“Gonul, these truths have always been disclosed in symbolic language in consideration of people’s level of knowledge and understanding. If this symbolic language is taken literally, then the truths they represent can never be decoded, hence people will spend their lives in illusions and worry! And when they finally come face to face with reality, they will live great suffering for not having adequately prepared for it!”

“What is the hereafter or the ‘afterlife’?” Jem asked.

“The afterlife is the life that will commence after you become disconnected from your physical body. There will be two stages. The first lasts until the end of this current life system. The second stage begins after the growing sun engulfs some of the planets in your solar system.”

“And what form will I be in during these stages?”

“During the first stage, you will be as a holographic wave-body, or in your terms, as ‘spirit’, but in the appearance of your biological body as it was at the moment you disconnected from it…

“In the second stage, you will have a physical body compatible to your new environment, which will be defined by the conduct and comprehension you attain during the period of your development here. This body, however, will be like your earthly body, but one that can fly, or walk on water, or walk through a wall…”

“What will this wave or ‘spirit’ body be like?”

“It is formed from the electromagnetic waves produced by your brain!”

“So, the waves that my brain are emitting, are composing my future body? There has been absolutely no suggestion made to this by any of todays most prominent and advanced doctors or scientists.”

“The knowledge of your neurophysiologists, in our view, is not even at the level of those who whip the insane in order to free them from the devils that have possessed them and caused them to become delirious.

“What kinds of treatments are given to people who display apparently ‘abnormal’ behavior after being exposed to certain foreign radiation? Drugs, injections, electroshocks that devastate the brain! Result? Solution! Like giving morphine to a cancer patient to reduce his symptoms and telling him his cancer is cured!

“How absurd it is to classify those whose cognizance, lifestyle and plane of existence are different to theirs as ‘crazy’ to supposedly solve the problem, and then to boast about this as an achievement!

“Some of your kind in the past used to treat such people with music… This was a much better approach than the one that is employed today. Music therapy stimulates and manipulates the brain cells via sound waves, rather than merely numbing and dumbing down the brain in order to put a lid on the situation… Anyway, this is not our topic now…

“The different acts of consciousness, such as taking a name and displaying governance and activity, are all various functions of the brain.

“If you view the situation realistically, you will discern that the structure you call the brain is an intricate laboratory of chemicals, where coarse matter is analyzed at various levels throughout the body. The food you eat, as you know, is dissolved and digested in your body and is transformed into energy, hence fueling the continuation of life. Just as a computer needs an electric current in order to work, while its function depends entirely on its internal programming.

“When you eat something sweet, for example, you enjoy it. But what really happens? An object that is composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen or some other atom enters your body. This elemental decomposition that reaches the brain as bioelectrical messages is defined as a ‘taste’ while passing from the tongue. But does ‘taste’ actually exist in the brain?

“Or let’s take the eye… Is there an object that is seen inside the brain or is it the bioelectrical code of the object that reaches the brain and gets decoded and interpreted?

“The only differences between all the diverse messages that reach the brain from all your different sensory perceptions, such as taste, smell and sight are the differences in wavelengths! Just like the short, medium or long radio waves that are decoded and broadcast through a radio, the brain decodes and projects the various wavelengths that it picks up on.

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