“If human beings knew how to control their brain, if they knew how to configure and program it, they could levitate, walk on water, they could even drink poison and render it ineffective… The proof is amongst you but you fail to see it!”

“What do you mean ‘it is amongst us’?”

“Think of a person who is hypnotized and told the glass he is holding in his hand is full of lemonade. When he wakes up, he would drink a glass full of salty water thinking and believing he is drinking lemonade. He would even enjoy it! He won’t even remember drinking salty water…

“Or when they operate on a person, who is hypnotized, without giving any sedatives or anesthetics… They cut open his stomach and remove an organ, while all the time he is awake and watching!”

“Yes, we saw this on TV…”

“Even though they are fully awake and watching this operation, and seeing their stomachs getting slit open, they are not feeling any pain, are they?”


“How can this be? Can anybody explain this phenomenon?”

“Not really… It is called ‘hypnosis’ but it is just a word. Nobody is really able to give a proper explanation of it...”

“Let’s go even beyond that… Have you heard of the ‘healers’ in Philippines? Have you heard of what they do?”

“Yes, I had read it in the newspaper about how they conduct a full surgical operation without using any utensils or knives, and without causing any bleeding. Apparently they open and close the body with their bare hands, and when the wound heals it leaves no scar whatsoever. The amazing part is the patient watches the whole procedure wide awake!”

“You see, all of this happens via mind control and programming of the brain. The brain is the only door humanity has to escape from the prison of matter! The only way humanity can discover their potential is by mastering their brainpower!

“If mankind knew the value of the brain, they would invest their knowledge and resources into the invention of tools to aid in the development of the brain, instead of composing their military inventory of weapons and spacecraft alone! There is no power in the world that can decipher the secrets of the universe greater than the human brain! Nor is there a tool with which humanity can protect and shield itself more efficiently and effectively than the brain!”

“Isn’t this a little exaggerated, Alph? How far can brainpower go against an atom or hydrogen bomb?”

“One option is: The same strength of current can be condensed and generated from the brain back to the bomb, making it detonate within itself … Brainpower can be used in many powerful ways, Jem…”

“So is a ‘human being’ composed of only a brain? Don’t we have a soul, a spirit? What happens when the brain dissolves? Do we just die and wilt away? If we are all about the ‘brain’ then there can’t be an ‘afterlife’ once the brain is dead? But you spoke of an afterlife! How can you talk about an afterlife if it is all about the brain? The brain will just decompose and perish like all our other organs when we die!”

“Jem, it is time you cleanse yourself from the preconditioned definitions you have of certain words and terms. What does the word ‘spirit’ mean? Does it refer to individual units of life, like puppets, that have been created one by one, in some pre-eternal plane of existence!? ‘Spirit’ is one whole spirit; there are no different individual spirits. Everything in existence, including us,is alive with this one spirit! It is not subject to any fragmentation or division. There are no ‘parts’ to it!”

“But, don’t I have a spirit?”

“You never had an individual, independent spirit. This isn’t even possible! You exist as your essential ‘I-ness’ with the spirit that is one! It is your lack of knowledge, ignorance, and conditionings that lead you to claim you ‘own’ the spirit…”

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