4. An-Nisa

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. O mankind, protect yourselves from your Rabb, who created you from a single self (there is only a single concept of ‘self’ inherent in the totality of all the brains. Depending on the different expressions of the brain this single self varies in attributes and becomes multiple ‘selves,’ i.e. constructed identities. The original self, however, remains as one, the primary I) and from it, its spouse (the bodily self) and produced from them many men and women and spread them (throughout the earth)! Protect yourselves from Allah (the Names comprising one’s essential reality), in whose favor and in the favor of the Rahim (the reality of man formed by the dimension of Names) you ask of one another. For, Allah, with His Names, keeps you under His control (the Raqib) at all times.

2. Give the orphans their properties; do not exchange purity (of your essential reality) to filth (of the ego). Do not consume their properties by mixing them with your own. Indeed, that is a big crime.

3. If you do not have fear dealing justly with orphans (women), then marry those that are clean (of duality) two, or three, or four. But if you fear that you may not be just among them, then (suffice) with one or with what you have in your hands. (Do not live together out of wedlock.) This is the most suitable option to avoid injustice.

4. Give the dowry (marriage gift) to women with love. If they willingly and benevolently give a portion of it back to you, then accept it wholeheartedly.

5. Do not give or entrust your possessions that Allah gave to your management to the dissolute (limited in understanding, the unthinking). But provide for them from it, clothe them and give them beneficial advice.

6. Look out for and test the orphans until they reach a marriageable age. If you see that they are mature enough, then give their properties back to them. Do not hasten to consume their property by wasteful spending in fear that they will grow up and take ownership. Let the wealthy one be modest (and refrain from consuming the properties of orphans) and the needy one take only as much is customary (without exceeding the boundary). And let there be witnesses (for the evaluation of your actions) when you return their properties back to them. Sufficient for you is the quality of the Name Hasib from the Names of Allah that comprise your essence.

7. There is a share for men of what parents and relatives leave behind (with death). There is also a share for women of what parents and relatives leave behind, be it little or much, this is a share decreed by Allah.

8. And if relatives, orphans and the needy (who aren’t entitled for any share in an inheritance) are present during the distribution, treat them with kindness and provide a small portion for them as well...

9. Let them be concerned by Allah just as they would feel concern for their dependent children, if they were to leave them behind. Let them fear Allah and boldly speak the truth.

10. Indeed, those who consume the properties of the orphans are only filling their bellies with fire! A blazing fire is where they will end up.

11. Allah instructs you regarding your children as follows: The share of the male is twice that of the female... But if there are more than two females (children) then leave for them two thirds of (the estate); if (the heir) is a single (female), then half of the estate is hers... If the testator leaves behind children (as well as parents), then for each parent one sixth of the estate should be given. If he has no children and his parents are his only inheritors, (in this case) the mother should be given one third and the father the remaining two thirds of the estate... If he leaves behind siblings, then the mother should be given one sixth of what remains after any bequest he may have made or any debt. You fathers and your sons... You cannot know which of them is more worthy of your estate. (This is why these are) an obligation from Allah... Indeed, Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

12. (For the men) half of what your wives leave (inheritance) if they have no child is yours; but, if they have a child, one fourth of what remains after any bequest they may have made and debt they may have had... If (the men) have no children, then one fourth of what you leave behind is for your wives, but if you have children then one eighth of what remains after your bequest (according to Hadith narrations by Bukhari and Muslim the bequest should not exceed one third) and debt... But if a man or woman leaves no ascendants or descendants, but has a brother or a sister, for each one is one sixth... If he has more (siblings) then they share one third of what remains after any bequest or debt... This (division) should not be detrimental... This is an ordinance from Allah... Allah is the Aleem, the Halim.

13. These are boundaries set by Allah. Whoever follows Allah and His Rasul, He will admit them into Paradises underneath which rivers flow. Now, that is a great liberation.

14. And whoever rebels against Allah and His Rasul and transgresses his limits, He will admit them to fire to abide there forever. A degrading suffering he will have.

15. Bring forth four witnesses against women who engage in harlotry. If they (all four of them) testify, confine them to their houses until death takes them, or until Allah opens another path for them (until they repent).

16. And if two men among you commit it, punish them. If they repent and correct themselves, then leave them to their own accord. For Allah is the Tawwab, the Rahim.

17. The type of repentance that is accepted by Allah is one made in regards to a mistake committed in ignorance. Those are the ones whose repentance Allah accepts. Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

18. There is no repentance for those who spend a lifetime in wrongdoing and at the time of death say “Now I repent!” And none for those who live in denial of the truth and repent in their last breath! We have prepared severe suffering for them.

