77. Al-Mursalat

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. By those disclosed one after another;

2. That blow about violently;

3. Who bring to life and cause to rise;

4. Who choose and separate;

5. And those who disclose the reminder (the forces that manifest in consciousness; the Exalted Assembly [Mala-i Ala]. The word ‘ilqa’ or ‘liqa’ [disclosure] is like ‘nafh’ [breath] in that it goes outward from within; it is an explicit projection experienced in the consciousness. In the sequence: the Hidden [Reflection of Attributes], the Secret [Reflection of Names], the Spirit [Fuad: Reflectors of the Names], the Heart [Consciousness] and the Self [Identity – Individual consciousness]. It looks to the reflections from the spirit to the heart. ‘Vicegerent’ [Khalifa] – ‘Man’ is the totality of all of these states or one who incorporates all of these states is called a true ‘Man’).

6. To excuse (pardon misdeeds) or to warn.

7. What you are promised will definitely be fulfilled!

8. When the stars are extinguished,

9. And the sky is split open,

10. And the mountains are blown away,

11. And the Rasuls (not the Nabis) take their new positions.

12. For which day were they postponed?

13. For the time of sorting!

14. And do you know what the time of sorting is?

15. Woe to those who denied (life after death) at that time!

16. Did We not destroy the former people?

17. Then We will make the later ones follow them (they too will be destroyed).

18. Thus do We deal with the guilty!

19. Woe to the deniers at that time!

20. Did We not create you from a simple water?

21. We formed it in a safe place (the womb),

22. For a known time!

23. Thus We determined it! And excellent determiners We are!

24. Woe to the deniers at that time!

25. Did We not make the earth a place of gathering?

26. For the living and the dead!

27. We formed therein elevated (grand, majestic) mountains that are firm and made you drink sweet water.

28. Woe to the deniers at that time!

29. Proceed to that which you denied!

30. Proceed to the shadow of the trident (let your faith in the trinity [God-the Son and the Holy Spirit] save you now)!

31. It will neither shade you (from the Fire) nor save you from the blazing flame (different sensations of burning)!

32. Indeed, it shoots sparks as big as palaces!

33. Sparks like giant golden ropes!

34. Woe to the deniers at that time!

35. This is the day they shall not speak.

36. Nor will they be given permission to present excuses.

37. Woe to the deniers at that time!

38. This is the time of sorting! We have brought you and the former ones together.

39. So, if you have a trick, try your trick against Me now!

40. Woe to the deniers at that time!

41. Indeed, the protected ones will be among shades and springs.

42. With every fruit they desire.

43. “Eat and drink with joy as the result of your deeds!”

44. Thus We respite the doers of good (in whose observation there is none but the Truth).

45. Woe to the deniers at that time!

46. “Eat and enjoy yourself for a little (in this world)... Indeed, you are guilty!”

47. Woe to the deniers at that time!

48. And when they are told, “Bow,” they do not bow!

49. Woe to the deniers at that time!

50. Then in what word will they believe after (this big news given by the Quran)?

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