“God created them so we can eat them!”

“A striking example of your conditioned thoughts! Who is to say that the Setrians don’t look at you and think ‘these guys were created to entertain us’… Haven’t you heard of the phrase ‘big fish eat little fish’ before?”

“But Alph! This is unfair! How can we humans be a tool of entertainment for them?”

“But Jem! This is unfair! How can we sheep be the tool of human sustenance and pleasure?”

“Ok, Alph… Just tell me if we have any mechanism to protect ourselves?”

“Yes, you do…”

“What is it?”

“Your brain waves!”

“How so?”

“Certain brain waves that you transmit have a detrimental and abrasive effect on their bodies. Of course, the strength of the effect depends on how well you are able to use your capabilities…”

“So, how can I use my brainpower against them?”

“By repeating certain words directed to particular meanings pertaining to the cosmic essence, you can create a powerful magnetic field around you that will not only serve as a protective shield for you, but will also have an expeller effect on them. You do need to learn this science from someone with expertise in this area, of course!”

“Will you teach this to me, Alph?”

“No, my friend. This isn’t the purpose of my interaction with you. You already have access to this knowledge in your books; resort to them and you will find all the necessary information there, including which words you need to repeat in order to create this protective shield around yourself.”

“Are they subject to the same things as we are?”

“What do you mean?”

“As in, will the Setrians also live this life for a certain time, then die and be resurrected, like us?”

“Jem, I see that you haven’t quite understood some of this knowledge yet. I thought I had already made it clear to you that death isn’t an end; it is only change of form… I told you earlier that death, in the case of humans, is just a change over from their biological body into their holographic microwave-body. But because the next dimension will also comprise microwaves, the person will feel like they have gone from one physical dimension into another physical dimension. This dimension of microwaves is also the dimension within which the Setrians reside. Its life span is until the event you call Doomsday. But, of course, not every person will experience life in this dimension, as many will be trapped in their realm of the grave.”

“So, the majority of the deceased is now imprisoned in their graves?”

“Grave life has two stages. The first stage is the phase of being buried under the soil and the decomposition of the body. Once the body has completely decomposed, the person will make the transition into the second form of grave life, similar to the dream world that you experience now.”

“Will the person feel pain or pleasure in this state?”

“This depends on the kind of life this person led and the skills he acquired in the world. It could be like a complete nightmare or an extremely pleasurable experience. It may also be like the dreamless state in sleep.”

“Can the beings you mentioned have any effect on us during this state?”

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