“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Alph.”

“Dear Jem, in respect of the universal dimension, you humans are very primitive units! This is because you have not been able to overcome the obstruction of your five-sense perception; all of your perceptions depend on these few senses, which don’t even comprise one trillionth of a trillionth of the life forms in the universe!

“In fact, nothing can be a bigger mistake for humans than talking about the ‘universe’! Mankind only has the authority to talk about their ‘own’ universe, for the universe they perceive and talk about is nothing more than the tiny little world in their heads based on their five little senses. The truth is you have never even come close to perceiving the real universe!”

“Alph, can you please expound a little more on the universal beings and our future? Quite evidently, it seems we don’t even have a clue about our own galaxy let alone the universe that incorporates billions of other galaxies! Plus, whatever we think we do know about this galaxy, like you said, is an extremely primitive discernment based on our five-sense perception. Please give more information..!”

“You seek such knowledge, Jem, that if you were to ask for any proof upon me sharing it with you, I could not provide any, because you will not be able to perceive it with your current structure. Therefore, my friend, no matter how much I explain, you will never be satisfied.”

“I won’t ask for proof, Alph. I know my limits. I just want to know, what kind of a galaxy and amongst what kinds of beings do we live?”

“If that is the case, then let me tell you about your closest neighbors. One level beneath your physical dimension live the beings called the Setrians. Some reside on Venus and Mars and some amongst you on Earth. There is also a population of them on your moon, but they constantly travel to and from the Earth for they procure the majority of their supplies from Earth.

“The Setrians can be categorized into seven groups, ranging from those with the lowest levels of undeveloped intelligence to those who are so acutely intelligent that there is no one they can’t deceive, excepting the protected ones!”

“Hey, can they affect us in any way?”

“Sure, if they wish to…”

“But, why would they want something like this?”

“Don’t you do silly things for entertainment when you’re bored?”


“Well, Setrians also find entertainment in such things…”

“But what have we ever done to them!!?”

“You don’t need to have done anything!”

“So, they just play with us like we are toys? Are we their puppets?”

“This is your interpretation! All I’m saying is, should one of the powerful Setrians choose to, they can play with your mind and make you do whatever they like!”

“How are they able to do this?”

“By sending certain data waves at particular frequencies to your brains to put an idea into your head…”

“Don’t we have the power to resist these?”

“You are not even aware of these waves! All you ever perceive is some idea that pops into your head, and you simply assume it is your own! If you are not even aware of these incoming waves, how can you protect yourself from them?”

“Don’t we have any way to take any precaution whatsoever?”

“Of course there is! In your sacred book, there are two formulas that you call ‘prayer’[1]. If you recite these two prayers, your brain will begin to emit a powerful and protective energy rendering the incoming messages ineffective!”

“It doesn’t seem fair that certain powerful beings have the advantage of manipulating us like this!”

“Hmm… Well, the poor sheep and cows and all the other animals you slaughter, cook and eat think the same way too. What say you to that?”

[1]  These prayers can be found in my book The Power of Prayer (Dua ve Zikir).

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