43. Az-Zukhruf

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Ha, Meem.

2. By the knowledge that clearly discloses the reality...

3. Indeed, We have made it an Arabic Quran, so that you may use your intellect (understand and evaluate it)!

4. And indeed, it is in the Mother of Books (the knowledge of Allah) in Our presence, high in dignity (Aliy) and full of wisdom (Hakim).

5. Shall We forsake warning you because you are a people who transgress (squander your inherent essential forces)?

6. And many Nabis We have disclosed within previous peoples.

7. But whenever a Nabi came to them, they mocked what he brought.

8. So We destroyed many nations, mightier than them, because of it... The former people became history full of exemplary lessons!

9. Indeed, if you were to ask them, “Who created the heavens and the earth?” They would surely say, “The Aziz and Aleem One.”

10. It is He who made the earth (body) a cradle for you (to grow in) and formed pathways (of thought) upon it that you may be guided to the reality.

11. It is He who sent down water (knowledge) from the sky in measured amounts... And with it, We revived a dead land (consciousness)! Thus will you be brought out (from your graves – bodies).

12. It is He who created the pairs (double helix DNA) and formed ships (consciousness) and animals (biological body) upon which you ride.

13. That you may settle yourselves upon their backs, and when you have settled upon them, remember the favor of your Rabb and say, “Exalted (Subhan) is He who has subjected this to us, otherwise we could not have evaluated it.”

14. “We will surely reach our Rabb (through continuous transformation)!”

15. But they attributed a portion of His servants to Him (denied His Absolute Oneness and assuming Him to be made up of parts, claimed He had a son)... Indeed, man is clearly ungrateful!

16. Or has He taken the daughters for Himself, out of His creation, and left the sons for you?

17. When one of them is given the news of a daughter, which he attributes to the Rahman, his face becomes dark with grief!

18. Or do you attribute the one brought up in ornaments (daughters), who you consider is unable to engage in an argument (to Allah)!

19. They defined the servant angels of Allah as females! Were they witnesses to their creation? Their testimony is recorded; they will be questioned!

20. They said, “Had Rahman willed, we would not have served them”... They have no knowledge (evidence, certainty) of that... They only talk nonsense based on mere assumptions.

21. Or did We give them the knowledge (Book) before this on which they are basing their claims?

22. On the contrary, they said, “We found our forefathers upon this religious understanding and we are guided to the reality upon their footsteps (conditionings – genes).

23. Thus it is... To whichever people We disclosed a warner before you, its wealthy leaders said, “We found our forefathers upon this religious understanding and we follow their work (conditionings, genes).”

24. (The Rasul of Allah) said, “Even if I brought you that which is more correct than what you found your forefathers upon?” They said, “We reject the knowledge with which you have been disclosed!”

25. So we took revenge from them... Look at the end of those who denied!

26. And (mention) when Abraham said to his father and his people, “Indeed, I am disassociated from what that you idolize...”

27. “Except for He who created me (upon a natural disposition – creational program)! Indeed, it is He who will guide me to the reality!”

28. He made this word a lasting thought throughout later generations, that perhaps they will turn back to the Truth.

29. I made them and their forefathers enjoy of the world until there came to them the Truth and a clear Rasul.

30. But when the Truth came to them they said, “This is magic... We do not accept it!”

31. They said, “Why was this Quran not sent to one of the great men of these two cities?”

32. Do they distribute the grace of your Rabb? It is We who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world... We raised some over others (in terms of wealth and rank) so that some may subjugate others... The grace of your Rabb is better than the things they accumulate (of wealth).

33. And if it were not that the people would become a community of a single way (through wealth, as wealth exhilarates externalized living and deprives one from inner wealth) surely We would have made, for those who deny that Rahman comprises their essence, houses with silver ceilings and silver staircases upon which to climb...

34. And for their house, (silver) doors and couches to rest upon...

35. And ornaments of gold! But all that is nothing but the temporary pleasures of the worldly life! And the eternal life to come is for those who are protected in the sight of their Rabb.

36. And whoever is blinded (with external things) from the remembrance of Rahman (remembering that his essential reality is composed of the names of Allah and thus from living the requirements of this), We appoint for him a Satan (a delusion; the idea that he is only the physical body and that life should be lived in pursuit of bodily pleasures) and this (belief) will become his (new) identity!

37. And indeed, these will avert them from the way (of the reality) while they think they are on the right path!

38. When finally he came to Us, he said (to his friend), “I wish there was between you and I the distance between the two easts (an unreachable distance)... How wretched a friend you are!”

39. And never will they (feelings of regret, excuses, the desire to compensate) benefit you during this time! For you did wrong! You are partners (consciousness and the spirit-body) in suffering!

