“Even if they go to heaven?”

“Neither heaven, nor hell are like what you imagine them to be, Jem!

“All of the states that pertain to heaven are already present within you now but, because you are unaware of them, you fall into an unconscious and primitive way of living and thus become deprived of your innate heavenly qualities. That is, you confine yourself to the hell of worldly life. The dimensional depths of the hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy comprise your heavens, while the harsh planetary influences create your hell on the sun.

“If Mars or Saturn is placed in a strong position in a natal chart, it can cause worry, delusion, paranoia, feelings of boredom and strong bodily desires in the person’s life. Hence, a brain that is operating under the energy of these planets will have difficulty making use of the energies coming from the heavenly bodies, that is, the higher cosmic systems in the universe.

“In short, both the heavenly and the hell-like energies are permeating throughout the cosmos and reaching the human brain at all times. However, just like a cloud can sometimes block the sunlight, certain negative planetary energies can also block some of the more sensitive waves coming to the brain from the constellations known as ‘signs’. It is highly unlikely that those who fail to overcome the effects of these negative energies pertaining to hell with their earthly bodies will have the ability to do so with their wave-bodies. This dimension of earthly life is your only chance…”

“Can’t the spirits or holographic beings come back to the world in new bodies and have another chance?”

“This concept is absolutely impossible! As I told you, it is not like there were individual spirits in a pre-eternal realm before worldly life, who came to Earth in physical bodies of their choice so that they may be tested, and who will then return to the world of spirits… This is just a story that some people, devoid of the real knowledge of the ‘spirit’, made up! In reality, the body, through the use of the brain, is producing its holographic counterpart or clone during earthly life, which becomes the primary body with which one continues his or her life in the realm of the hereafter. Are we clear on this now?”

“Ok… But I have another question… Is it possible for someone who has left his physical body, in other words passed away, to contact and interact with systems outside the solar system, or with the constellations that we call star signs, and assume a life within their dimension?”

“No. Until what you call the Doomsday occurs, and the sun engulfs the inner planets and disperses the outer planets, no person who has passed away can rise to these outer systems.”

“Can’t they make any contact at all?”

“They can most definitely evaluate the energies coming from these systems in a much more profound way than today. But, this does not entail a close contact.”

“How about us? Can we make contact?”

“Jem! Quit this ‘human’ dream and the idea that there are other humans on Mars or Jupiter with whom you can make contact. There is no such thing!”

“What do you mean? Are we alone in the universe? Aren’t there other life forms apart from us?”

“I told you before,Jem, there is no such thing as ‘lifeless’ in the universe; everything is a form of life, everything is conscious and living! But your frequencies are not the same! You humans make an enormous mistake by searching for other ‘physical’ forms of life in space! The truth is that there isn’t an inch of empty, lifeless space in the cosmos. Every point in the cosmos contains a conscious life form! But, because you are composed of different wavelengths, it is not possible for you to make contact with them in the way you imagine.”

“Which wavelengths are you talking about, Alph?”

“The ones that constitute your very being! Jem, you think you are a physical being because of your five-sense perception. According to our data processing centers, this isn’t precisely the case. In reality, you are nothing but a bunch of wavelengths with meaning.”

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