42. Ash-Shura

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Ha, Meem.

2. Ayn, Seen, Qaf.

3. Thus does Allah, the Aziz, the Hakim, reveal to you and those before you!

4. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Him... He is the Aliy, the Azim.

5. The heavens almost break from above them (what will come out?)! The angels glorify (tasbih) their Rabb as His hamd, (they carry out their function) and ask forgiveness for those on earth... Pay heed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

6. Those who have taken friends besides Him, Allah observes them... You are not responsible for their actions.

7. Thus We revealed it to you as an Arabic Quran so that you may warn the people of Mecca with it and inform them of the intensity of that time of gathering, about which there is no doubt! A group (of them) will be in Paradise, and a group (of them) will be in flames of Fire.

8. Had Allah willed He would surely have made them a single community (of a single faith)... But Allah includes whom He wills to His grace! As for the wrongdoers, they have neither a guardian friend nor a helper!

9. Or did they take other friends besides Him? Allah is HU, the Waliyy HU gives life and takes life! HU is the Qadir One over all things.

10. Whenever you disagree about something its judgment belongs to Allah! Thus is Allah, my Rabb! I have placed my trust in Him... And to Him I turn!

11. He is the Fatir of the heavens and the earth! He has formed for you partners from your selves (the original self + constructed identity self) and from the cattle (animalistic body) mates (biological + radial [spirit] body)... Thus He multiplies you! There is nothing that resembles Him! He is the Sami, the Basir.

12. The keys (the forces to manifest the qualities) of the heaven and the earth belong to Him! He extends and expands provision for whom He wills, or constricts it! Indeed, He is the Aleem (the Knower) of all things (as their very creator with His Names).

13. He has ordained for you of the single religion (the absolute valid system and order of Allah) what He enjoined upon Noah, what We revealed to you, and what We enjoined upon Abraham, Moses, and Jesus – to establish the religion and not to be in division therein! This to which you call them (the truth of ‘La ilaha illaAllah – the reality of the system) is too great for the dualists (to comprehend)! Allah chooses for Himself whom He wills and guides those who turn to Him to (realize their inner) reality!

14. And they fell into division, after the knowledge (of the reality) came to them, out of jealousy between themselves! Had their life-span not been already decreed by your Rabb, surely the matter between them would have been concluded! As for those who were granted inheritance of the knowledge after them (the people of the Book), they are in dubious doubt concerning it (the Quran).

15. So, invite them (for this reason)! Remain on the right course of your natural disposition, as you have been commanded! Do not follow their baseless desires and ideas! Say, “I believe in the knowledge disclosed by Allah! I have been commanded to be just! Allah is both our Rabb and your Rabb. Our deeds are for us and your deeds are for you. There is no need for a battle of proofs between us! Allah will bring us together! To Him is the return.”

16. The proofs of those who still argue about Allah after He has been responded to are invalid in the sight of their Rabb... Upon them is wrath and intense suffering.

17. It is Allah who has revealed the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah and the judgment (reasoning)... Who knows, perhaps the Hour (of death) is close!

18. Those who do not believe they will live it are impatient for it! But those who believe, tremble with fear of it, for they know it is most definitely the Truth! Pay heed, those who argue about the Hour (doubtful about a life in a new dimension after death) are indeed very astray from the truth of the matter!

19. Allah is the Latif One over His servants, He provisions whom He wills... He is the Qawwi, the Aziz.

20. And whoever wants the blessings of the eternal life to come, We will increase it for him! And whoever wants the blessings of the world, we will give it to him – but he will have no share in the eternal life to come!

21. Or do they have partners in religion who validate for them the things that Allah forbids? If it were not for the word regarding division at a specified time, it would surely have been concluded between them... As for the wrongdoers, there is intense suffering for them.

22. You will see the wrongdoers trembling in fear when it befalls them, of what they earned (the results of their deeds)! While those who believe and fulfill the requisites of faith are in the best parts of Paradise, having whatever they desire in the presence of their Rabb... This is it! This is the great bounty!

23. This is what Allah gives as good news to those who believe and fulfill the requisites of faith... Say, “I do not want anything in return for this message other than love of kinship”... Whoever earns a good deed We will increase its good for him! Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Shakur.

