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  1. Where and how will your body and world in the afterlife form? If you haven't found the answers to these now you have no chance in the future.

  2. Living a life thinking you're the body is a case of complete lack of insight and the most severe case of blindness…

  3. You have no idea of the qualities that can become manifest in your brain through the power of belief. BELIEVE that you can, and you WILL!

  4. Notice how much of your time you spend in your thoughts, oblivious of your body. Recognize this difference! And think about its consequence!

  5. He who thinks he is the body in the worldly life will be condemned to feel like the body in the afterlife & thus suffer the consequence!

  6. Suffering will never end for one who is unaware of the ruling of the One, even if ceases temporarily with knowledge, it'll only get stronger.

  7. Sufism is purification from the ego-identity & the implicit & explicit observation & experience of the One. He who can't see this is blind!

  8. Knowledge that does not purify one from his ego-identity, is nothing other than a collection of data.

  9. One who embarks on a journey with hearsay is bound to get off at the station of disappointment, in regret.

  10. Jealousy is nothing other than the roaring call of the ego!

  11. If love can't resolve an adverse situation, it can only be due to either fate or the ego.

  12. If everyone in this world gets exactly what they're destined to get, how can you still think you're the giver?

  13. Words of love & tolerance are pleasant but the real pleasure is in their experience, for only the observers of the One can experience this!

  14. Every individual creation is created to walk its own unique path. Hence there is no compulsion in the system (religion)!

  15. Never suffice with what you've read & understood! If the author's brain is higher than yours there must be more to what you've understood!

  16. Your mind will tell you that you "already know" thus preventing you from further research. Put aside what you know & ask "what else? What more?"

  17. You know you've matured when you've stopped trying to teach & stopped quarrelling with one who claims, "I know!”

  18. Insulting others is generally a sign of one's impotence in expressing himself. The mature will not insult, they'll simply go their own way.

  19. If you don't believe in the benefit of something with certainty & conviction don't bother trying it. Success comes with firm belief.

  20. If you feel lifeless, cocooned & imprisoned by conditioning & fear, come back to LIFE (al-HAYY the EVERLIVING ONE) before you really die!

  21. You think you're fooling others but you're only fooling yourself. Even when you realize this you would have already lost so much…

  22. To leave the past means to live today anew, with the lesson you took from the past. If you've learnt not to burn, don't touch fire. Simple.

  23. An object of happiness may make the ungrateful happy for a short time before it becomes the very reason for yet another form of ingratitude.

  24. It's important for true lovers to be physically near each other, even if they don't converse literally, their frequencies will talk.

  25. If sitting quietly near your beloved is not sufficiently satisfying & leads to boredom know that it is not true love but merely a fancy.

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