40. Will you make the deaf hear? Or will you guide the blind and those who are in clear error?

41. Even if We were to take you (from the world) We will surely take revenge from them.

42. Or We will show you what We have promised them... We have the power to do whatever We will to them!

43. So adhere to that which has been revealed to you! Indeed you are on the right path.

44. Indeed, it is a remembrance for you and your people! Soon you will be questioned for what you are responsible!

45. And ask those We disclosed before you among Our Rasuls (study the knowledge that was given to them)! Have We formed gods to be served besides Rahman?

46. Indeed, We disclosed Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his eminent ones, and (Moses) said, “I am the Rasul of the Rabb of the worlds.”

47. But when he came to them with Our signs, at once they laughed at them!

48. Every miracle We showed was greater than the previous one... And We seized them with a suffering that perhaps they will turn to Us.

49. They said, “O magician! Pray to your Rabb by virtue of your contract with Him! We will be guided!”

50. But when We removed the suffering from them, they broke their word immediately!

51. Pharaoh called out among his people, “O my people! Does not the kingdom of Egypt and these rivers flowing beneath me belong to me? Do you still not see?”

52. “Or am I not better than this insignificant one who can hardly explain himself?”

53. “(If Moses is really as he claims to be) should there not have been placed upon him bracelets of gold or angels accompanying him?”

54. (Pharaoh) fooled his people and they obeyed him... Indeed, they were a people corrupt in faith!

55. And when they angered Us, We made them live the consequence of their deeds; We drowned them all.

56. We made them a precedent and an example for later generations!

57. When the son of Mary was presented as an example, immediately your people turned away...

58. They said, “Are our gods better or him?” They only presented this to dispute with you! They are a people fond of dispute!

59. He was a servant upon whom We bestowed favor and made an example for the Children of Israel that they may take a lesson.

60. Had We willed We could have formed angels from you to be the vicegerents on earth (but We made you humans containing angelic properties instead)!

61. Indeed, He has the knowledge of the Hour... So, do not be in doubt thereof and follow me! This is the right way!

62. Let not Satan prevent you! Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy!

63. When Jesus came out with clear proofs, he said, “I have indeed brought wisdom (the Truth about the system and order) to you and (came) to explain some of that over which you differ... So, protect yourselves from Allah (as He will subject you to the consequences of your actions) and follow me.”

64. “Indeed, Allah, HU, is my Rabb and your Rabb! So serve him! This is the right way!”

65. But those who differed in understanding fell into opposition between themselves. Woe to those who wrong themselves from the suffering of a severe time!

66. Do they await something other than the Hour (of death – Doomsday) to come suddenly upon them while they are not aware!

67. Close friends (of worldly pleasures) at that time will become enemies to one another! Except those who protect themselves!

68. “O my servants... There is no fear for you at this time... Nor will you grieve!”

69. They believed in Our signs within their being, and became of those who accepted being in submission...

70. So enter Paradise, you and your partners (consciousness and spirit-bodies), with joy and pleasure!

71. Plates and jugs made of gold will be circulated above them... And therein is whatever they (their consciousness) desire and their eyes take delight in (pleasurable insightful observation of forces)! You will abide therein eternally!

72. This is the Paradise that you are made to inherit as a result of your deeds!

73. There are many varieties of fruits (gnosis) therein from which you will eat.

74. Indeed, the guilty (dualists) will abide eternally in the suffering of Hell.

75. Their suffering will not be lightened! They are in despair therein about the future!

76. And We did not wrong them... It was they who wronged themselves!

77. They will call out, “O Malik (keeper of Hell)! Let your Rabb pass judgment against us (kill us)!”... (Malik) will say, “Indeed, you are of those who will remain (here in this state)!”

78. Indeed, We came to you as the Truth! But most of you despised the Truth!

79. Or will they decide on what the Truth is! It is We who determine the Truth!

80. Or did they think We could not hear what they concealed and whispered? Yes (We hear)! And Our Rasuls with them are recording.

81. Say, “If Rahman had a child, I would have been the first to worship him!”

82. But the Rabb of the heavens and the earth, the Rabb of the Throne, is beyond their definitions of Him!

83. So, let them immerse (in their worlds) and amuse themselves until they meet the promised time!

84. It is HU who is (thought to be) the god of the heavens (with His Names) and the god of earth! HU, the Hakim, the Aleem.

85. Sublime and blessed is He to whom belongs the sovereignty of the heavens, the earth and everything between them! The knowledge of that Hour (of death – Doomsday) is with Him... To Him you will be returned!

86. Those to whom they turn besides Him have no (power of) intercession, except those who consciously testify to the Truth!

87. Indeed, if you were to ask them who created them they would surely say, “Allah”... So, how are they averted (from the Truth)?

88. His word is, “My Rabb, these are people who do not believe!”

89. (My Rasul!) Do not pay attention to them, and say, “Salam”! They will know (the reality of the matter) soon!

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