38. Saad

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Saad... The Quran which is the reminder of your essential reality!

2. Look at those who deny the knowledge of the reality, yet think they are esteemed, how they are disconnected from the Truth!

3. How many a generation We have destroyed before them while they called out in agony! But it was not possible for them to escape!

4. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality are surprised that a warner has come to them from among themselves and say, “This is a magician and a liar.”

5. “Has he reduced our gods to one god? This is a strange thing indeed!”

6. Their leaders walked on saying, “Continue and remain constant to your gods! For this is how it should be!”

7. “We have not heard this from the previous people! This (concept of non-duality and oneness) is but a fabrication!”

8. “Was the remembrance (dhikr) disclosed to him out of all of us?” No! They are in doubt of My remembrance (Me reminding them of their essence)! No, they have not yet tasted My punishment (death; the means to realizing the Truth)!

9. Or are the treasures (blessings) of your Rabb, the Aziz, the Wahhab, with them?

10. Or is the sovereignty of the heavens, the earth and everything between them theirs? If that is what they think then let them form the causes and rise (and see what they will gain)!

11. They are but defeated soldiers, remnants of those who are joined in disbelief.

12. Before them, the people of Noah, Aad (the people of Hud) and Pharaoh the owner of (mansions built upon) columns denied.

13. And Thamud (the people of Salih), the people of Lot (those who were destroyed by their bodily desires) and the people of the thicket (the people of Shuayb)... They were people who were joined in disbelief!

14. All of them denied the Rasuls... Thus, they deserved the wretched consequence of their deeds!

15. They only await a single cry (death) for which there is never delay.

16. They (mockingly) said, “Our Rabb! Hasten for us our share before the time during which the consequences of all deeds will be clearly faced!”

17. Be patient over what they say and remember David, the possessor of strength... Indeed, he was one who repeatedly turned to his essence.

18. Indeed, We subjected the mountains (those with ego) to fulfill their functions (taspih) in the evening and when the Sun rises to him.

19. And the assembled birds (those who believed in him)... All of them were those who repeatedly turned (to their essence).

20. We strengthened his sovereignty and gave him wisdom (the knowledge of causes) and discernment in speech (the ability to logically distinguish the right from the wrong).

21. Has the news of their argument come to you? How they climbed the wall and reached the prayer chamber?

22. How they entered upon David and he was alarmed by them... They said, “Do not be afraid, we are two adversaries, some of whom have wronged the other (this is a plural expression)... So, judge between us with truth; do not be unjust and guide us to middle/even (most correct)path.”

23. “Indeed this, my brother, has ninety-nine ewes, and I have one ewe, so he said, ‘Give her to me’ and made me do so!”

24. (David) said, “He has certainly wronged you by adding your only ewe to his ewes... Indeed, many close associates oppress each other in similar ways... Only those who believe and fulfill the requisites of their faith are different... But they are so few!” David thought We had tried him and asked for forgiveness of his Rabb and turned to Him in prostration! (This is a verse of prostration.)

25. So We forgave him... For him there is closeness from Us and a good return.

26. O David! We have made you a vicegerent on earth! So judge between the people with Truth and do not follow your desires (thoughts and feelings not based on the Truth)! For this will lead you astray from the way of Allah... As for those who go astray from the way of Allah, they will be subject to intense suffering for forgetting the time of facing consequences.

27. And We did not create the heavens, the earth and everything in between without a function! Thinking (it has no function and purpose) is the assumption of those who deny the knowledge of the reality! So, woe to those who deny the knowledge of the reality in their burning (world)!

28. Or shall We treat those who believe (in their essential reality) and fulfill the requisites of their faith like those who live on earth (driven by their bodily lives) with corrupt beliefs? Or shall We treat those who protect themselves for Allah like the wicked ones (those who live against their natural disposition)?

29. This divine knowledge that We disclosed to you is for them to contemplate upon in depth and for the intelligent ones who have reached the essence to remember (the reality)!

30. And to David We bestowed Solomon; a beautiful servant he was! Indeed, he was one who repeatedly turned back (experienced his essential reality).

31. When there appeared before him in the afternoon (glamorously) well-bred poised racehorses.

32. (As he watched them, Solomon thought to himself): “I turned away from the remembrance (observation) of my Rabb to my love of horses”... And the horses disappeared from sight!

33. “Bring them back to me” (said Solomon)... And began to stroke their legs and necks (this time with conscious observation).

34. Indeed, We tried Solomon and placed a lifeless body on his throne (an heir with no faith)... Then he turned in repentance.

35. “My Rabb, forgive me (cover my identity) and bless me with a quality no one will ever need after me (a quality specific to me)... Indeed, you are the Wahhab”

36. So We subjected (that which moves like) the wind to his command; with it, he traveled wherever he willed, without causing harm to anything.

37. And We also subjected the devils to his service; the builders and divers!

38. And others chained together in fetters...

39. This (sovereignty over which you can rule) is Our gift to you; so grant or withhold, use it without limit!”

40. Indeed, for him there is closeness to Us and a good return.

41. And remember Our servant Job, when he called to his Rabb, “Indeed, Satan (the feeling of being this body) has given me hardship and torment.”