19. O believers, it is forbidden for you to forcefully become heirs to women... Do not pressure them in order to take a portion of what you have given them (dowry)... Unless they openly (testified by witnesses) commit harlotry... Get on with them justly... Even if there is something you dislike about them, it may be that Allah has ordained much good in it.

20. If you want to leave one of your wives and take another in her stead, even if you have given them loads (of dowry) do not take it back (when separating). You cannot do this by blaming or slandering her!

21. How can you take it back after you have united with one another and you have given them your word (during marriage)?

22. Do not marry women who your fathers married. Except the past (except what has already occurred in the past). Undoubtedly this is immoral and hateful. Indeed, an awful custom!

23. It has been prohibited for you (to marry): Your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, the daughters of your brothers, the daughters of your sisters, your milk mothers who have nursed you, your sisters through nursing, the mothers of your wives, and your stepdaughters under your guardianship (who are born) of your wives with whom you have united. But if you have not united with the mothers of your stepdaughters, then there is no harm in you (marrying them)... And also prohibited for you are the wives of your sons who are from your loins, and to marry two sisters at the same time... Except what has already occurred in the past... Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

24. Married women, except whom you possess (as bondmaid), have also been prohibited. This is the decree of Allah upon you... And all others have been made lawful for you (to marry) by spending from your possessions, so that you refrain from adultery and live virtuously. To the women you marry and unite with, give their dowry in full. There is no harm in giving more than this if you mutually agree on it. Most certainly, Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

25. Those among you who don’t have the means to marry believing free women, can marry believing girls in their possession... Allah (as your essential reality) is aware of your faith... You are from one another... Marry them with the permission of their owners. Give to them (their dowries)according to custom, on the condition they refrain from secret affairs and adultery, and live as chaste women... If they commit harlotry after you have united in marriage, then punish them with half of what free women (in this case) would be punished with... This (marrying bondmaids)is for him who fears doing wrong... Yet to be patient is better for you... Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

26. Allah wants to make clear to you what you don’t know, guide you to the good practices of those who came before you, and forgive you your faults. Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

27. Allah wants to accept your repentance (for your mistakes). But those who follow their desires (bodily temptations) want you to go astray (from the reality) in corruption.

28. Allah wishes to lighten your burden. Man has been created weak.

29. O believers, do not wrongfully (based on impermissible premises) consume each other’s wealth even if this is through a mutually agreed trade. Do not kill yourselves (through wrongful deeds). Indeed, Allah, as the creator of your being with His Names, is the Rahim.

30. Whoever does this by transgression and wrongfully, We will make him rest in Hell. This is easy for Allah.

31. If you avoid major mistakes (duality, murder, etc.), We will cover your small mistakes and admit you to a place of abundance.

32. Do not foster jealousy toward those who Allah raises over others by what He provides for them from His bounty. Men will have the blessings of what they have earned; women will have the blessings of what they have earned. Ask for Allah’s bounty. Most certainly, Allah is Aleem over all things (as their essential reality).

33. We have appointed heirs for what parents and relatives leave behind. Give their shares to those your oath binds. Allah is a witness to all things.

34. Men are protectors over women. Based on qualities Allah manifests from His bounty, some are superior to others; they give from their wealth unrequitedly. Righteous women are respectable and obedient toward their husbands. They guard their unknown with Allah’s protection (they do not unite with other men when alone). Advise your spouses (help them to recognize their mistakes), whom you suspect may be disobedient (unable to carry the responsibilities of marriage), (if they resist to understand) then forsake them in bed, and if this does not help either then strike them (enough to offend them). If they obey you then take no further action against them. Indeed, Allah is the Aliy, the Kabir.

35. If you fear dissension between them, assign an arbitrator from his family and an arbitrator from her family. If they desire reconciliation, Allah will enable it. Indeed Allah is the Aleem, the Habir.

36. Serve Allah and do not associate partners (duality) to your essence with anything (do not deify or associate divinity to any form of existence)! Do good to you parents, relatives, orphans, the needy, close neighbors and far neighbors, your fellow traveler, those who are stranded, and those under your hand (in your possession). Indeed, Allah does not like those who are boastful and arrogant.

37. They are stingy and command stinginess upon others, and they hide what Allah gives to them from His bounty. We have prepared a degrading suffering for the deniers of the reality.

38. They spend their wealth as a means to boast, while they believe neither in Allah, the One who has created their essence with His Names, nor in the eternal life to come. Whoever is close to Satan, has indeed a terrible friend.

39. What would they have lost had they believed in Allah, the creator of their essence with His Names, and the eternal life to come, and given to others from what Allah has provided for them? Allah, as the One comprising their essence, is the Aleem.

