30. Ar-Rum

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Alif, Lam, Meem.

2. The Romans (Byzantines) have been defeated!

3. In a nearby land... They (the Byzantines) will be victorious after this defeat.

4. Within a few years... The judgment is Allah’s from beginning to end! Then those who have believed will rejoice (for the word of Allah will have been fulfilled).

5. With the help of Allah... He gives victory to whom He wills! HU is the Aziz, the Rahim.

6. (This is) the promise of Allah; He does not fail in His promise! But the majority of the people do not know.

7. Living in their cocoons, they are unaware of the eternal life to come; they only know and recognize the material aspect of the worldly life!

8. Do they not contemplate on their own selves (their own essential reality)? Allah created the heavens, the earth and everything between the two only as the Truth, and with a defined lifespan! Indeed, most of the people deny they will meet with their Rabb.

9. Do they not travel the earth and see the end their predecessors met? They (the predecessors) were mightier than them (the present people)... They cultivated the earth more and built upon it more than these have built... Their Rasul also came to them as clear proofs. So, it was not Allah who did wrong to them, but it was they who wronged themselves.

10. Then the end of those who did wrong (to themselves) was the worst! For they had denied the signs of Allah, and they mocked them.

11. Allah originates creation, then He will restore it, and then to Him you shall be returned.

12. During that time the guilty (the dualists) will be silent in hopelessness.

13. There was no intercession from the partners they ascribed, for they saw the invalidity of those partners!

14. At the time of that hour (death), (the believers and the people of duality) will be sorted.

15. Those who believe and fulfill the requisites of their faith will rejoice in a blissful environment.

16. And those who deny the knowledge of the reality and Our signs in their essence and who deny the eternal life to come, they will forcefully remain in that suffering.

17. Subhan is Allah, in your evening and in your morning!

18. Hamd belongs to Him in the heavens and the earth... At midday when the sun is at its peak and late afternoon when it begins to set!

19. He brings the living out of the dead and the dead out of the living, and gives life to earth after its death... Thus you will also be brought forth.

20. It is from His miracles – signs – that He created you from dust... Then you dispersed as humans (thinking you are merely the body, whereas you have been created as vicegerents)!

21. It is from His signs that He creates partners (body) from your selves (your consciousness formed by a composition of Names) so that you may settle and find repose therein, and so that He forms between you love and grace... Indeed, there are many signs in this for people who contemplate.

22. It is from His signs... The creation of the heavens (levels of consciousness) and the earth (brain – body) and the differences of your language and color... Surely, there are signs in this for those of knowledge (humanity).

23. It is from His signs that you sleep in the night and ask from His bounty in the day... Indeed, there are signs in this for people who perceive.

24. It is from His signs that He shows you a lightening (a sudden strike of the reality) giving rise to both fear and hope... He discloses water (knowledge) from the sky (the dimension of Names [data] comprising the essence of your brain) and brings the earth (the idea of being the body) to life after its death (after being unconscious of the reality)... Indeed, there are signs – lessons – in this for people who can use their intellect.

25. It is from His signs that the heavens (consciousness) and the earth (the body) continue to subsist by His command... And then when He calls you from the earth (your body) you will come out (with the angelic force of Azrael)!

26. And to Him belongs whoever is in the heavens (conscious beings) and the earth (bodily beings). Thus, all are in a state of devout obedience to Him (in manifesting the qualities of His Names)...

27. It is HU who manifests creation and then returns it! And that is easy for Him (to do)! And to Him belongs the greatest examples in the heavens and the earth. HU is the Aziz, the Hakim.

28. He gives you an example from yourselves: Will you accept to be partners in your provisions (wealth) with your servants so that you are equal with them in wealth and fear them as you would fear each other? Thus, We diversify the lessons for people who use their intellects.

29. No, the wrongdoers ignorantly follow their empty desires and fantasies... Who can guide the one who Allah leads astray? And they have no helpers.

30. Set your face (consciousness) as a Hanif (without the concept of a deity-god, without making shirq to Allah, i.e. with the consciousness of non-duality) towards the One Religion (the only system and order), the natural disposition (fitrah) of Allah (i.e. the primary system and mechanism of the brain) upon which Allah has created man. There is no change in the creation of Allah. This is the infinitely valid system (deen al-qayyim), but most people do not know.

31. As those who have turned to Him, protect yourselves from Him (as His system and order will automatically enforce upon you the consequences of your deeds) and establish salat, and do not be of the dualists!

32. Do not be of those whose religious understanding is fragmented and who are divided into sects... Where every sect rejoices with their own (religious approach)!

