and cover the absolute reality within. And their abode will be the fire... How wretched is the end of the wrongdoers!

152. Allah has indeed kept His word (at the battle of Uhud); you were about to destroy them with the force deriving from the Names of Allah in your essence (B-izniHi). But when Allah showed you that which you love (victory and spoils), you showed weakness and rebelled and quarreled against the command you were given. Some of you were after worldly things (so you abandoned your posts and ran after the spoils) and some of you were after eternal life (so you obeyed the command of the Rasul, persevered and became martyrs). Then Allah turned you back to show you your state. But Allah has forgiven you. Allah is full of bounty for those who believe.

153. Remember when the Rasul was calling you from behind, but you fled without looking at anyone. So Allah reprimanded you with distress upon distress, so that you don’t grieve over your losses or remain with that which befell you (victory and spoils had escaped you and you had fallen into a state of shame). Allah, as the creator of your actions, is well aware of all things.

154. Then He revealed a sense of security to calm you after your distress. One group (the hypocrites and the two-faced) were worried about themselves (their interest). With ignorant assumptions they thought, “Did we have a say in this decision?” Say, “The judgment – decision – belongs completely to Allah!” They concealed within themselves what they didn’t disclose. They said, “If we had a say in this decision we would not have been killed here.” Say, “Even if you had stayed in your homes, those for whom death was written (programmed) would have, in any case, walked out of their homes and gone to the place of their death. Allah made you experience this to show you what is inside you (by outwardly revealing that which you conceal) and cleanse you from false ideas. Allah knows what is inside you, for the essence of your heart comprises His Names”.

155. Those who fled when the two armies met in opposition did this because Satan (illusion) provoked the false ideas they had formed. But Allah has forgiven them. Allah is the Ghafur, the Halim.

156. O believers... Do not be like those who deny the reality by saying, “Had they stayed by our side they would not have died or been killed” in regards to their brothers who go traveling the earth, or who go to battle. Allah formed this idea within them as a pain of longing. It is Allah who gives life and takes life away (not the apparent causes)! Allah is Basir of (evaluates) what you do (as He is the essence and moreover the creator with His Names).

157. Indeed, the forgiveness and grace you will obtain for being killed or dying in the way of Allah is better than what they accumulate (in this world).

158. And indeed, if you die or are killed, to Allah you will be gathered (your evaluation will be by the Names of Allah that is your very essence).

159. With the grace Allah brought forth from your essence you were gentle with them. Had you been harsh and severe they would have scattered and left. Pardon them and ask for their forgiveness. Consult their opinions when making a decision regarding social matters. After a decision is made and put into practice, trust in Allah! Certainly, Allah loves those who place their trust in Him (have faith that the Name Wakil in their essence will fulfill its function).

160. If Allah helps you, nobody can be victorious over you. But if He leaves you to your own accord without help, who can be your helper! Let the believers place their trust only in Allah (their reality with His Names).

161. It is not possible for a Nabi to betray what is entrusted. Whoever betrays, he will come with his betrayal hung on his neck! After this, everyone will be given exactly what they earned (with their deeds) they will not be wronged!

162. Is one who pursues the pleasure of Allah (the forces of the Names within his essence) like the one whose abode is hell, the place where Allah’s anger is expressed? How wretched an end that is!

163. They have different degrees in the sight of Allah (in terms of their knowledge, wisdom and understanding). Allah is Basir of (evaluates) what you do (for He is the essence and the creator of them with His Names).

164. Indeed Allah disclosed, as a blessing, a Rasul for the believers from within themselves (brought forth a Rasul from among their own kind) he reads His signs; purifies them and teaches them the knowledge of reality and Wisdom (the system and order of all that is formed)(Whereas)previously they were in evident corruption!

165. When a (single) disaster struck you, although We had struck (the enemy) with one twice as great, you said, “Why and how did this come about?” Say, “It is the result of your ego.” Indeed, Allah is the Qadir (the possessor of continual and infinite power) over all things.