40. Indeed, Allah does not do wrong to anyone, not even as much as an iota’s weight! And if a good deed has been done, He multiplies it and provides a great reward from Himself (ladun; the potential of the Names comprising one's essence).

41. What will be their state when We bring forth a witness from within every community and hold you as a witness to them?

42. In that period, those who denied the reality and those who rebelled against the Rasul will wish to be swallowed by the earth. They will not be able to hide anything from Allah.

43. O believers, do not approach salat when you are not aware of what you do (in a drunken state) until you are conscious of what you are saying, or impure (after sexual intercourse) until you have performed whole body ablution, unless you are traveling. If you are sick or traveling, or come from the place of relieving yourselves (lavatory), or you have had sexual intercourse and you were not able to find water (to wash yourselves; ablution), then seek clean earth and wipe your faces and hands with it. Indeed, Allah is the Afuw, the Ghafur.

44. Do you not see those whom have been given a share of the knowledge of the reality? They buy corruption and want you to go astray from your path (of belief) as well.

45. Of course Allah, as their creator, knows those who are your enemies. Allah, the One who comprises your essence with His Names, is sufficient for you with His Name Waliyy and He will help you from your essence!

46. There are such among the Jews, who pervert the original meanings of the WORDS (they do not preserve the authenticity of the revelations)... They play with their tongues to form false concepts in regards to Religion and to mean: “We hear and we disobey”, “Hear, but do not be heard” and “Raina – limited in understanding.” If they had said, “We hear and we obey”, “Hear” and “Unzurna – watch over us” it would have been better and more correct for them... But Allah has damned them due to their denial of their essential reality... Except for a very few of them, they do not believe.

47. O those to whom the knowledge of the reality has been given, before We erase your faces and turn them toward your backs (before we erase your knowledge and return you to your previous perversity), or curse you as We cursed the Sabbath-breakers, come and believe in that which We have revealed (the Quran) to confirm the knowledge of the reality that is already with you... The decree of Allah has been fulfilled.

48. Indeed, Allah does not forgive (apparent or discrete forms of) shirq (i.e. directly or indirectly assuming the existence of beings ‘other’ than Allah, whether external objects [apparent] or our own egos [discrete], thereby fragmenting the non-dual reality), but He forgives lesser sins other than this (ma doona – ‘lesser sins’ here connotes the perception that actions are initiated by the self/ego rather than by Allah), as He wills... And whoever associates partners to Allah, the essential reality of his being with His Beautiful Names (B’illahi), he would surely have made a tremendous mistake by slandering.

49. Do you not see those who consider themselves clean (the Christians and Jews who claim to be pure even though they are in a state of duality)? No (it is not as they think), Allah purifies whom He wills and they will not be wronged, not even as much as a thread in a date seed.

50. Look at how they lie and slander Allah! There cannot be a crime more evident than this!

51. Do you see those to whom a share of the knowledge of the reality has been given? They believe in Jibt (an idol assumed to possess power) and Taghut (satanic forces) and tell the deniers of the reality, that they are on a path more righteous than the believers.

52. They are the ones whom Allah cursed (distanced from Himself). And whoever Allah curses, there is no one to help him!

53. Or have they a share of sovereignty? Had that been the case they would not have even given as much as a date seed to the people.

54. Or are they unable to accept what Allah has given to them from His bounty and are envious? Indeed, we have given the knowledge of the reality and Wisdom (knowledge of sunnatullah) to the family of Abraham. We have given them a great sovereignty.

55. Some of them believed in what he had, and some denied. Sufficient is the fire of hell (internal and external suffering) for them.

56. Indeed, We will burn those who deny our signs (the manifestation of the Names in their essence) in the fire. So they may taste the suffering more, every time their skins are burnt (due to their external attachments) we will replace them with new skins (externality). Surely Allah is the Aziz, the Hakim.

57. As for those who believe and do as their faith requires, We will admit them to Paradises underneath which rivers flow. Forever they will abide therein. There they will have partners, purified (from satanic traits). We will place them in the shade of shades (an environment far from any burning or discomforting condition).

58. Indeed, Allah commands that you give the trusts to their rightful owners and that you judge between people justly (giving everyone their due rights). An excellent advice Allah gives you. Indeed, Allah is the Sami and the Basir.

59. O believers! Obey Allah and obey the Rasul, and those within you who are ulul amr (have the authority to judge based on the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah)... When you fall into dispute concerning something – if you believe in Allah and the eternal life to come – turn that thing over to Allah and His Rasul... This is better and more appropriate an evaluation (for correctly resolving the situation).

60. Do you not see those who assume to believe in what has been revealed to you and revealed before you... even though they have been ordered to reject it, they wish to appoint Taghut as an arbitrator among themselves... Satan desires to lead them so astray that they can never turn back.

