“But, don’t I have a structure, personality and character that is different to everyone else?”

“Of course you do! But this isn’t because you have a separate and independent spirit to everyone else.”

“Then how am I different?”

“With your temperaments, characteristics, comprehension, imagination, dreams, memories and your sense of ‘I’ness...”

“Don’t all of these result from my spirit?”

“No, all of these have been uploaded to your spirit. Consider this example: I can show you a light bulb, a refrigerator, a kettle and an electric car and tell you they all exist with electricity. If you take my words literally, you may think electricity is a refrigerator or a car or a kettle! But one who knows the truth will know that none of these devices is electricity itself, in fact, it is not even water, though it is made from it!

“The cosmos is made up of energy. Humanity, at its current level of knowledge, is not able to discern what this really means. You are only newly discovering the neutrons, photons and other subatomic particles, while you are still unaware of the frequencies emitted by your brain, cells and body made up of these cells!

“You have not even discovered the radiation that beams from the moon, which has a profound effect on humans, let alone the radiations coming from Mercury, Mars or any of the other planets. You are not even aware of the cosmic radiation that comes from the stars let alone the influence they have on the human brain!

“Forget about the cosmic radiation emitted by these planets and stars, you don’t even know the effects theSetrians,have on you!

“The worst part is that you actually think you are so advanced, intelligent and supreme! You think with your barren mind that everything exists within the narrow limits of matter, and confine humanness to the automated mechanics of the stimulus-response process of the brain!”

“What should we be doing then?”

“You must first know yourselves; know your spirits!”

“You’re very talented at confusing me, Alph! You just said that the ‘spirit is one’, and now you’re saying ‘you must know your spirits’, as though there are many spirits! So, do I have an individual spirit after all? Does the person called Jem have a spirit? When my body decomposes under the earth, is a being called Jem going to continue to live? Do the deceased have spirits? Are they living in another dimension now? If the spirit is only one, then how can we have individual spirits?”

“The questions you ask have never been answered by anyone on Earth before! Hence, the answers I give you may be hard for you to comprehend… Nevertheless, I am going to explain the fact of the matter in as simple terms as I possibly can. Be careful not to let the simplicity of my explanation fool you, as it is not as simple as it may seem. In fact, it is far more complicated than your most advanced science and technology today…”

“Ok… Start with my spirit… Do I have a spirit? If so, how did it form and how is it related to the ‘One Spirit’?”

“After the one hundred and twentieth day of conception, the fetus in the mother’s womb attains the ability to evaluate foreign cosmic radiation, with which it begins to produce its spirit, or the holographic wave twin of the body, via the waves it disseminates throughout the physical body. As such, on this day, a spirit capable of containing a personality is formed. Due to this, it is not acceptable to have an abortion after the one hundred and twentieth day, as the personality would have already become existent at this stage.

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