“Don’t they have any negative tendencies?”

“No, the Delphians are comprised purely of positive thoughts and they perpetually radiate these positive thought waves out to the universe…”

“What do they live on? What is their nutrition?”

“The energy radiated by their planet is their source of life energy. They don’t eat or drink like you…”

“What do they do? How do they live?”

“They upload their positive thoughts on to the energy they receive from their planet and then emanate this to your system… In other words, they are like the angels of this solar system… People who are sensitive to their energy will reflect a lot of positive thoughts and encounter many positive events in their lives, but of course, not knowing the source of this positivity, they will think it’s just good luck or coincidence. You have benefited from their positive energy many times throughout your life where you have experienced grace and fortune without knowing where it came from!”

“We believe everything, good or bad, comes from God alone…”

“Of course it does, but through what system? Things don’t just appear magically from thin air! Everything takes place via a system, a cause!”

“So, are you saying that the Delphians are the cause of every positive encounter on Earth?”

“They are only one of the sources of ‘good’, there are many others. There are also the Shadians who live on Mars and permeate feelings of ambition, desire, passion, egotism and bodily pleasures…”

“The Shadians? They live in our solar system too?”

“Had I mentioned the residents of the Sun? If you saw the tenants of this central star you call the Sun you will most definitely be very frightened! They are as tall as a hundred floored tower, their bodies are like waves of red flames and their average speed of movement is like the speed of your helicopters. Should only one of these creatures come to Earth the whole of your planet would melt away and evaporate into non-existence. Of course, you cannot comprehend this information. If someone was to tell you such beings reside on the Sun you will immediately label him crazy and lock him up, for you live with extremely primitive perception tools and reject everything that falls outside of your reception!”

“But Alph! We have based our whole lives on these five senses, how can you expect us to suddenly perceive and understand things that we have never seen or heard, or even imagined before?”

“With knowledge, my friend! By using your rational mind! With logic! The Creator has endowed you with an amazing capacity to comprehend knowledge that if only you used it correctly, you would gain so much insight into the secrets of the universe!”

“Tell me more about these Sun creatures. Are they intelligent beings or are they more like an animal species, like dinosaurs?”

“Believe it or not, these formidable creatures called the Zebians are intelligent and conscious beings that live off the radiation of the sun. They are well aware that their planet will begin to expand in the future, engulfing all the surrounding planets, such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars. They long for this day with great enthusiasm! They have a ‘clear’ structure. When they want to prey on a physical subject, they first swallow it with their enormous mouths of flame, then they melt it into liquid state, then they vaporize it and completely annihilate it. Now they are eagerly waiting for the day the Earth and other planets are swallowed by the sun so they can prey on the earthlings and the Setrians with great appetite!”

“Hey, Alph! You’re joking right?”

“Unfortunately not. The Setrians, never deceive or lie, even in the form of a joke. In fact, because I know you won’t be able to comprehend it, I am explaining all of this in as minimalist a way that I possibly can. When your Earth and all its inhabitants fall into the hands of the Zebians, they will attack you like a lake full of piranha fish attacking a bird that has fallen in.”

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