“Alph, while you’re on that note, is it possible for you to expand a little bit on the spirit, for we have very limited knowledge on this subject… All we know is that the spirit will be our body in the afterlife… Our ancestors have mentioned some things regarding the spirit, but all of them are far too metaphorical and hence very inadequate for our understanding today… What exactly is the SPIRIT? What is it like, how does it see or hear, what is its compositional structure?”

“I will tell you everything I can about the SPIRIT, Jem, so that hopefully, you will have no doubts left as to what exactly it is…

“Firstly, you should be aware of the fact that each individual carries the SPIRIT in either three or four layers: carrier waves, anti-gravity waves, energy waves and memory waves…”

“Wow… I have never heard of this before… So is my spirit composed of these four levels?”

“Yes, your spirit seems to have all four, but it’s not the same for everyone!”

“What do you mean? Who have only three levels and who have four?”

“Well, first of all, it’s probably better to use the word layer rather than level, as waves aren’t leveled upon one another per se, but more like a conglomeration of various waves, similar to how audio and visual waves are incorporated to television waves…”

“So, why do I have four layers while certain others may have three? How does this happen? What is the reason?”

“The most pertinent thing to a human life is this layering of the spirit, and whether it is composed of three or four layers, as not all brains produce the anti-gravity waves…

“If a brain does produce anti-gravity waves, which gets loaded onto the carrier waves that comprise the main layer, then this spirit will have the ability to escape both the Earth’s magnetic field, and the sun’s gravitational force, upon detaching from the physical body. Hence, attaining the ability to travel out into space and also to change dimensions…”

“Changing dimensions?”

“Hold this question for now so we don’t digress. You need to understand the answer to your previous question first!”

“I apologize, Alph, please excuse my curiosity! You talk about such intriguing subjects I find it overwhelming to understand…”

“You have a point… Perhaps if I were in your spot, I would have reacted in the same way… Anyway, going back to our point… The spirit comprises either three or four layers, as I already told you… The holographic visual called the ‘carrier waves’ are composed of a micro type of wave, which comprises your body and personality in the afterlife. The ‘memory waves’ on the other hand, are composed entirely of the intellectual activities uploaded to the carrier waves… All thoughts, feelings, desires, fears that are experienced within the brain are automatically and instantly uploaded to the carrier waves via the memory waves…”

“They say that when one dies, one sees his or her whole lifetime flashing before them, how does this happen?”

“Just like I’m telling you… Everything that you think or experience is recorded in memory waves and uploaded to carrier waves, which are stored in your body in a holographic way. Therefore, when your spirit is freed from the physical body or the body’s electromagnetic pull, it will instantly see all of its stored data with all its details.”

“How about others?”

“Others can see it too!”

“What? Are we going to be clear on the other side?”

“Well, of course you are! What did you think, my friend? Everyone in the next dimension is going to be able to see right through you! Meaning, they will know exactly what kind of a person you were on Earth.”

“No, Alph! That’s scary! Even more scary than hell! Are you saying that anyone is going to have access to all of the information pertaining to my life on Earth, like what I did, how I lived, my good deeds and bad deeds?”

“If it hasn’t been erased from record, then yes!”

“What do you mean ‘if it hasn’t been erased’?”

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