61. When they are told, “Come to what Allah has revealed and the Rasul,” you will see the hypocrites turn away and distance themselves from you.

62. Yet when a calamity strikes them as a result of their actions they say, “B’illahi (by the reality of Allah) we intended nothing other than good and conciliation.”

63. Those are the ones whom Allah knows what is in their hearts. Do not heed what they say, give them advice and notify them about the reality of their selves in a clear and apparent manner.

64. We have revealed every Rasul for them to be obeyed with the permission of Allah. Had they come to you after having wronged themselves and asked for forgiveness from Allah, and if the Rasul had asked for forgiveness on their behalf, they would surely have found Allah to be the Tawwab and the Rahim.

65. But that is not the case! By your Rabb, until they appoint you as an arbitrator for the conflicts between themselves, and comply with your judgment in full submission and without feeling any internal discomfort (objection), they would not have believed.

66. If We had written upon them “kill your selves” (be willing to die for the sake of Allah) or “leave your homes”, except for a very few of them, they would not have done it. Had they followed the advice given to them, surely it would have been better and healthier for them.

67. Then We would surely have given them a great reward from Our ladun.

68. We would have guided them to the straight path.

69. Whoever obeys Allah and the Rasul, they will be companions of the Nabis, the loyal ones, the martyrs and the rightly guided ones, whom Allah has blessed. And excellent companions they are.

70. This bounty is from Allah. Sufficient is Allah for them, their essential reality with His Names.

71. O believers, be cautious, go to war in groups or altogether.

72. Indeed, there are some among you who linger behind. So if a disaster strikes you, he says, “Thank Allah I was not with them, Allah has favored me”.

73. And if a favor (and success) from Allah reaches you, he says, “I wish I were with them so I could have had a share in their success,” as if there were no cause for closeness between him and you.

74. Let those who are willing to give up their worldly life in exchange for the eternal life to come, fight in the way of Allah. And whoever fights and is killed or victorious in the way of Allah, We will give him a great reward.

75. What is the matter with you that you refrain from fighting for feeble men, women and children who cry, “Our Rabb, deliver us from this land of oppressors; grant us a patron and victory from Your Self (ladun).”

76. Believers fight in the way of Allah. As for those who deny the reality, they fight for the forces of Satan. Then fight the allies of Satan. Indeed, the trap of Satan is weak.

77. Did you not see those who were told, “Avoid bad things, establish salat, and pay alms”? But when fighting was ordained for them, alas, some of them were as terrified of people as the awe and fear they feel towards Allah, or even more... “Our Rabb, why did You ordain fighting for us; if only You had postponed it for a short time,” they said... Say, “The pleasure of this world is little! The eternal life to come is better for the protected ones... You will not be wronged as much as a single date thread (i.e. in the slightest).”

78. Death will find you wherever you are. Even if you were within tall and sturdy towers... But if good comes to them, they say, “This is from Allah”; and if evil befalls them, they say, “This is from you.” Say, “All of it is from Allah!” What is the matter with people that they do not try to understand the reality!

79. Whatever good comes to you it is from Allah, but whatever evil comes to you it is from your self (from complying with your conditioned beliefs including your alleged ‘moral codes’). We have revealed you as a Rasul for the people. Sufficient is Allah, as your essence with His Names, as a Witness for you.

80. Whoever obeys the Rasul, obeys Allah in the reality! And whoever turns away (it is up to him), We have not revealed you (as a guard) over them.

81. “Aye” they say, yet as soon as you leave them, a group of them begin to contrive things against what you say during the night. Allah records their contrivances! Turn away from them and trust in Allah, refer your dealings to Him! Sufficient is Allah’s Wakil quality in your essence, as an agent.

82. Do they not contemplate on the Quran in depth? If it were from a place other than Allah it would have been filled with many contradictions!

83. When they receive news regarding their safety or one that frightens them they hasten to spread it. Yet, if they had asked the Rasul or one with authority (ulul amr) they could have found out what the truth of the matter is. If it were not for Allah’s bounty and grace upon you, except for a very few of you, most of you would have followed Satan (in this).

84. Fight in the way of Allah! You have no responsibility but to yourself! Encourage the believers, that perhaps Allah will weaken the might of the deniers of the reality. The might of Allah, and the consequences He enforces, are much more severe.

85. Whoever is a cause for good shall have a share of that good... And whoever is a cause for bad shall have a share in that bad... Allah is Muqeet over all things.

86. When someone greets you with a greeting greet him back with a more comprehensive greeting or one that is the like. Indeed Allah is Hasib over all things (enforces the consequences of all that becomes manifest).

87. Allah is HU; there is no god or godhood, only HU! He will bring you together in the period of Doomsday, of whose coming there is no doubt. And who can be more truthful in statement than Allah!

