After this, the spirit continues to develop simultaneously with the body. In modern times, special photo cameras have shown a magnetic silhouette around the body. This holographic wave-body produced and emitted by the brain is what your ancestors called spirit.”

“So, the spirit doesn’t actually enter the body from outside, it is a holographic body produced by the brain internally after the one hundred and twentieth day in the womb?”

“Yes, something like that…”

“So what does this ‘spirit’ look like?”

“It is in the form of your body, as it develops and takes shape in synch with the physical body.”

“What is the relationship between the physical body and this wave-body, or the spirit? Why is this holographic body attached to the physical body and how does it detach at the point of death?”

“The radial wave-body continues its existence completely dependent on the activity of the brain and in congruence with the physical body. So long as the brain is alive and functional, the wave-body cannot detach from the physical body.

“The best example I can give you from your world is electromagnets. As long as an electrical current is present, the metal is charged with electromagnetic force and hence attracts and pulls the other metals. The instant the electrical current is cut off, the metal loses its electromagnetic force and inevitably releases the other metals.

“In a similar way, your physical body is charged with the electrical current it receives from the brain, with which it attaches to the wave-body, like a magnet. At the point of death, when the life force is cut off, the body loses its magnetic grip over the wave-body. In your terms, the spirit leaves the body.”

“Ok, so does this wave-body that becomes detached from the physical body have a form or a shape at this point, or is it formless? Is it like a fluid thing, like the ghost caricatures that can take whatever shape or form?”

“There are two ways in which I can answer this question, as this is actually quite a challenging topic…

“Although in respect of its origin it is formless, you will usually see it in some form or another, especially if you already have a predetermined image of it engraved in your mind from the times it had a body, you will most likely see it in this image.”

“So, if I see someone from the past, am I really seeing an image from my mind?”

“It is an image generated by your mind, for as I told you earlier, in its origin, it is merely a wave-structure! Think of it in this way: A television transmitter transfers somebody’s image through an antenna… But how is this image being transmitted and broadcast? Is there an actual image sent through the air, or is it just a bunch of waves with no image, what does the actual image look like?”

“I don’t know! We don’t know… We only see the image that reflects on the screen after the waves are converted through the receptor…”

“The images of the spirits, or the wave-bodies, are just like those waves… You only see the image that results from the reception and conversion that happens in your head, where you relocate all of your pre-existing data regarding that particular thing and produce an image based on them.”

“Is the ‘world of spirits’ a spiritual world?”

“Even though in respect of your physical body it is a realm beyond matter, in its own dimension, the realm in which the spirits reside is a material plane of existence…”

“So, the realm of the spirits is a material dimension?”

“The point I’m trying to make is that your perception of matter depends on your tools of perception! Some other being, who may not have your sense of perception, may perceive as ‘spiritual’ or ‘beyond matter’ the very thing you perceive to be matter! Therefore, what you think is a non-material realm, is actually a material realm according to its inhabitants. You fall into the error of defining the ‘real world’ as all those things that appeal to your body, and you doubt and question everything else. This is the source of your primitiveness!”

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