42. So We said, “Strike the ground with your foot! This is the cool spring (the knowledge of the reality) that you can drink and bathe in.”

43. And We granted him, his family and the like of them as grace from Us and a reminder for the intelligent ones who contemplate.

44. “Take in your hand a bunch and strike with it so that your promise may be fulfilled!” We found him to be patient... A beautiful servant he was! Indeed, he was one who repeatedly turned back (to Allah – one who often experienced his essential reality).

45. And remember our powerful and insightful servants Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well!

46. Indeed, We bestowed upon them a pure life with the remembrance of their true home (their essential reality).

47. They are indeed in Our sight chosen, refined and purified.

48. And remember Ishmael, Elisha and Dhul-Kifl! All of them were among the outstanding.

49. This is a reminder! Indeed, there is a good place of return for those who are protected.

50. Paradises of Eden, whose gates are opened to them.

51. They will make themselves comfortable and ask for abundant fruits and drinks therein.

52. And with them will be peers (bodies) whose glances will be turned to them (to what they manifest)(Heavenly bodies suitable to their manifestation capacity who are ready to actualize the meanings manifesting from the forms of consciousness and have realized their essential reality with the Names [who have reached the station of certainty to their Rabb].)

53. This is it! This is the time of facing the consequences of your deeds, which you were promised!

54. Indeed, this is our life sustenance, which is never depleted!

55. This is it! Indeed, there is a wretched place of return for those who transgress.

56. Hell, on which they will lean! A wretched abode it is!

57. This is it! Let them taste it! Scalding water (burning ideas pertaining to the identity-self) and purulence (situations resulting from actions based on the idea of being the body)!

58. And others with their partners (both the identity-self and a matching body)!

59. This is a group enduring (hell) with you... They (those who led them astray) will say, “It is useless to say ‘Welcome’ (a re-assurance of comfort)to them... Indeed, they are subject to burning.”

60. They (who followed those leaders) will say, “No, in fact it is you who is not ‘welcome’ (no well-being for you)... For it was you who led us to this (hell)! What a wretched settlement!”

61. They said, “Our Rabb! Whoever brought this upon us, double his suffering of burning.”

62. They said, “Why can’t we see the men who we used to think of as evil here?”

63. “We used to mock them... Or is our vision unable to see them here?”

64. Indeed, this will transpire... The quarreling of those who will burn!

65. Say, “Indeed, I am a warner! There is no god and the concept of godhood is invalid; there is only Allah, the Wahid, the Qahhar...”

66. “The Rabb of the heavens and the earth and everything in between, the Aziz (whose might is unchallengeable), the Gaffar.”

67. Say, “(The Truth about) HU is a mighty news!” (If you can comprehend the meaning and value of this news!)

68. “But you turn away from it (from what you can gain from the reality disclosed by that mighty Truth)!”

69. “I have no knowledge of the discussions of the Mala-i Ala (the Exalted Assembly of angels).”

70. “It has not been revealed to me, except that I am a clear warner!”

71. And when your Rabb said to the angels, “Indeed, I will create a human being from clay (water plus minerals).”

72. So when I have proportioned him (formed his brain) and breathed into him (manifested through him; the word ‘breath’ which is ‘nafh’ in Arabic literally means to blow out, i.e. to project explicitly, to manifest, to materialize) of My spirit (My Names) prostrate to him (accept his sovereignty and administration).

73. So the angels prostrated, all of them entirely.

74. Except Iblis; he (relying on his mind) was arrogant and became of those who deny the knowledge of the reality (those who cannot recognize the essential reality of others due to their egos).

75. He said, “O Iblis (he who is in duality)! What prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with my two hands (knowledge and power)? Did your ego prevent you, or did you think you were among the Alun (sublime angelic forces to whom prostration to Adam does not apply)?”

76. (Iblis) said, “I am better than him; You created me from fire (radiation – burning waves – this word is the same word used to refer to the hellfire)and created him from clay (a cell-based material body).”

77. (Allah) said, “Get out from there, for you are rajim (fallen far from your essential reality)!”

78. “And certainly, upon you is My curse (separation from Me; inability to experience your essential reality, being trapped within your ego) until the Day of Recompense (the period in which the reality of the system will become clearly evident and thus experienced).

79. (Iblis) said, “My Rabb! Reprieve me until the time of (their death) resurrection (so that I may use my forces against them).”

80. (Allah) said, “Indeed, you are of those reprieved!”

81. “Until the specified time!”

82. (Iblis) said, “I swear by Your might (the unchallengeable power within my essence denoted by the secret of the letter B), I will surely mislead them all (deviate them from spirituality, by making them confine their existence to their physical body and making them pursue their bodily pleasures).

83. “Except, among them, who are pure in essence (those to whom You have bestowed the experience of their essential reality).”

84. (Allah) said, “You have spoken the truth (in regards to my sincere-pure servants) and let me also tell you a truth...”

85. “I will surely fill hell with you and those who follow you, all together.”

86. Say, “I do not ask you for anything in return for what I am informing you and I have not come to you with baseless claims.”

87. “It is nothing other than a reminder for the worlds (humans).”

88. “You shall understand what it is before long (at the time of death)!”

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