166. What transpired at the battle of the two communities (the Battle of Uhud) was so that your essence, the Names of Allah, becomes apparent on the believers, and it becomes evident who each person (really) is.

167. (It was also so) that the hypocrites (two-faced) may be known. When they were told, “Come and fight or defend in the way of Allah,” they said, “If we had known you were going to battle we would have come after you.” That day, they were closer to the state of denial than the state of faith. They were not expressing their true thoughts! What were they trying to hide within when Allah knows the truth!

168. Those who did not go to battle said, in regards to their brothers, “If they had followed us they would not have been killed.” Say, “If what you say is true, keep death away from yourselves if you can!”

169. And never think of those who have been killed in the way of Allah as dead. On the contrary, they are alive with their Rabb receiving provision (from the forces pertaining to their innermost essential reality).

170. They are happy with what Allah, as their essential reality, manifests as a bounty from their essence. They want to give the good news to those who stayed behind and did not join them – that there is neither fear nor grief for them.

171. They want to share the blessings and bounty of Allah upon them and bring good tidings that the deeds of the believers will not be left unrequited.

172. They responded to the call of Allah and the Rasul (even) after they were wounded, there is a great reward for the doers of good and the protected ones among them.

173. When they told them, “They have formed an army to fight with you, fear them,” on the contrary, this news increased their faith, and they said, “Allah is sufficient for us, and how excellent a Wakil He is!”

174. Due to their faith, they returned with the blessing and bounty of Allah, unharmed. They followed the pleasure of Allah. Allah, the Azim, is the possessor of bounty.

175. The Satan (who brought this news) can only frighten his own allies... Fear me (for you will face the consequences of your deeds based on the mechanics of the system; sunnatullah), not them, if you are of the believers.

176. Do not let the ones who compete in denying the reality upset you. Indeed, they cannot cause any harm to Allah. Allah does not will to give them any share in the eternal life to come (hence they are like this). There is great suffering for them.

177. As for those who buy denial in exchange of believing in their essential reality, they cannot cause any harm to Allah. There is severe burning (suffering) for them.

178. Those who live by denying the reality should not think that by extending their time We are doing them any good! We only extend it for them so they increase their faults (this is Allah’s scheme for them). There is a humiliating suffering for them.

179. Allah will not leave the believers as they are. He will separate the clean from the impure. And Allah will not inform you of the unknown (Absolute Essence). But, Allah chooses from His Rasuls whom He wills (if He wants to inform you of what is unknown to you). So believe that the Names of Allah created you and all the worlds, and believe in the Rasuls (who have been revealed to inform you of this knowledge). If you believe and protect yourselves, you will reach a great reward.

180. Let not those who are stingy and withhold the provisions of Allah arising from the forces of the Names in their essence, as His bounty, think that this is good for them. On the contrary, it is bad! That which they withhold will be hung on their necks during the period of Doomsday! To Allah belongs the heritage (everything that forms with the forces of the Names) of the heavens and the earth. Allah is Habir of what you do (as their creator).

181. Indeed, Allah has perceived their word, “Certainly Allah is poor; we are wealthy.” We will record their words and their killings of the Nabis against the will of the Truth and tell them, “Taste the burning suffering!”

182. This is the consequence of what you did with your own hands. Allah does not unjustly punish His servants by manifesting on them what they did not deserve!

183. They (the Jews) had said, “Allah commanded us not to believe in any Rasul until he brings forth a sacrifice that fire will consume.” Say, “Rasuls had come before me and they brought for you clear proofs and the things you want. If you are true to your word, why did you kill them?”

184. As they denied you, they have also denied the Rasuls that have come before you with clear proofs, divine and enlightening knowledge.

185. Every individual consciousness will taste death (life without a biological body will continue eternally). You will be rewarded in full for your deeds in the period of Doomsday (the period following your biological bodily life). Whoever is saved from burning (suffering) and put into (the state of) Paradise, he has indeed been liberated. The worldly life is nothing but a delusive pleasure (resulting in remorse).

