“Sure Jem, I’m going to explain both these topics to you today, I just hope you understand them adequately… Let me start by telling you this: Perhaps it is going to sound contradictory to your scientific understanding today, but the structure you call the cosmos, is actually ‘one’ body composed of infinite dimensions. Its ‘oneness’ is so complete and definite that there is absolutely no room for duality.”

“But how about all the galaxies, the stars, all the beings that we spoke of?”

Alph seemed a little discomforted by Jem’s impatient interruption. Noticing this, Jem immediately apologized:

“I’m sorry, Alph, I didn’t mean to interrupt you… It’s just that, according to our latest scientific findings, the cosmos is like a sphere with defined limits, so when you said it’s ‘infinite, limitless, one’ I just couldn’t hold myself… I’m sorry, please continue…”

“This is precisely the ignorance that underlines all of your mistakes and deceptions! You people try to build a system based on the deceptive foundation of your limited senses, which only prevents you further from seeing the reality! Now listen to me very carefully!

“When your brain receives certain data via your eyes, everything that falls within the limits of your eyes’ capacity of evaluation is considered to ‘exist’ albeit there are infinite amounts of data outside this range! So if you view the reality through knowledge rather than your eyes, you will see that your body, the air and the body of the person next to you are all a part of the same composite, atomic mass! Nevertheless, you must be mindful of the fact that this is the reality of the atomic level, not the ‘absolute’ reality. That is, even though this is true according to the atomic level, if you were to zoom further in to the sub-atomic level, you will encounter another reality, according to which even the world, the stars and the galaxies will cease to exist!

“Ultimately, the only presence that will remain at the point of pure consciousness will be that of an infinite, limitless ONE, other than which nothing else exists!

“Think carefully and try to understand… If this is the actual origin, how valid is the concept of multiplicity?

“Be careful! Every dimension, and its inhabitants, exists only according to themselves. In other words, a dimension is only real according to its constituents. Something that is considered as ‘existing’ in one dimension can be ‘non-existent’ according to another. What does this mean? It means you live an enslaved life, bound to the dimension considered to be ‘real’, based completely on your own reception tools! Whereas, beyond the boundaries of your imprisoning dimension, there are infinite dimensions, hence infinite beings in existence, therefore infinite perceptions and values and judgments!

“So, whenever you fixate, and hence block yourself, by making a judgment regarding whatever topic in whichever dimension and time, you have effectively convicted yourself to primitiveness.

“On the contrary, if you cleanse yourself from all your value judgments and strive to attain new knowledge with an open mind, you can perpetually develop and mature your understanding… And since this open-mindedness will be uploaded to your wave-body, you will indefinitely have the pleasure of experiencing and adapting to new dimensions and lifestyles…”

“Please excuse me, Alph, there’s something I don’t quite get… How does the ONE generate the many across multiple dimensions?”

“Of course you are excused, Jem! Considering how conditioned your brain is via your primitive five senses, I must admit you have an outstanding ability to think and comprehend…

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