88. What is the matter with you that you were divided into two groups regarding the hypocrites, when Allah had made them fall back due to their misdeeds? Do you think you can guide those who Allah leads astray? Whoever Allah leads astray, you can no longer find a way for him.

89. They wish you would deny the reality as they do so that you can be alike... So do not take them as friends until they abandon oppression and wrongdoing... If they turn away (as enemies), then seize them and kill them wherever you find them... Do not take them as friends and helpers.

90. Except for those who take refuge with a community with whom you have a treaty, or who come to you with their hearts strained because they do not wish to fight you or their own people... If Allah had willed, He would set them upon you and they would have fought you... So if they leave you alone, do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah does not allow you to harm them.

91. On the other hand, you will find that some want security from you and their own people... Every time they encounter a situation that is a cause for trial, they are taken aback... So if they do not stay away from you, offer you peace, and restrain their hands from you, then seize them and kill them wherever you catch them... And those, We have given you clear power over them.

92. It is not for a believer to kill another believer, except by mistake... And whoever kills a believer by mistake should free a believing slave and pay compensation to the family of the deceased, unless they give up (their rights to the killer)... If (the deceased) was a believer but from a people that is enemy to you, then (the killer) must free a believing slave... But if (the deceased) was from a people with whom you have a treaty, then (the killer) must pay compensation to the deceased’s family and free a believing slave... And whoever is unable to find compensation must fast for two months consecutively, as repentance to Allah... Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

93. And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is hell wherein he will abide eternally. Allah has become angry with him, cursed him and prepared for him severe suffering.

94. O believers... When you go to war in the way of Allah, investigate well, and if one gives you a greeting (wants to make peace) do not say, “You are not a believer” aspiring for the goods of the worldly life... There are many spoils in the sight of Allah... You were like that yourself before, then Allah conferred His favor upon you... So research well... Indeed, Allah, as the creator of what you do, is the Habir.

95. Not equal are those who stay behind from war without a valid reason and those who fight in the way of Allah with their possessions and their lives (their sense of self)... Allah has raised the degree of those who struggle with their possessions and their lives over those who stay behind. Allah has given the best to all of them. But Allah has preferred those who strive in His cause over those who stay back, with a great reward.

96. Degrees, forgiveness and grace (He has given). Allah is the Ghafur and the Rahim.

97. Indeed, the angels told those who are in a state of doing wrong to themselves while they are taken by death, “In what condition were you? (Why were you in a state of doing wrong to yourselves?)”... They said, “We were weak and helpless on earth”... (The angels) said, “Was Allah’s earth not vast enough for you to migrate therein?”... Their refuge will be hell... What a wretched end!

98. Except those who do not have the means to migrate – helpless men, women and children.

99. It is expected that Allah will pardon them. Allah is the Afuw, the Ghafur.

100. Whoever migrates (from a land in which he is oppressed) in the way of Allah (based on the verse ‘flee to Allah’; migrate to your essential reality)will find immense vastness on earth... Whoever leaves his home as a migrant to Allah and His Rasul (with the reality disclosed by them) and then dies on this way, his reward will be from Allah... Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim. (We have tried to highlight an inner meaning here alongside the obvious physical connotation of this verse.)

101. And when you are traveling throughout the land, there is no harm in shortening your salat (prayers) if you fear the deniers of the reality may harm you. Indeed, those deniers or concealers of the reality are clear enemies to you.

102. (My Rasul) when you are among them (but in an unsafe state) and you lead them in prayer (salat), let a group of them stand in salat next to you while armed with their weapons... When they prostrate let the others stand in guard behind you... Then have the others come forward, who have not yet prayed, and let them pray with you... Let them take precautions and arms... The deniers of the reality wish for you to be negligent of your weapons and possessions so they may attack you suddenly. But if you are overtaken by rain or illness, there is no harm in leaving your arms... (Though) you should still take precautions... Indeed, Allah has prepared a degrading suffering for the deniers of the reality.

103. When you have finished your salat (in an unsafe environment), remember Allah while standing, sitting, or (lying) on your sides (i.e. experience Him in your being at all times)... When you feel satiated with the remembrance (dhikr), perform your salat (duly experience the essence of salat with the sensitivity and receptivity incited by dhikr). Indeed, the experience of salat at specific times has been inscribed upon the believers.

104. Do not relent in the pursuit of the enemy... If you are suffering, they too are suffering just the same... Yet you can wish from Allah things that they cannot hope for... Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

105. Most certainly We have revealed the knowledge of the reality to you, so that you judge among the people by the Truth shown by Allah. Do not defend the traitors!

