“If we haven’t been equipped with the capacity to perceive the things that are beyond the boundaries of matter, how can this be our fault or due to our primitiveness?”

“You can realize and comprehend many things through the act of introspective contemplating! Take your eyes and ears, for example. If you use your eyes without any conscious thought, then there is no difference between your eyes and a knothole. Your eyes will serve no purpose other than transmitting certain wavelengths to your brain! The brain is the processor! But you don’t know how to use your brain! And, because of this, you can’t escape the whirlpool of your primitive state of life.”

Gonul interrupted here:

“Can we go back to the world of spirits, please? Are the spirits living in a physical realm now?”

“Yes, they are in a dimension that feels and seems physical to them…”

“But aren’t they under the earth? Isn’t the Realm of the Grave an underground world?”

“What you bury under the earth is only the body! If the wave-body you call the ‘spirit’ was able to earn free roaming capability during its life on Earth, it will have the ability to rise above the realm of the grave. This ascension, however, is limited by the magnetic power the person was able to attain during their life on Earth!”

“Is it an indefinite ascension?”

“No! Other than the prophets and saints, who have reached true enlightenment and saw the reality of things, humanity has fallen into a grave misconception here…”

“What do you mean?”

“There are two stages for the spirit after it leaves the physical body: The first begins at the point of individual death and lasts until Doomsday…”

“Oh yeah… What is Doomsday? Is it the extinction of the universe?”

“No, Doomsday is the ‘doom’ of your planet – the Earth. When the sun begins to expand, it will swallow all the inner stars and planets, including Mars and the outer planets will be dispersed throughout the galaxy…”

Jem didn’t want to digress:

“OK, so the first stage lasts until Doomsday, then what?”

But before Alph had a chance, Gonul also asked a question:

“Is everyone going to be able to go wherever they want at this stage?”

Alph answered Gonul first:

“The spirits that leave the body are of two types: Using your terms, the first type comprises those who will be imprisoned beneath seven layers underground, while spirits of the second type will ascend to the heavens…

“Let me explain it like this: The wave-bodies that leave their material bodies will either be stuck under the atmosphere of the Earth, unable to transcend it or they will be able to surpass the layer of the atmosphere and go as far as the magnetic force they attained during their earthly life allows them to.”

Jem restated his earlier question:

“And how about after Doomsday?”

“The wave-bodies that fail to exceed the Earth’s magnetic field with their own magnetic force, will be trapped on Earth, and hence, engulfed by the sun, which will be about one thousand times bigger than its size today… There will be no way out after that point!”

“And the rest?”

“The spirits who are able to resist Earth’s magnetic pull and go as far as Mars will still struggle to escape, but many will receive help from stronger spirits that have been able to travel to further points… But the rest will be indefinitely stuck in this system!”

“And how about those who do escape the sun’s magnetic field?”

“They will commence their new lives, at another dimension, in some part of the galaxy…”

Gonul asked again:

“Is this not ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ then?”

“Yes it is… Your ancestors were referring exactly to this reality when they called it ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ as these were the words that best described these two states of afterlife that people at that time could comprehend. So, yes, it was disclosed in a very superficial way, even though it was denoting the same truth!”

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