75. Al-Qiyama

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. By the reality of the Doomsday;

2. And the self-accusing self (nafs-i lawwama);

3. Does man think We will not assemble his bones?

4. Indeed! We even have the power to proportion his fingertips (produce a precise reformation of his fingerprints)!

5. But no! Man goes to excess despite what awaits him (life after death)!

6. They ask, “When is the time of Doomsday (the experience of death)?

7. When your vision is dazzled,

8. And the Moon is eclipsed,

9. And when the Sun and the Moon come together!

10. At that time, man will say, “Where can we escape?”

11. No, there is no place of refuge (outside)!

12. At that time, the permanent settlement (of every individual) is with his Rabb!

13. At that time, man will be told of all the things he put forward (accomplished) and left behind (postponed, failed to do).

14. (The truth is) man is the evaluator of his own self! (Remember 17:14 “Read your book [knowledge] of life! Sufficient for you is your individual consciousness at this stage to discern the consequences of your actions.”)

15. Whatever excuse he presents (it will make no difference)!

16. Do not repeat it with your tongue to hasten (its memorization).

17. Indeed, upon Us is its compilation and its recitation.

18. So when We recite it, follow its recitation!

19. Then upon Us is its clarification (disclosure).

20. But no! You love the immediate (the world);

21. And leave the eternal life to come!

22. At that time faces will shine.

23. Looking at their Rabb.

24. And many faces at that time will be frowning!

25. They (with frowning faces) will feel their backs breaking...

26. No! When the life reaches the collarbones;

27. “Who will save him from death?”

28. He will know with certainty that it is the time of the known separation!

29. And the feet will be intertwined!

30. To your Rabb will be the dispatch at that time!

31. For he neither confirmed, nor established salat (turned to his Rabb)...

32. But denied and turned away!

33. And then went back to his people full of pride and arrogance.

34. Deserving you are, deserving you are!

35. Again, deserving you are, yes deserving you are!

36. Does man think he will be left to his own accord?

37. Was he not once a drop of sperm?

38. Which then became a clot (genetic structure), and (Allah) created him and proportioned him (according to his creational purpose).

39. And made of him two partners, the male (consciousness – active energy) and the female (the body – the receptive energy).

40. Is this (the system and order of Allah who made all of this) not Qadir to give life to the dead?

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