“That is scary, Alph! It’s unbelievable… So one who is captured by the Zebians has no chance of survival?”


“But in our sacred book there is a verse that says every person without exception will pass through hell’… If the Sun is hell then everyone will become completely obliterated by the Zebians without having a chance to pass through!!!”

“You haven’t quite understood it…”

“What do you mean?”

“That verse is referring to a stage much earlier than the sun engulfing the Earth… The sun flames that are about eight hundred thousand to about a million kilometers in length now, will double and triple in size in the future… When the Earth gets closer and closer to these flames to the point where it is almost engulfed, the event you call Doomsday or Armageddon will occur… At this stage, the Earth will be surrounded by the sun flames but not yet completely engulfed. This is the point at which everyone, in accordance with their own individual strength, will begin to escape… This act of escaping is what you call ‘everyone passing through hell’. It isn’t an act of passing completely through it, but passing through the tip of its flames, in other words its field of radiation.”

“So, if they can escape, where will they escape to?”

“In your terms, to the heavens.

“Where are these ‘heavens’, Alph? Do the heavens full of gardens and rivers really exist?”

“As long as you don’t understand the concept of different realms and the worlds that exist in congruence with them, you will never understand the reality of ‘heaven’, Jem!”

“So are these heavens in another universe?”

“To tell you the truth, it is wrong to say ‘another universe’ as there is only one universe. But as I said earlier, mankind can never comprehend the reality of this universe! People are too busy in their own relative universes created by their own perception to realize the real universe! Within the universe there are infinite dimensions, and corresponding to these dimensions there are infinite worlds, and within these worlds, there are infinite units of existence!

“In fact, there are such physical, material worlds that your world would seem ethereal in comparison to them! In contrast to this, there are such high frequency dimensions that the Setrians, will seem to them, like what you seem to us! In short, your dimension is just a transit amongst these infinite layers of dimensions!”

“So, ‘heaven’ is in another dimension?”

“It is within this galaxy but in one sub-dimension to yours…”

“Can’t you please elaborate a little more?”

“Let me give you an example… Is your current dimension a physical one?”


“Imagine you are dreaming and you are seeing yourself in the dream, but the body you see in your dream isn’t this body! You see many forms and shapes that you may not have seen before. In fact, you can even talk with inanimate objects in your dream…

“So, if you can escape the magnetic field of the scorching sun during the time of reformation, which you call Doomsday, you will be equipped with such ethereal bodies that no matter what I tell you now you can’t imagine what it will be like… The dimension that you will go to with this ethereal body cannot be explained to you, one must go there to understand and experience it!

“Anyway, I think we’ve pushed the limit a little today, Jem… Let’s take a break now and continue next time…”

Jem knew there was no point in insisting. Alph always did what he pleased, regardless of how much he pleaded or begged. So he didn’t insist at all, he just nodded and said:

“In Essence, Alph…”

Jem thought over everything they spoke about… He always thought the star signs were like fortune telling; he would never have thought the science of astrology, not to mention all the other beings out there, had such an intricate and profound effect on human behavior!

Alph made it seem as though astrology was the underlying determinant for many of the unexplained phenomena pertaining to humanity… Astrology almost seemed to be driving the lives of humans! Whereas, until a few hours ago, he wasn’t even aware of this branch of science, like so many other ignorant people! Yes, it was time he looked into astrology…

There was no use thinking about the past, Jem realized, what mattered was the present moment!

He immediately began his research…

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