1. The hardest part of being content with what is fated is when a calamity befalls your loved ones. Can you say "Allah does as He wills" then?

  2. Look at what your occupied with to see what you've been created for. Be realistic. Don't expect mercy from one who is created for violence.


  4. You are the slave of your conditioning! Nothing can burn you or cause distress and suffering to you other than your habituated conditioning.

  5. One who is incapable of discovering the treasure within his own depths, finds solace by trying to discover fish on the ocean floor!

  6. What makes you lose yourself and takes you to your essence and burns you in the flames of love with the longing for unity is a gift from your Rabb.

  7. May Allah help us to be realistic, and make us engage in works that we can bear and accomplish, and protect us from downfall and disappointment.

  8. The sound that awakens the hearts is the divine call. Allah makes those He wants to awaken hear it and engraves it to their hearts and words.

  9. The Quran is The Book of Knowledge, disclosed to make you realize your essential reality and the Rasul (saw) is a mirror to make you see your SELF.

  10. One who fails to understand the message of the Rasul of Allah (saw) can never realize and experience his essential reality.

  11. The Rasul (saw) aims not to channel you to a 'God' but to make you realize Allah, your quintessential Self. Denying Him, is denying yourself.

  12. Those who can't comprehend the naked truth are bound to console themselves with stories!

  13. The biggest divine deception is to make one feel confined to his limited body and make him run after transitory finite things…

  14. Knowledge opens the road to Allah, LOVE makes you experience Him.

  15. With knowledge Allah created the worlds, with LOVE He completed and unified them. HU is al-Wadud.

  16. Many Western scientists and philosophers are talking about the Oneness of existence lately. What change is this making in your life and afterlife?

  17. Knowing the Oneness of existence and talking about this Oneness won't get you anywhere my friend if it’s not making a change in your life.

  18. We all live what we've been destined to live. Instead of saying "If only..." and "I wish..." realize it was "meant to be" and rest at ease…

  19. The level of your faith becomes apparent through your reactions to unexpected and often unfavorable events. Love, war... everything is a test.

  20. With knowledge you know Allah, with LOVE you lose your 'self' and become nothing.

  21. Knowledge can lead to difference and separation but love always leads to unity. Knowledge boosts the ego, LOVE dissolves it.

  22. One who fears drinking the wine of love and falling in love fears losing his identity-self-ego. You can't go to Paradise with an ego!

  23. Allah allows some of His servants to drink the Pure Wine of Paradise while they are still on earth, and they become drunk in LOVE...

  24. Don't bother answering one who asks what love is… Love can't be described, it has no cause/reason. It just is. You have to live it to know it.

  25. They ask where is love located in the brain? Love is the brain, it is the essence and origin of the brain, observing itself with itself…

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