106. Ask for forgiveness from Allah. Indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

107. Do not defend those who have betrayed themselves! Indeed, Allah does not like those who persist in betraying themselves.

108. (The two-faced hypocrites) can hide from others but not from Allah! For He was present with them (according to Sufism this denotes the unity of existence; that Allah creates every iota of existence with His Names) when they were plotting during the night, things which He does not like. Allah encompasses what they do!

109. You may defend them in the worldly life, but who will defend them during the period of Doomsday, and who will represent them?

110. Whoever commits a crime or wrongs himself (because of his ego, by assigning a separate existence to himself; duality) then (realizing his mistake)repents to Allah, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim (He forgives and enables the experience of the beauties from His grace)...

111. And whoever commits a crime, its consequence are for him alone (nobody else)! Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

112. Whoever does wrong or commits a crime and then blames an innocent person for it, he would indeed have committed open slander and a grave offence.

113. If it wasn’t for the bounty of Allah upon you and the grace of HU, a group of them would surely have attempted to mislead you... But they only mislead themselves! They cannot cause you any harm! Allah revealed (from the dimension of Names to your consciousness) the Book (knowledge of the reality) and Wisdom (the knowledge of religion and sunnatullah) to you, and taught you that which you did not know... The bounty of Allah upon you is great.

114. There is no good in much of their private gatherings and interactions! Except those gatherings involving aid, benefit or reconciliation (and similar beneficial activities). Whoever does this seeking the pleasure of Allah, We will give him a great reward.

115. Whoever opposes the Rasul after the reality becomes clearly evident; We will abandon him in his path and lead him to hell in the end! What a wretched destination that is!

116. Allah will definitely not forgive shirq (duality) in regards to Him! But He forgives lesser faults other than this (offences lower than duality), for whom He wills... And whoever commits shirq (duality; assumes a separate existence independent of Him) to Allah (B’illahi), the creator of the entire existence with His Names, he has surely fallen into a corrupt belief far astray (from the reality)!

117. Those who turn to things other than Allah turn only to lifeless female deities in His stead, and hence they turn to none but the persistent malicious Satan (ego)!

118. Allah has cursed (Iblis)... For Iblis had said, “I will surely take from among Your servants a significant portion”...

119. “And I will surely mislead them, and I will arouse in them (sinful, bodily, empty) desires, and I will command them so they slit the ears of cattle (as sacrifice), and I will command them so they will alter the creation of Allah.” And whoever deserts Allah and takes Satan (bodily temptations; ego) as master has certainly suffered a great loss.

120. Satan promises them and arouses false hope and desire in them. But Satan does not promise anything except delusion.

121. The destination of such people is hell (the state of suffering)! And they will have no way to escape it.

122. As for those who believe and live according to their faith (engaging in good deeds), We will admit them to Paradises underneath which rivers flow... They will reside therein eternally (as a result of the manifestation of the Names of Allah)... This is the promise of Allah in Truth! Is anyone more truthful than Allah?

123. (Sunnatullah – the system and order of Allah) is not according to your wishful thinking, nor the wishful thinking of those to whom the knowledge of the reality was given before you (and who failed to appraise it)! Whoever does wrong will live its consequences! (After which) he will not be able to find any protector or helper other than Allah!

124. Whoever, as a believer, does a good deed, whether male or female, they will be admitted to Paradise, not an iota of their deeds will be lost.

125. Whose understanding of religion can be better than he who follows the people of Abraham as a doer of good (with the comprehension that his being is the manifestation of Allah’s Names) and in submission to Allah (without the concept of a deity; with the consciousness of being in servitude to Allah alone) and as a Hanif! Allah took Abraham as an intimate friend (Halil; Abraham was blessed with the station of Hullet) (More information on this topic can be found in The Perfect Man by Abdulkareem Al-Jili).

126. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Allah (for the manifestation of the meanings denoted by the Names). Allah, as the creator of all things with His Names, is the All-Encompassing.

127. They request a legal ruling concerning women... Say, “Allah already gives you a ruling about them!” It is already recited to you how you do not give the rights decreed to the orphan girls and yet you desire to marry them, and how you need to be just to the children and the orphans... Whatever good you do, Allah is certainly Aleem of it (for He is the creator of the good that you do).

128. If a woman fears ill-treatment from her husband or that he will forsake her, there is no fault in them seeking reconciliation... Reconciliation is best; the self (ego identities) is prone to ambition... If you do good and protect yourselves, surely Allah is Habir of what you do (as their creator).

129. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to treat your wives with equal fairness! (At least) try not to neglect the others altogether while showing extra attention to one! If you be fair and protect yourselves, indeed Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

130. If (a husband and wife) decide to separate, Allah will maintain them from His abundance, He will not leave them in need of each other. Allah is the Wasi, the Hakim.

131. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Allah (for the manifestation of the qualities denoted by the Most Beautiful Names)! We advised you and those who came before you, “Protect yourselves from Allah”... If you deny the reality (know that) assuredly whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Allah! Allah is the Ghani, the Hamid.

132. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Allah (for the observation of the meanings denoted by the Most Beautiful Names)! Sufficient for you as Wakil is Allah, the One who created you with His Names.

133. O mankind, if He wills He can do away with you and bring others in your place! Allah has the power to do so!

134. Whoever desires the bounties of this world should know that both the bounties of this world and eternal life to come are from Allah. Allah is the Sami, the Basir.

135. O believers, be determined in the way of applying justice! Testify in the way of Allah even if this goes against your relatives or parents, whether rich or poor; for the right of Allah is higher than both! So do not follow your false conditionings to establish justice! If you distort the reality, certainly Allah, as the creator of your actions, is Habir.

136. O you who have believed, believe in Allah, and His Rasul, and in what He revealed to his Rasul (from the dimension of Names to his consciousness) and to those who came before you, in accord with the meaning signified by the letter B (Aminu B’illahi)... Whoever covers (denies)Allah, the creator of all with His Names, His angels (the forces which manifest the meanings of His Names), His Books (the knowledge of the reality He reveals), His Rasuls and the eternal life to come, has surely gone far astray in his faith.

137. Indeed, those who believe (first) then deny, then believe again (temporarily) and then deny (again) and increase in denial, Allah will neither forgive them nor give them direction.

138. Give tidings to the two-faced (hypocrites) of the severe suffering awaiting them!

139. Do those who leave the believers and befriend the deniers of the reality hope to find honor with them? Honor belongs entirely to Allah.

140. Revealed to you is this knowledge: Do not sit in an environment where the signs of Allah are denied or inappropriate things are spoken about them; until they change the subject! Otherwise, you will be just like them. (This verse should be evaluated in the light of the scientific truth of ‘mirror neurons.’ This verse is clearly a miracle in respect of expressing a modern discovery almost 1500 years ago!) Allah will bring the two-faced (hypocrites) and the deniers of the reality together in hell.

141. They watch to see what will become of you... If Allah gives you victory, they will say, “Were we not with you also?” If a success comes to the deniers, they say, “Have we not surpassed you, have we not protected you against the believers?” Allah will judge between you during the Doomsday period. Allah will not give the deniers of the reality a cause against the believers.

142. The hypocrites try to deceive Allah, (whereas) Allah turns the result of their deception against them! When they stand for prayer, they stand reluctantly, to show themselves to others, and they remember Allah very little.

143. (The hypocrites) waver between the two sides! Neither belonging to the people of faith, nor the deniers! And you can never find a way for those who Allah leads astray (in faith)!

144. O believers, do not leave the believers and befriend the deniers of the reality! Do you want to give Allah a strong case against yourself (with this behavior)!

145. Indeed the two-faced (hypocrites) are at the lowest depths of fire! And never will there be a helper for them!

146. Except those who (realize their mistake and) repent, fix their attitudes, cling to Allah with their essential reality, and purify their understanding of faith in the way of Allah... They are with the people of faith. And Allah will give the people of faith a great reward.

147. Why should Allah make you suffer you if you are grateful and believe! Allah is the Shakur, the Aleem.

148. Except by those who have been wronged, Allah does not like the utterance of offensive words! Allah is the Sami, the Aleem.

149. Whether you reveal or hide a good, or pardon a bad; Allah is the Afuw, the Qadir.

150. Those who deny Allah and His Rasuls, want to cause separation between Allah and His Rasuls. They say, “We believe in some of them and deny some.” They want to adopt a position in between. (Another way to look at this is: They want to reject the reality and concept of ‘revelation,’ which is the manifestation of Allah’s Names, and spread the concept of ‘an external heavenly deity and His chosen prophet on earth’ instead.)

151. They are the ones who completely deny the reality. We have prepared a degrading suffering for the deniers.

152. As for those who believe Allah’s Names comprise the essence of all creation and in the (disclosure of) Rasuls, and who do not discriminate between them (in respect of their disclosure) Allah will give their rewards. Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

153. The people of the book (the Jews) want you to bring down “a book from the heavens” for them... In truth, they had asked for something even greater from Moses... They had said, “Show us Allah outright,” and the lightning struck them because of their wrongdoing... After clear proofs came to them, they took to worshiping a calf... We forgave even this and gave Moses an evident power.

154. We raised Mount Sinai over them so they keep their covenant, and told them, “Enter the gate in prostration.” And We said, “Do not transgress the Sabbath” and took from them a solemn covenant.

