“First, you must realize that your five-sense perception only reflects ‘fragments’ of data; it is merely samples of fragments, whereas there are infinite amount of data in the universe! Therefore, you must quit taking your five-sense perception to be the ultimate measure of reality and stop building the universal realities on the limited data of these senses! What you know is like one out of infinity, compared to what you don’t know.

“There are infinite numbers of beings, systems and universal laws that you have no idea about! Don’t say, ‘there can’t be!’ and be quick to deny. Your denial is the very proof! Denial is the defense mechanism to which mankind resorts to disguise their ignorance. A wise and knowledgeable person never denies, such a person only searches for the truth!

“So, the first thing you need to abstain from is functioning and making the transition to the next dimension with a brain that has become obstructed with the five senses! Hence, this worldly life is your only chance to attain a state of perceiving the universal secrets, as once the brain becomes dysfunctional, you will have no other means to perceive new data!

“So, when I say ‘humanly thoughts and emotions’ I am referring to this state of five-sense blockage and the obstruction caused by conditionings. You possess such an immaculate ‘unused’ capacity to comprehend the universal secrets and mysteries and realities! All you have to do is tap into this unused space and activate it! As soon as you activate the first parts of this unused capacity you will begin to realize the first universal reality, which is… that there is no God!

“What? There is no God!??”

“Well, obviously there is no God!”

“But, Alph, if there is no God then all religions must be a scam! Like someone who once said ‘religion is like opium’, are you saying it is all a big deception?”

“No, Jem, all I’m saying is, there is no God, that is, the ‘godhead’ concept is false…”

“Which leads to the conclusion that religion is a huge deception or a big game!?? So maybe certain people who wanted to establish their own systems on Earth, used ‘religion’ to manipulate and maneuver the masses, hence they declared their prophethood and resorted to certain inherent powers that they were able to activate, thereby deceiving everybody and establishing their own dominion! Is this what you are trying to say?”


“Then, what are you saying, Alph? Please be clearer before my brain stops functioning altogether. First you say there is no God, and then you refuse the denial of the religions, which have all come in the name of this God, which apparently doesn’t exist!? It’s like you are denying God but you are accepting religion, is this a contradiction? But I know that you can’t be in a contradiction, so there is obviously more to what I’m able to see here, but I’m not able to understand it… Can you please explain the reality of what seems to be a contradiction to me!?”

“With utmost pleasure, Jem! But I would like you to figure this out for yourself, because you definitely have the capacity to!

“I will not talk to you about God and astrology any more. Do some contemplation, do some searching, let’s see what you come up with… In essence, Jem.”

It was almost like Jem’s thought processes had jammed up as he quietly murmured back:

“In essence, Alph…”

He couldn’t even recall how he got home and threw himself on to the sofa…

He awoke to Gonul’s worried voice: “Jem, what’s the matter honey, are you feeling OK?”

His head felt heavy, his eyes weary…

“What can I say… Alph confused me all over again… he said astrology is real and fate is determined by cosmic rays, he said there is no God but the religions are true, and then without even explaining it, he disappeared…”

“He accepted the religions but denied God?”

“Exactly that!”

“Is he insane? Listen, what if this alien friend of yours is some lunatic?”

“No, no… he can’t be! If anything, he’s an angel or something like that… But I know he’s genuine. There is truth to everything he says, I’m certain of it! It’s just that, sadly I don’t yet have the capacity to comprehend it… May Allah enable me to know his value and allow me to absorb and understand all of this information…”

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