1. Your life is eternal, with each ending leading to a new beginning.  It’s only those that are prepared for the pursuant new beginnings that are safe, for its impossible to know what lies ahead.  Whatever it is that you get yourself attached to, you will lose it at some point or another.  Are you prepared?

  2. This is for those that live their lives oblivious of the fact that we live a solitary existence, and that do not prepare for the afterlife: They say that this life is to attain our essential reality, not to meddle in the business of others. If so, are you living your life accordingly?

  3. Things that have a great deal of importance for you will rarely have the same level of importance for others.  For you live according to the values of YOUR world, whilst they live according to theirs! Remember this to avoid continually being disappointed.

  4. Life goes on with or without you! Your EGO (in the assumption that all life depends on it) tries to needlessly interfere in everyone’s business; on the other hand, those with love and heart endeavor attaining Allah before departing this world.

  5. Those that have become prisoners of their own conditionings look longingly upon purified souls and hope that someone/something will one day free them as well. As a result of this (unrealistic expectation), their suffering will continue until their ultimate demise.

  6. You achieve a peaceful existence if you project peace onto others, not if you project your distress! If you wish to be happy, make others happy! That joy will come right back to you. Be thankful, so that which you are thankful for increases and multiplies. Ingratitude, on the other hand blocks all positive flows to you. Ingrates are disliked, unloved. Have faith that all that you do will invariably come straight back to you!

  7. The brain has a timeless and ageless existence.  Because it assigns priority to the information coming from sight, it neglects the knowledge that they TOO are similarly ageless conscious beings and assigns them an age based on their corporeal existence. Whereas NO ONE is at their corporeal age!

  8. The foremost and most significant segment of the Quran is the subject of DUALITY (shirk). Most people tend to completely disregard what’s important, and focus on the irrelevant.  There is only one cause of suffering (hell - hellfire), DUALITY!  Wherever there is suffering, it’s caused by DUALISTIC thoughts or actions.

  9. The Rasul prayed saying: “Allaahumma innee a`oodhu bika anushrika bika shay’a”. Ask its meaning to those with the knowledge of Allah.  The unaware (ignorant), believing in a godhead up in the heavens confound the meaning of DUALITY due to their flawed perspective. Whereas for those that grasp that which is referred to by the name Allah, there is no duality, there is no suffering!

  10. He is in the presence (?) of Allah; Allah asks him
    “With what did you come?” “‘I’ performed good deeds, ‘I’ fed the needy, ‘I’ made sacrifices, ‘I’ fasted, ‘I’ prayed and worshipped you.” “But I had said that I forgive all you sins, ONLY if you don’t come to me with DUALITY (Shirk)?” “But ‘I’ refrained from duality”… “‘I’, ‘Me’!”

  11. Everything that you think you own, every action that you start or end with ‘I’ will eventually lead to your suffering. The One referred to by the name Allah is all that exists, the one imagined as the ‘I’ never existed.  Only Allah can claim ‘I’!
    You think you exist, whereas this is simply your conditioning. DUALITY, IS THINKING YOU EXIST! IllaALLAH.

  12. “The action is HIS, not mine! All actions come from HIM!” These are the words of the socalled practitioners of UNITY(!) Professedly purified of DUALITY! In fact, the acknowledgment of “I” IS DUALITY! If you feel yourself to be a separate individual, and if you feel the existence of a “HE” separate from you, THAT IS DUALITY! Allah does not suffer, Allah does not regret!

  13. If Sufism is but a hobby for you, the godhead you create is either in the heavens or at your core, but it’s there! And you think that it’s HE who is present within each and every THING.  And that YOU are bereft of duality, a proud member of the people of UNITY, in observation of an existence besides Allah?!?

  14. Computer hard disks contain endless more knowledge than you do! Your knowledge will not save you from suffering while you are alive, nor will it in the afterlife.  No matter how much knowledge you possess, NOTHING will change until you start applying the requirements of your knowledge to your life!

  15. As long as we feel that “HE” exists; as long as we assume that “HE” is directing the actions of others; we will remain condemned to DUALITY. As long as we cannot see the ONE THAT DOES AS HE WILLS with love’s eye, we will remain condemned to duality and suffering. There’s a sole cause to our suffering: DUALITY!

  16. WOULD YOU LIKE TO END YOUR SUFFERING? DON’T attach a persona, identity or existence to others besides ALLAH!

  17. A wave of FEAR and ANXIETY is gripping everyone and everything. People are getting caught up in this vortex of FEAR due to varying personal reasons, and they are panicking. Stay calm.  Don’t get caught up in what you see and what you hear! Avoid gossip and hearsay, avoid worry and above all, avoid stress!

  18. The surah Al-Fatiha contains the first verses that were revealed (in direct dialogue with his Rabb) to the Rasul of Alah.  This marks the inception of the awareness of ‘la ilaha illAllah’ and of Risalah, the seeding of ascension! The verses ‘ikra’ on the other hand are the first verses addressing humanity; Emphasizing that FAITH can only be attained through READING (deciphering, experiencing your essential reality).

  19. Whist all developments, all possibilities unfold based on their ultimate finality; do you still believe that that which is described by the name Allah develops in a chronological fashion from start to finish, that destiny is determined on the go?

  20. Don’t kid yourself! Until you realize that the only one you FACE is THE ONE, until you end your struggle with Allah, until you repent from servitude to (your) Satan, your suffering and regret will continue on! Don’t expect relief from Allah while you still continue to worship your EGO SELF. Remember – life is short!

  21. Knowledge of reality is insufficient to free you of your conditionings and does not prevent you from suffering when reality falls short of your expectations.
    Your life continues as a series of actions and ideas in conflict with the mechanics of reality. Your so called ‘faith’ in the absolute reality is no more than an unattainable hope.

  22. We have trouble understanding certain facts, and when we can’t understand or assimilate these realities, we tend to just cover it up! According to the Surah al-ikhlas, there is only Allah – NO other, there is no ‘I’ besides HU.  We can memorize and repeat it endless times, but we continue to live our lives based on a persona surrounding the ‘I’. Knowledge alone, is insufficient to effect change in our lives!

  23. In UNIVERSAL MYSTERIES, I had written that some people had computers instead of brains. The best identifiers; an ability to repeat what they have read, what they have learned, almost to perfection, an incapacity to EXPERIENCE the results of the knowledge they have obtained, anger, judgement, constant criticism, dissatisfaction!

  24. Everyone is gripped by fear from the Corona virus. The fear of losing things they THINK they own. FEAR OF LOSING their wealth, their homes, their jobs, their health, their loved ones!  Don’t you see? It is ALLAH THAT PROVIDES ALL, and ONLY ALLAH CAN RECLAIM IT! It is ALLAH that provides and reclaims as HE wills!

  25. Allahumma anta Rabbi means: Allah created you and your deeds. “You cannot will unless Allah wills.” (Quran 76:30) means having unconditional faith that your existence belongs to Allah, and Allah does as he wills. If you don’t have this understanding, then all the prayers you utter are in vain!
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