“Those who are from the air group on the other hand, tend to have a very active nature. However, as I told you earlier, it depends on whether this is their sun sign or their ascendant. In your case for example, your internal composition reflects the properties of Aquarius, which is an air sign, while your external composition is under the influence of Sagittarius, which is a fire sign. This means, your activity will be most prominent in terms of your internal thought processes, while in your external dealings, you will come across as more of a fire sign to people.

“As much as activity is the prominent feature of the air element, independence and love of freedom are also heavily embedded in the nature of this element. Air people despise being under orders; they want to direct their own life without the interference of anyone. They are willing to take the responsibility of their own actions so long as they have the freedom to do as they wish. Justice and fairness mean a lot to them; they will advocate the truth and justice even at their own expense. They have no attachment to material possessions. They are generous and giving, in fact some are really bad with their finances. Those who are deeply contemplative, and have an inclination towards deep subjects, are generally people from the air group.

“Next is the water group. The most obvious feature of water is its ability to take the form and shape of its container. As such, people from this group easily adapt to the environment they are in. They are extremely emotional and can be very easily happy or hurt. They have very strong instincts. The water group gives a lot of importance to food and drink. They are not stingy when it comes to money, but have a good grasp of their finances. They like to have routine in their lives.

Earth people are generally humble. They are fond of money and material possessions. One would never think such humble people will be so given to material things but it plays a big role for them. They can be highly inflexible when it comes to new ideas. Those who have the most difficulty in adopting a new idea are generally from the earth group. Like earth, they can be solid and stiff in their dealings.”

“You said these elements were actually different bands of cosmic rays, so which of these is the original one? As in, have they evolved from one another or they all came about separately?”

“Air is the originator. Fire and water came into being from air, and earth came about from water. Another way to phrase this is: the life of fire depends on air; without air, fire is extinguished. The composition of water is air, and earth is made from water.”

“So, would it be correct to say that the air signs are the most resilient signs?”

“Yes! Aquarius, Libra and Gemini are the air signs.”

“But when viewed this way, humans seem like manufactured products or prototype beings.”

“In terms of their creation they are, but their unique genetic codes, the different environmental conditionings they receive and especially the different cosmic rays they are subject to at the instant of their birth, make them all unique and different from each other.

“Take some time to think over these now, Jem, and we will continue another time as this topic may exhaust your intellect a little… In essence!”

“In essence, Alph! I hope you won’t be gone for too long!”

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