24. Or do they say, “He has lied about Allah”? If Allah wills He can seal your heart (consciousness)! Allah destroys falsehood and establishes the Truth as His words! Indeed, He, as your absolute essence with His Names, is the Aleem.

25. It is He who accepts repentance from His servants, and pardons misdeeds and the One who knows what you do.

26. And He responds to the believers who fulfill the requisites of faith and increases (His blessings for them) with His bounty! As for those who deny the knowledge of the reality, there is severe suffering for them.

27. Had Allah extended and expanded provision for His servants, they would surely have caused rampage on the earth! But He sends what He wills with measure... Indeed, He is Habir and Basir of His servants.

28. He is the One who sends down rain and spreads grace when they (His servants) are in despair... He is the Waliyy, the Hamid.

29. It is from among His signs that He creates the heavens, the earth and the creatures (biological forms) dispersed throughout them... HU is all Powerful (Qadir) to gather them when He wills.

30. And whatever strikes you of disaster, it is the result of what your hands have done! But (Allah) pardons much of it.

31. You cannot render (Allah) helpless on earth! You have no friend or helper besides Allah.

32. The (ships) that sail in the sea like mountains are also from His signs.

33. If He wills, He can make the wind still and they (the sailing ships) would remain motionless... Indeed, there are signs in this for those who are patient and grateful.

34. Or He could destroy them because of what they have earned... But (Allah) forgives much of it.

35. So that those who argue about Our signs can know that they have no place of escape.

36. The things you have been given are but the wealth of the worldly life (world = the lowest state of existence)! But that which is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believe and place their trust in their Rabb.

37. They refrain from the great offence (duality; shirq, slander) and immoralities, and they forgive when they are angry...

38. And they respond to their Rabb and establish salat, and consult one another to resolve their affairs... And they give unrequitedly from the things with which We provide them...

39. They are those who, even when faced with tyranny, strive in unity and they prevail!

40. The retribution of a bad deed is a bad deed! But whoever forgives and reconciles, his rewards is with Allah... Indeed, He does not like the wrongdoers.

41. And whoever avenges himself after being wronged, for them, there is no blame!

42. Blame is upon those who wrong people and cause corruption on the earth without right! There is an intense suffering for them.

43. And whoever is patient and forgives, indeed, this is a matter that requires determination.

44. Whoever Allah leads astray, there is no friend (Waliyy) for him... On facing their punishment (death) you will see the wrongdoers say, “Is there any way to return (to the life of the biological body)?”

45. You will see them being exposed (to the Fire), in awe from humiliation (with their heads bent low) looking covertly from behind... The believers will say, “They are the very losers; they caused loss upon themselves and their close ones during Doomsday! Pay heed! Indeed, the wrongdoers are in an enduring suffering.”

46. And they will have no guardian friend to help them besides Allah... For whoever Allah leads astray – for him there is no way.

47. So, respond to your Rabb before the time comes from Allah for which there is no repelling... At that time, you will have nowhere to seek refuge, nor will your denial (of your deeds) will be of any avail!

48. If they turn away (let them), We did not disclose you as their keeper! Your only responsibility is to inform! Indeed, when We make man taste a grace from Us, he rejoices with it... But if the bad consequence of his deeds afflicts him, then indeed, man is very ungrateful!

49. The sovereignty of the heavens and the earth is for Allah (who created them with His Names while they were inexistent)! He creates whatever He wills. He grants females to whom He wills and grants males to whom He wills.

50. Or He makes them both males and females... And renders whom He wills barren... Indeed, He is the Aleem, the Qadir.

51. It is not possible that Allah speaks to a man! Only through revelation, or from behind a veil, or by disclosing a Rasul (angel) to reveal, by His permission, what He wills! Indeed, He is the Aliy, the Hakim.

52. Thus We have revealed to you a spirit (the sensing of the meanings of the Names in your consciousness) by Our command... And you did not know what the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah was, or what faith meant! But We formed it (the spirit) as Nur (knowledge) by which We guide to the reality whom We will among Our servants! And indeed, you guide to the reality (the straight path).

53. The path of Allah, to whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth is for Him alone! Pay heed, all affairs return to Allah!

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