“The ONE has undergone countless meanings and processes within Its consciousness and henceforth perceived the multiple dimensions and their observers! Every dimension and its inhabitants are observed by the perceiving units of that dimension, but the observer of these observers is the ONE consciousness! Thus, the only sole existence is ONE! Your master has warned mankind: Do not waste your lives worshipping gods that do not exist! There are no gods or lords or deities, there is only the One, there is only Allah!’”

Jem was absolutely dumbfounded… He had never thought of God in Islam, or Allah, in this way before!

He had always thought of it as, “there aren’t many deities, there is only one deity, and that is Allah.” Whereas, from what Alph was saying, it was pretty evident that the whole idea of a deity, that is, the whole concept of a god out there who should be worshipped, was invalid! Alph was pretty much saying: “There are no gods, there isn’t even ‘a’ god, there is only one existence, and Allah is that ONE!”

Immediately he recalled the short chapter in the Quran, chapter al-Ikhlas, which said:

“Allah is ONE, and only…Nothing goes into or comes out from Allah… Neither was Allah begotten from something, nor has anything else come into existence besides Allah… There is nothing ‘like’ or ‘similar to’ Allah… Allah is ONE!”

“Wow, Alph… I had never thought of Allah in this light before! It is such a different approach!”

“Jem, you people have no idea about the messages your master brought to you… You are still living at the primitive state of the previous ‘one god’ societies… It is sad that your master was such an enlightened and highly developed person with an exceptional talent for communicating these truths, yet you have not understood his message!

“He imparted a universal truth to you and wanted you to comprehend and practice this reality, but unfortunately you have still not been able to break out of the age-old ‘one god’ mentality! You fluctuate amidst the form and the imitation of the subject, you don’t understand or think deeply about the idea that ‘there is no god, there is only Allah!’ And hence your life is squandered before you even know it!”

“Alph, I swear it feels like a massive explosion has just happened in my head… I’m sure it is obvious to you how shocked I am; I don’t know what to think or say… So many questions are now clogging my mind, I mean, if there is no god, which, by the way, is the belief on which the whole Islamic faith is founded, then to whom do we pray, who do we worship, and why? I’m so dumbfounded, Alph. If I can actually get through this with a sane mind I’m going to be very pleased with myself!”

“Of course you’ll get through this, my friend, you have no choice anyway! If you aspire for the truth, then you must bear the burden that comes with it, in order to attain the peace and bliss that results from it!”

“Ok, so, can you please tell me, why did the master who apparently taught us there is no god, talk about engaging in various worships, prayers and spiritual practices? Since there is no god, to whom and why are we praying? If there is no god, then there’s obviously no concept of god either! Then why do all the religions advise worship?”

It seemed Alph was getting bored with these questions, in fact, by the expression on his face; it seemed almost as if he was rather disappointed that Jem would ask such simple questions. He shrugged his shoulders and frowned, and in a voice that seemed to have grown tired, he asked:

“Why do you eat and drink?”

Jem felt as if a needle had been poked into his enormous and very important balloon! He was waiting for a serious answer, and this is what Alph was asking him? He gave an automated response:

“Firstly because my body needs it, secondly because I enjoy it!”

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