“If it is someone with a weak and low level of energy, then yes. The harm they cause and the scenarios they make up have been termed ‘the punishment of the grave’ amongst you.”

“Do the prayers we send to the deceased benefit them in any way?”

“In order for the prayers, or the waves that contain them, to reach the deceased, they need to have an active wave receptor. Just like, for example, in order to view a coded cable channel you need to have a decoder attached to your television. Similarly, if the person has not obtained certain qualities at the caliber of these incoming waves then they will not have the capacity to make use of them.”

“How about if someone is being tormented in punishment and we send some prayers from here, will the prayer lessen their pain?”

“Imagine you are suffering from a severe toothache in the middle of the night and you are alone in a dark room… All you can feel and think about is the pain you are in! Let’s say you then receive a phone call and find out some very important news about something of great concern to you, shifting your focus and making you forget all about your toothache! Just like this, the prayer waves that reach this person will give them some temporary relief, as it will shift their focus away from the pain, but of course, all of this depends on the intensity of the prayers that are sent and the strength of the receiver.”

“Is everyone who has passed away in this state?”

“No… Some, like you in your current state, are free to roam about and interact with each other. They even have hierarchies according to which they organize their lives…”

“But aren’t they sharing the same dimension with the Setrians? Wouldn’t the Setrians harm them?”

“These are the advanced wave-bodies produced by powerful brains who have attained some very powerful strengths by deciphering the secrets pertaining to the cosmic essence, or the essential ‘self’… Therefore, they are completely free from being harmed by the Setrians. In fact, on the contrary, they can harm the Setrians, should they wish to…”

“Can these advanced spirits make contact with us and interfere with worldly affairs?”

“Due to the requirements of the system, no. As the residents of the wave world they will not interfere with the affairs of this world. Unless there is an exceptional situation involving the greater population and they have been assigned a duty, in which case they can’t transgress the boundaries of this duty.”

“Ok, so… who else is out there, other than the Setrians?”

“Well, there are the inhabitants of Jupiter – they are called the Delphians and are known to be very positive beings.”

“There are people living on Jupiter?”

People, as in humans, live on Earth, Jem. The inhabitants of every planet are unique.”

“Who are the Delphians? What are they like? As far as we are aware, Jupiter is a big mass of gas. It doesn’t even have a physical structure, as in; it is not a tangible, material planet…”

“Yes, you are right; however, the Delphians aren’t material beings anyway…”

“Do they know about us, I mean, are they aware of our existence?”

“Of course, they know you, although they can’t see you…”

“How can they know about us if they can’t see us?”

“They know you from the brain-waves you emit; they themselves are made of extremely high frequency waves comprising their achrobodies’.

“Achrobody? What does that mean? I’ve never heard such a word before.”

“It is an astral radial structure composed of positive, graceful and beautiful thought waves… Their bodies are semi-white, semi-clear, this is why they are known as achrobodies.”

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