186. You will surely be tested by your possessions and yourselves (egos). You will be abused by those to whom the knowledge of reality was given before you and the dualists. But if you endure and protect yourselves, (know that) this can only be achieved with determination.

187. And recall when Allah had taken a covenant from those to whom the knowledge of reality was given, “You must make it clear to the people and not hide it from them.” But they left their covenant behind and exchanged it for a small price. How wretched an exchange!

188. Do not think highly of those who pride themselves with what they have done and love to be praised for what they haven’t done! And do not think they will escape the suffering! Severe suffering awaits them.

189. To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth (for every “thing” or “thingness” in this scope is formed with the forces and meanings pertaining to His Names). Allah is Qadir over all things.

190. Indeed, there are signs in the creation of the heavens (from the perceivable realms to the quantal dimension) and the earth (all realms that are perceived as matter), and the transformation of the night and the day (why and how the night and day is formed and their periods, etc.) for those who have reached the essence of reality (ulul albab).

191. They (those who have attained the essence of the reality) remember Allah while standing or sitting or (lying) on their sides and they contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth (depending on the day, the universe and its depths, or in terms of the brain, the place of the body and its attributes) and say, “Our Rabb, You have not created these things for nothing! You are Subhan (free from creating meaningless things; you are in a state of creating anew at every instant)! Protect us from burning (remorse for not being able to duly evaluate your manifestations).”

192. “Our Rabb, whoever You admit into fire, You have abased. No one can help (save) those who do wrong to themselves!”

193. “Our Rabb, we have indeed heard the one who said, ‘Believe in your Rabb who has formed your essence with His Names’ and we have believed him instantly. Our Rabb, forgive us our faults, erase our mistakes, let us come to You with Your servants who have united with You.”

194. “Our Rabb, give us what You have pledged to Your Rasuls and do not humiliate us during the Doomsday period. Certainly, You never fail to fulfill Your oath.”

195. Their Rabb responded to their prayer, “Never will I allow your deeds to be unrewarded, whether man or woman. You are all from each other (you have been created with the same qualities and hence bound by the same system). As for those who have migrated, expelled from their homes, abused, fought, and killed in My cause, surely I will erase their faults. I will certainly admit them to Paradises underneath which rivers flow (the state where one can achieve all his desires with a variety of knowledge that flows to his consciousness) as a reward from Allah. The best of rewards are from Allah.”

196. Do not let the comfortable life (based on worldly – bodily pleasures) of the deniers fool you...

197. It is a temporary pleasure and satisfaction! In the end their abode will be hell (a place of suffering and burning in deep remorse of not having done the necessary practices). How wretched a state and condition of life that is!

198. As for those who are protected from their Rabb, there are Paradises for them, underneath which rivers flow. They will abide therein eternally with what is revealed to them from Allah (the forces that are revealed through dimensional emergence to their consciousness from the Names of Allah that comprise their essence). The things in the sight of Allah are better for the abrar (those who have reached Allah).

199. Certainly, there are some among those to whom the knowledge of reality has been given, who believe in their essence, the Names of Allah, and in what has been revealed to you, and to what has been revealed to them, in a state of awe towards Allah. They do not exchange the reality of Allah’s existence in His signs for a small physical pleasure, which will veil them from this truth! They will have rewards from their Rabb (rewards that manifest from their own composition of Names). Allah settles accounts instantly.

200. O believers... Endure (the hardships you encounter) and vie in patience with one another, be prepared for and in unity against the enemy and protect yourselves from Allah, so you may attain emancipation.

Note: The meaning of the frequently used phrase “protect yourselves from Allah” according to us is: Since Allah is the constant creator of the consequences of all the thoughts and actions that you produce, if you do not wish to encounter unfavorable situations, avoid the actions and thoughts that lead to them, so you can be protected against the Hasib mechanism in your essence. Allah knows best!

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