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  1. Religion is the universal reality based on the laws of the absolute system called 'sunnatullah' which science calls the laws of nature.

  2. Let's be realistic: If we want to decipher the symbols & metaphors of religion & discern their real meaning we must understand science!

  3. Allah creates everything with a worth; a price. For whatever you want to own and who ever you want to be with, you must pay its price.

  4. Do you know what voluntary ignorance is? It's fear of learning! It's the act of ignoring knowledge which you think may spoil your comfort!

  5. Can you see volunteers of ignorance around you who don't want to see, hear or listen to anything they think may irritate them? How many?

  6. Oneness & multiplicity aren't two different things. 'Many' are the qualities of the One. What you find faulty in the many, you find faulty in the One.

  7. Attain endless joy by activating the forces of the Names in your brain via dhikr! Increase your willpower with the name Mureed!

  8. If Allah loves you He’ll be constantly on your mind, your eyes will glow with His love when you mention Him.

  9. It is the Names comprising the essence of your brain who says, "Fasting is for me & I will reward it"; fasting develops & expands the brain!

  10. With every cigarette & hookah you smoke or drug that you use you're putting a veil between yourself & Allah, a veiling with no compensation!

  11. Without cleansing from the conditionings & values you've obtained without questioning & authenticating, your brain can't attain freedom!

  12. A time will come when none of your possessions or close ones will be of aid, only your closeness & certainty (yakeen) of Allah will help.

  13. Science derives its existence from the Names of Allah, scientists are also manifestations of Allah's Names; religion encompasses science.

  14. If you love them be adaptable, if you don't then find someone who will adapt to you. Forcing is ineffective.

  15. He says "I love you so much" yet he can't give up smoking for the sake of his beloved, causing harm to himself and those he loves...

  16. Nothing that's done under the tag "I" is other than the will & creation of Allah. Faith is to be pleased with one's Rabb at every instance!

  17. Everyone lives the consequences of his own actions then turns around and blames others! Blaming is the brains 'insurance' mechanism!

  18. Regret & remorse are the expressions of heedlessness; they are the confession of one's inability to see the consequences of his actions!

  19. Not thinking about the consequences of your actions will inevitably result in a state of burning with tears!

  20. Nobody can know what the future will bring! So live the moment duly and contemplatively, leaving nothing for tomorrow, lest you feel regret!

  21. Times at which you feel joy and excitement are times that you feel you're actually living. How many days of your life have you 'lived'?

  22. Leave works behind that hold you in high regard, its not having a place in the world that matters but a place with love in the world of others.

  23. Don't be of those who waste their life in quarrel & dispute, but of the people of the heart who live with His love, as His beloveds.

  24. Islam isn’t a monotheistic religion claiming there is only one god, it claims there is no such 'god' -only the One denoted by the name Allah!

  25. Think the word 'heavens' refers to the skies? No religion/book comes from the sky! Heavens = The Names in the depths of man's consciousness.

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