15. Al-Hijr

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Alif, Lam, Ra... These (the reality and sunnatullah) are the clear signs of THIS Knowledge, the Quran.

2. (It will be that) those who deny the knowledge of the reality (curtained from their reality) will wish with intense desire that they had been aware of their submission.

3. Leave them, let them eat and enjoy themselves, let them amuse themselves with their unending desires! Soon, they will know.

4. And We did not destroy any region that was not already decreed.

5. No population can advance nor delay their term.

6. They said, “O the one to whom remembrance (dhikr) has been revealed! Indeed, you are crazy (possessed by the jinni).”

7. “Should you not have come to us with angels if you are of the truthful?”

8. We do not reveal angels except as Truth... At that time, they will not be reprieved!

9. Indeed, it is We alone who sent down that dhikr! And, indeed, it is We who will be its guardian!

10. Indeed, We also disclosed (Rasuls) before you, among the first people who shared the same belief.

11. As soon as a Rasul came to them, they would surely ridicule him.

12. Thus We advance it in the hearts of the guilty ones.

13. They do not believe (in the reminder; knowledge)... And they do not take heed from the consequences lived by previous disbelievers.

14. Even if we had opened to them a gate from the sky and they ascended through it...

15. They would surely have said, “Our eyes have been dazzled, in fact, we are a people bewitched!”

16. Indeed, We formed constellations in the sky (the brain; specific regions [pineal gland] within the brain that enable the observation of the reality)and adorned it for those who observe it and heed.

17. We protected it from every accursed and rejected Satan (the sense of individualism and fear of loss formed by the amygdala).

18. Except one who steals a hearing (associates the reality that becomes manifest therein to bodily life), is pursued by a clear blazing ball of fire (the Nur of the knowledge of the reality).

19. We have expanded the earth (the body is expanded such that it can contain the organs enabling the manifestations of the Names)! And We have set firm mountains (organs) therein... We produced everything there in balance.

20. And We made therein means of living both for you and for those whose livelihood does not belong to you.

21. And there is not a thing whose treasuries (the forces comprising it) are not with us! And We disclose (the forces/qualities) according to its program. We manifest it (those forces, qualities) in the required amount.

22. We disclosed the winds (ideas) as fertilizers (of new thoughts and discoveries)... We revealed water (knowledge) from the sky and made you drink from it... And you are not the one that retains it.

23. Indeed, it is We, yes We, who give life and cause death! We are the Inheritors (you are mortal, We [Al-Asma Ul-Husna – the Beautiful Names] are immortal)!

24. Indeed, We know who among you wants to advance and who remains behind!

25. Indeed, your Rabb, HU, will gather them! Indeed, He is the Hakim, the Aleem.

26. Indeed, We created man from an evolving cellular structure (earth + water + air).

27. “And the jann (a type of jinn) We created before from ‘samum’ fire (an infusing microwave radiation that is harmful to the astral body).”

28. And remember when your Rabb said to the angels, “Indeed, I will create a human being out of dry clay, an evolving cellular structure (the cell).”

29. “And when I have proportioned him (perfected his body and brain) and breathed into Him from my Spirit (the qualities denoted by my Names)prostrate to him (commence your servitude to him as his forces)!”

30. So all of the angels (forces) prostrated collectively (certain qualities of the Names began to manifest and materialize as the brain).

31. Except Iblis! He was not of those (forces) who prostrated.

32. He said, “O Iblis! What is the matter with you that you are not with those who prostrate?”

33. (Iblis) said, “I have not come into existence to prostrate to a human you created from dry clay and an evolving transforming cellular structure.”

34. He said, “Then get out from there! Indeed, you are accursed and rejected.”

35. “Indeed, upon you is the curse (of falling far from experiencing your essential reality) until the time in which the truth of sunnatullah will become apparent.”

36. (Iblis) said, “My Rabb! Reprieve me until the time they are resurrected (with a new body after tasting death)!”

37. He said, “Certainly, you are of those who are reprieved!”

38. “Until the time well known!”

39. (Iblis) said: “My Rabb! Because You have led me astray as the outcome of the Names expressed through me, I will surely make (disobedience; deeds that veil from the sunnatullah) attractive to them on earth (their bodily lives) and mislead them all.”

40. “Except Your servants among them who have been given purity of essence!”

41. He said, “This is the straight path that I have taken upon myself!”

42. “Surely you will have no power (of enforcement) over My servants... Except the corrupt ones who choose to follow you.”

43. “Indeed, Hell is the place to which they are destined.”

44. “It has seven gates (the seven organs – eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet, stomach and sexual organs – which are misused to defeat their purpose)... And each gate has a section allotted to them.”

45. The ones who have protected themselves will be in Paradises and springs.

46. “Enter therein as the safeguarded (with the security derived from one’s faith) and in a state of certainty (salam).”