33. When an affliction touches the people they turn to their Rabb in prayer... Then, if He lets them taste grace from Him, at once some of them begin to ascribe partners to their Rabb.

34. So that their ungratefulness towards what He has given them may become apparent... Enjoy (the temporary pleasures), soon you will know.

35. Or did We reveal a powerful proof to them, and that is why they are in duality?

36. When we make people taste grace they rejoice with it... But when they live something bad as a result of their own doing, at once they fall into despair!

37. Did they not see how Allah increases or constricts the life sustenance of whom He wills... Indeed, there are signs in this for people who believe.

38. Give your relatives their due rights, and the needy and the traveler... This is better for those who desire the countenance of Allah! They are the ones who, going against all odds, achieve and attain liberation!

39. What you give in usury to gain in value through other people’s wealth will not increase in the sight of Allah! But what you give as alms (purification) seeking the countenance of Allah will be multiplied manifold!

40. It is Allah who created you, and then nourished you with sustenance of life, then He will cause you to die (make you taste death) and then bring you to life (in a new dimension of existence)! Can any of your ‘alleged partners’ do these things? Exalted is HU and high from the partners they ascribe to Him.

41. Corruption has appeared on land and sea so (Allah) can make people taste the consequences of what they do! Perhaps they will turn back.

42. Say, “Travel throughout the earth and see the end met by those before you! Most of them were dualists!”

43. Direct your face (consciousness) towards the Right Religion (Islam; the reality that everything is in a state of absolute submission to Allah), before there comes from Allah the time (of death) that cannot be repelled, a time when people will be divided into groups.

44. Whoever denies, his denial is at his own expense... And who ever believes and fulfills the requisites of his faith, he would have prepared (the results of his good deeds) for his own self.

45. So that (Allah) rewards from His bounty those who believe and fulfills the requisites of their faith... Indeed, He does not like those who deny the knowledge of the reality!

46. It is from His signs that He discloses the winds as heralds of good news, that He makes you taste His grace, and the ships sail at His command... So that you ask from His bounty, evaluate and be thankful.

47. Indeed, We disclosed Rasuls to their people before you who came to them as clear proofs... And We took revenge from the guilty... It is incumbent upon Us to help the believers.

48. It is Allah who discloses the winds (inspirations) and drives the clouds (the thoughts in the individual’s database) with it, and spreads them in the sky (consciousness) and fragments them (allows them to be analyzed) so that rain (the ascertained knowledge) emerges from among them... When He causes it to fall upon whom He wills from His servants, immediately they rejoice with the good news.

49. Whereas before this (the rain – knowledge) came to them, they were confounded (unable to tell the difference between the reality and falsity).

50. So observe the works of Allah’s grace, how He gives life to the earth (with knowledge) after its death (thinking you are the body, or ‘matter’, when you have been created as an immortal and a vicegerent, at the highest state of existence). Indeed, He is the One who gives life (immortality) to the dead! HU is Qadir over all things.

51. But if We disclose a wind and they see it (their crops) turn yellow, immediately they become ungrateful.

52. Indeed, you cannot make the dead (those who ignorantly think they will deteriorate and become non-existent) hear; nor can you make the deaf hear when they turn their backs (to the Truth) and go!

53. And you cannot take the blind out of their corrupt beliefs and show them the reality! You can only make the Muslims (those who have submitted) hear, those who have believed in Our signs within their essence!

54. It is Allah who created you with weakness (unaware of the reality)! Then after your weakness He formed strength (made you aware of your essential reality – your Rabb)! Then, after this strength, He made you weak (aware of your helplessness in the sight of Allah) and gave you white hair (wisdom)... He creates what He wills... HU is the Aleem, the Qadir.

55. At that hour (death) the guilty will swear they did not remain (in the bodily life) for more than an hour... Thus they were deluded (a day in the sight of your Rabb is a thousand years of bodily life).

56. And those to whom knowledge and faith has been given said, “Indeed, you remained in Allah’s Book (the ‘Read’able Book or the state of existence defined as the Clear Book) until the time of resurrection (when you are given a new form to continue your life with)... And so this is the time of Resurrection... But you did not understand the reality!”

57. During that time the excuses of those who wronged (themselves) will be of no avail to them, and they will not be asked to correct (with a positive action) their condition either.

58. We have highlighted all kinds of examples in this Quran! Indeed, if you bring them a proof, those who deny the knowledge of the reality will say, “You are fabricators!”

59. Thus Allah seals the consciousness of the ignorant!

60. So be patient! Indeed, the promise of Allah is true! Those who have not reached the state of certainty are not going to be able to take you lightly (when Our promise is fulfilled)!

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