“So heaven and hell are real!??”

“Yes… Although humans have a very primitive understanding of them… It is sad to witness the infinite truths of the cosmic radial world, having to be explained via extremely narrow and barren concepts… Nonetheless, the mere fact that the cosmic truths have been successfully disclosed through the use of earthly terms and symbols is quite an achievement… Although, many intellects have been limited by these symbols as they have taken them literally to be the absolute truth, rather than the meanings they symbolize! While others realized they were symbols but didn’t search for their meanings…”

“So if there is no such thing as becoming non-existent after death, then what will happen to those who cannot escape the Sun’s magnetic pull?” asked Jem.

“Since the Sun’s size and magnetic field is much greater than the Earth, those who have to continue their life on the sun will be subject to a great deal of suffering by the sun’s radiant and flame-like creatures whose bodies are far larger than the current human size! You see, although the sun is the source of life for earthlings, it also has extremely detrimental effects on you that you are unaware of.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your poets, writers, philosophers and saints have all preferred the night, for this is when they receive inspiration… Why? Because ‘inspiration’ can only be realized in one’s brain when the direct effects of the sun’s radiation ceases… Think about the short waves that a radio transmits… You can listen to more channels at night than you can during the day, as the sun’s radiation isn’t active during the night.”

“How are the brain and the spirit related? I mean, is it the brain that directs the spirit, or vice versa, or something else altogether?”

“The development of your non-physical body that you call the ‘individual spirit’ is completely dependent on the brain. The qualities and skills of this holographic wave-body are determined by the brain!

“For example, you believe there is a memory center in the brain, whereas all data are recorded in your spirit in a holographic fashion. The memories in your brain in respect of your body are like the role of your ‘eyes’ in seeing, in respect to the spirit. All your explicit behaviors are defined by the brain by what you call ‘intention’, that is, the underlying implicit thoughts behind those actions, as either positive or negative and are uploaded to your microwave-body.

“There is no such thing as ‘forgetting’ in actuality. What you call forgetting is when the activity of the channels responsible for the data transmission between the spirit and the brain are underactive, thus disabling the data in the spirit body from projecting back to the brain.”

“How about spiritual powers… Is man capable of manifesting certain spiritual powers? Aren’t the activities that we call ‘supernatural’ or ‘extraordinary’ demonstrations of these inherent spiritual powers?”

“You’re misinterpreting! What you call ‘extraordinary’ is merely the output of certain activities taking place in the brain of the demonstrator, which your science is not yet able to detect and decipher. But of course, since the spirit is directly connected to and synchronized with the brain, these kinds of activities are also stored in the spirit-body to be used in the next life after parting from the physical body. In other words, all seemingly paranormal and supernatural activities that have ever occurred on the face of the Earth are all the various outputs of advanced brain activities that you have not yet been able to explain through science.

“The most important point to consider here is that those who are not able to realize their higher consciousness via higher brain activities here will have to lead a blind life in the hereafter, as this information will not have been uploaded to their spirit-bodies!”

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