155. We recompensed them for breaking their covenant, denying the existence of Allah in His signs (the manifestations of His Names), killing the Nabis against the will of the Truth and for saying “Our hearts are sealed” (our consciousness is cocooned). Indeed, We locked their understanding because of their denial! Except for a few of them, they will not believe!

156. For denying the reality and uttering a great slander against Mary!

157. And for saying, “We killed the Rasul of Allah, Jesus, the son of Mary”... In truth, they neither killed nor crucified him, but it was made to appear to them so (the crucified one). Those who argue about this are in doubt of it; they have no certain knowledge about it, they only talk with assumptions. What is certain is that Jesus was definitely not killed!

158. On the contrary, Allah raised him to Himself! Allah is the Aziz, the Hakim.

159. And there is no one who complied with the knowledge of the reality (in the past) who did not believe in him (his teachings) at the moment of death! He will be a witness against them during the Doomsday period.

160. We made many lawful bounties unlawful for them (the Jews), because of their wrongdoing and for preventing others from realizing their essential reality!

161. This (act of making things unlawful) was because they partook in usury even though it was forbidden to them and they unjustly consumed the property of others. And We have prepared severe suffering for those who persist in denying the reality.

162. Those among them who have attained depth in knowledge and the believers, believe in what was revealed to you as well as what was revealed before you. Those who perform their salat and give zakat and believe in Allah and the eternal life to come based on the meaning signified by the letter ‘B’... We will give them a great reward.

163. We have revealed to you just as We had revealed to Noah and the Nabis after him... And We revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the descendants, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron and Solomon... We gave David the book of Psalms (Zabur; the knowledge of wisdom).

164. We have also revealed (to Rasuls) whose stories We have related to you or have not related to you... Allah spoke to Moses word by word.

165. We sent Rasuls as bringers of glad tidings and as warners so that mankind will have no argument against Allah after these Rasuls (the knowledge they provide)! Allah is the Aziz, the Hakim.

166. But Allah bears witness to that which He revealed to you, He has revealed it to you as the knowledge of HU. The angels (the forces pertaining to this revelation; Gabriel) also bear witness to this fact. Sufficient for you is Allah as a witness.

167. Those who deny the reality and prevent others from the way of Allah have gone far astray.

168. Indeed Allah will neither forgive nor open a path (of understanding) for those who deny the reality and who do wrong.

169. Except for the path of hell (the understanding that leads to a life of hell)! They will abide therein eternally. This is easy for Allah.

170. O mankind, the Rasul has come to you from your Rabb in Truth! So believe in what is good for you! If you deny, know that whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Allah (for the manifestation of the qualities denoted by the Names of Allah). Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

171. O those to whom the knowledge of the reality has come... Do not exceed the requirements of religion and transgress... Do not utter things that are not true about Allah... Jesus, the son of Mary, is only a Rasul of Allah and His Word... He has formed the manifestation of this quality through Mary, and he is a meaning (spirit) from Him (His Beautiful Names)... So believe in Allah, the essence of all things with His Names, and His Rasuls... And do not say “Three” (the Father, the Son, the Spirit)! End this; it is better for you... Allah is the One and Only (the only One who has Uluhiyyah)... HU is Subhan from the concept of having a child! Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is for Him... Sufficient for you is Allah as Wakil, your essential reality with His Names.

172. Neither the Messiah (Jesus) nor the great angels will disdain from being a servant to Allah! And whoever disdains from serving Him and is arrogant, He will gather them all unto Himself.

173. As for those who believe and fulfill the requirements of their faith, He is going to give their rewards in full and grant them more from His bounty... But those who disdain and are arrogant, He is going to punish them with a great suffering... And they will not be able to find a friend or a helper for themselves besides Allah.

174. O mankind! There has truly come to you a proof (the articulation of the truth; Muhammad saw)... We have revealed a clear Nur (light of knowledge) to you (the Quran).

175. “As for those who believe in Allah, the essence of everything, and hold fast unto Him as their essential reality – HU will admit them to grace (rahmah) and bounty (the awareness of the qualities of the Names) and guide them to Himself (enable the observation of their innermost essence) on the straight path (sirat al-mustaqim).”

176. They ask for an explanation – a judgment from you... Say, “Allah gives a ruling about one who has neither ascendants (parents) nor descendants (children) as heir: If a man dies and leaves no children but a sister, she will have half of what he has left... If a sister with no children dies, the brother will be the heir... If there are two sisters (of the deceased man) they will have two thirds of what he (their brother) left... If the siblings (the heirs) are brothers and sisters, then the male will have the share of two females”... Allah informs you so that you do not go astray... Allah is Aleem of all things, as their essential reality with His Names.

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