1. Your life sheds light on all that is to come in the afterlife. Do you still not see? Will you still not learn?

  2. Abandoning one addiction for another serves only to satisfy the ego!

  3. Allah doesn't need your faith. If you want to know yourself, understand your essence and attain paradise, then YOU need to believe in Allah.

  4. FEAR of loss, EXPECTATION OF gain. These are aspects of a Humanoid life. HUMan is in a state of observation, regardless of gain or loss.

  5. You can interpret your daily life in the same way you interpret your dreams. The brain functions based on metaphors. (M. Arabi)

  6. If the brain bases its daily and nightly functions on metaphors, is it any surprise that the Quran also bases itself on metaphors?

  7. Deciphering how and why the brain functions based on metaphors is the key to many a hidden reality.

  8. Salat is turning to your essence, it is the ascension of the self to the point of nothingness. Contemplate the meaning of ascension (Mi'raj)!

  9. Vicergency becomes manifest as a result of ascension (Mi'raj). One is neither HUMan nor Vicergent until having experienced ascension!

  10. Discussing Oneness without experiencing ascension (Mi'raj) is pointless. It's like discussing swimming without knowing how to!

  11. What good are the wishes of others for your ascension (Mi'raj) unless you put forth the necessary requirements?

  12. The doors of ascension (Mi'raj) open only to those that have faith, perform the requirements and live in the way of Allah! 

  13. When will you realize that all your labels serve only to limit and restrict you and turn your life into a living hell? Think about it!

  14. Those refusing to see on earth will remain blind in the afterlife. Have faith in Allah so you become aware of your essence and become revived.

  15. Knowledge alone will not provide the morality of Allah to those subject to the morality of their Rabb. Live with the morality of Allah!

  16. Life flows in one direction without stopping. If you stop you fall behind. Which forward steps have you taken today?

  17. Every instance either nudges you towards the corporeal life or to a state of pure, bodiless observation.

  18. What glory for those that can experience corporeal life and maintain a state of pure observation! Abandon the material to obtain salvation!

  19. Life on earth is only for you to realize your essential reality. Not realizing this is like being a butterfly stuck in its cocoon!

  20. Your challenge is the degree to which you APPLY your knowledge to your LIFE, and your sole judge and jury is your conscience!

  21. Where there is equality there is no justice, and where there is justice... No equality. Justice means everyone gets what they deserve!

  22. No matter who you are and however you feel, know that you don’t need anyone’s help to reach Allah. Pray to Allah - your prayer will be heard!

  23. How much of day is spent on things that you will leave behind? Things that distress and unnerve you to the point of ruining your moment, your NOW.

  24. You will only be held to account by your own conscience! The system of Allah: you will face the consequences of your thoughts and actions!

  25. While mere mortals waste away in gossip, Vicegerants are in continual observation and precaution.

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