47. We have cleansed and removed from their hearts all emotions of hatred and animosity (which are derived from a view based on separation and duality rather than unity)! They will be as brothers seated on thrones facing one another.

48. They will not be affected by any weariness (energy depletion) and they will never be made to leave.

49. Tell my servants that I truly am the Ghafur and the Rahim.

50. Indeed, My punishment (the suffering resulting from falling far from My reality) is the worst punishment!

51. Inform them about the guests of Abraham.

52. How they had come to him and greeted him, “Salam”... (And Abraham had said) “We feel anxious by you.”

53. (They said), “Do not be anxious! We have come to give you the good news that you shall have a son who will be Aleem (possess great knowledge).”

54. (Abraham) said, “Are you giving me this good news although old age has come upon me? What kind of good news are you giving me?”

55. They said, “We give you good news in Truth! Do not despair!”

56. (Abraham) said, “Who can despair the grace of my Rabb, except those who have gone astray (from the reality)?”

57. (Abraham) said, “O disclosed ones! What (else) is your function?”

58. They said, “The truth is, we have been disclosed for the guilty people.”

59. “Except the family of Lot! We shall rescue all of them.”

60. “Except for (Lot’s) wife... We have decreed that she will be of those who remain behind.”

61. Then the disclosed angels came to Lot.

62. (Lot) said, “Indeed, you are strangers!”

63. They said, “On the contrary, we bring (suffering as a result of their deeds) for those who are in doubt.”

64. “We come to you in Truth and we are true to our word.”

65. “So, take your family and leave during a portion of the night, take them away... And follow them from behind... Let none of you look back... Go to the place to which you have been commanded and leave!”

66. We conveyed to him the decree, “Indeed, their last remnants will be cut off by the morning.”

67. And the people of the city came rejoicing.

68. (Lot) said, “These people are my guests... So do not shame me.”

69. “Fear Allah and do not embarrass me!”

70. They said, “Didn’t we tell you not to meddle in the affairs of others?”

71. (Lot) said, “Here are my daughters, if this is what you want to do!”

72. By your life, they are wandering blindly in their intoxication (of pleasure)!

73. At sunrise the terrifying vibrational blast seized them.

74. We turned them upside down and rained upon them stones of (baked) clay (volcanic lava).

75. Certainly, there are signs in this for those with discernment (who discern the true meaning of the signs).

Note: There is a hadith which states, “Rasulullah (saw) said, ‘Beware (note) the discernment of a believer, for he looks with Allah’s Nur – light of Knowledge – based on the secret of the letter B...’” Then he read this verse.

76. Indeed, that city is still on people’s way.

77. Surely there are lessons to be taken from this for those who believe.

78. The people of the wood (the people of Shuayb [a.s.]) were also wrongdoers.

79. Because of this We made them live the painful consequence of their deeds! Both are situated in places clearly observable.

80. Indeed, the people of Hijr (the people of Thamud) also denied their Rasuls.

81. We gave Our signs to them, yet they turned away.

82. They used to carve secure houses from mountains.

83. But that terrifying vibrational blast (volcanic eruption) seized them too in the early morning.

84. Their earnings did not save them.

85. And We have created the heavens (the stages of manifestation pertaining to the qualities denoted by the Names) and earth (man’s illusory world)and everything in between them in Absolute Truth. And indeed that Hour (death) is definitely going to come... So be forgiving and Truthful.

86. Certainly your Rabb is HU, Hallaq’ul Aleem.

87. And we have certainly given you seven of the often-repeated verses (the quality to evaluate with your seven essential attributes) and the great Quran (the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah).

88. Do not extend your eye toward the transitory worldly bounties and pleasures that We have given to some of the deniers of reality! And do not grieve because they do not give you your due worth... Take under your wings the believers!

89. And say, “Indeed, I, yes I, am a clear warner.”

90. Just as We had revealed (the knowledge of the reality) to those who divide and separate (the Old and New Testaments to suit their own interests), We have also revealed it to you!

91. They divided the Quran into portions (evaluated the Quran according to their benefits)!

92. By your Rabb, all of them are going to be questioned...

93. About what they do!

94. Then declare what you are commanded (the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah) then turn away from the dualists!

95. Indeed, We are sufficient for you against the mockers!

96. Those who take deities/gods besides Allah (who created the worlds and their essence with His Names)... Soon they will know!

97. Indeed, We know how your breast is constrained because of what they say.

98. So, engage in the tasbih of your Rabb (continue your existence through your servitude to your essential reality) as His Hamd (evaluation of the corporeal worlds) and be of those who prostate (eradicate their constructed identities/egos)!

99. And serve your Rabb (engage in the practices of prayer and servitude to your Rabb – the Names comprising your essential reality – while your ego self still exists) until there comes to you the certainty (until you realize the inexistence of your ego self, which is the realization of the reality of death; the experience of the Wahid’ul Qahhar. After this certainty, servitude to one’s Rabb will continue as the natural outcome of this process).

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