“First there is the genetic layer in your brain. The second is the programming that occurs on the one hundred and twentieth day after conception, the third phase of programming comprises the time until you are born, and finally the fourth phase takes place at the time of your birth…

“These programs are then able to administer the various waves emitted by the brain… For example, if the programming the person receives on the one hundred and twentieth day in the womb activates the circuitry that produces anti-gravity waves, this person, or ‘spirit’ will be able to escape the gravitational pull of the Earth after death, reaching the various dimensions of space, in your terms the ‘heavens’. As such, all skills and capabilities are programmed by these cosmic rays…”

“How can this happen?”

“Think of how a computer operates… It is like a miniature example of the most primitive state of how your brain works… First, the processor of the computer is programmed or designed to perform in a particular way, and then the data is processed accordingly. Similarly, your brain is programmed according to the plan of the cosmic consciousness, from where you derive your existence, at the time it needs to be executed. Thus, the relevant information is uploaded and the program is made to run. What you call fate or destiny is nothing other than this process.”

“Are you saying that my actions and behavior aren’t the result of my own choice but the result of my preordained programming?”

“Don’t ever forget that no unit can ever act or do something outside of their inherent program! Whether you tell yourself this is your choice or you call it your fate, in reality, it is not possible for you to live or strive for something that is not already included in your life purpose and program!For every tool will serve the purpose for which it has been created!”

“Now you’re calling us a tool?”

“Come on, Jem! Put your human emotions aside!

“Your galaxy alone comprises four hundred billion stars, most of them much bigger than your sun! If your sun is like nothing compared to their sizes, think of how small your Earth is – it’s like one millionth of the size of your sun! And now think of yourself on this Earth. You and your whole species do not even constitute a billionth of it! Who cares about whether you are a tool or not! Abandon your conditionings my friend, abandon your humanly emotions, stop thinking like a ‘person’ and open yourself to the universal realities! Quit being an individual and be universal!

“But first, know your limitations! Accept where, what and how you are, and then open yourself up to the universal realities. Compassion, mercy and all other emotions are present in all animals according to their nature. But humans have the chance to attain the capacity to comprehend the amazing universal secrets. Make the best of this opportunity to understand the universal secrets within your ‘self’ for you will never have the chance to come back to this world and try again.”

“Ok, Alph… I hear you but what I don’t understand is: if I have been astrologically programmed not to understand these secrets and realities, then there is nothing I can do about it. So, what is the point?”

“Since you do not know how you have been programmed, in any case, your job is to try your best in pursuit of this goal. If you have been created to attain these realities, if it has been made easy for you, then assuredly you will be successful in the end.”

“How can I attain the secrets and mysteries of the universe? How can I reach the reality, the essence?”

“You live in a society that believes in and worships a God, no?”

“Alph, I don’t even know what ‘God’ is!”

“What do you think it is?”

“In the simplest terms, the creator of all… The flowers, the humans, the world, the stars, the galaxies… The initial and primary creative force behind everything in existence is usually what people define God to be, I too believe God is the first and absolute power…”

“Ok, but where and how is God?”

“God is everywhere!”

“You are still thinking like a human, Jem!”

“What do you mean ‘thinking like a human’, Alph? Obviously, I am going to think like a human, I am a human!? How else can I think?”

“You are trying to view infinity through five simple senses, Jem. How can you view infinity through a brain device, which has become conditioned, blocked and locked with the five senses? This is impossible!

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