1751 - 1800

  1. In the same way that emotions are shaped by biochemical reactions, our faith is also shaped by our genetic coding.

  2. Happiness or unhappiness is shaped ACCORDING TO everyone’s own world. If you’re unhappy in YOUR world because of what others do, your unhappiness is your own fault! Everyone lives out their own creational path. If you do not concern yourself with what others think of you, you will live a peaceful life. If you don’t change yourself, no one else can, and you will continue to live according to your conditionings; Your expectations and assumptions will continue to fuel your suffering.

  3. To my dear friends with an interest in Sufism. Since 1963, my utmost dedication has been to truly understand people and their essence by actively applying the necessary practices, and then sharing these insights with all of you. I have endeavored to elucidate how the vast array of information within the realm of religion can be viewed as metaphors that point towards truths in today's scientific world. To free you from any biased assumptions, I have guided you from the surface appearance to the fundamental source, utilizing the concept of “REFERRED TO WITH THE NAME……" as a distinct mode of expression. The only path to comprehend both your own being and the truth of existence is to question the knowledge and hearsay you encounter, while employing the assistance of science. Recognize that the notions labeled with the name of Allah, labeled with the name of the brain, must be explored and answered if you wish to transcend the realm of metaphorical imagination. Understand this: ALL the narratives of Sufism that you discuss are MERELY METAPHORS, mere indicators of the truth. The true essence lies within LIFE itself! If you fail to discern the tangible impacts of metaphors in your own life, it is akin to never having tasted honey while claiming to dislike it. You are squandering your life away. Religion aims to help you understand yourself and rescue you from the belief of illusory gods. Choose to renew yourSELF or be lost forever!

  4. Those whose lives reflect a state of Sufism and those who market themselves as Sufis can be distinguished from the manner of their tweets. A true Sufi will never use insults, as he is in the awareness that he is in the presence of Allah. At every instance. Those who hold their interests above their beliefs do the greatest persecution to themselves. In whatever state you experience death, so will be your awakening in the afterlife; A dire warning to those that understand what it means. A Sufi knows his place, knows his interlocutor and lives accordingly.

  5. Every aspect of life entails a price, regardless of our current understanding of its implications. Consider whether the cost you bear is truly worthwhile. If the benefits you receive lead to enduring losses after death, it not only represents the highest price one can pay, but it also eliminates any possibility of compensation.

  6. The true measure of love and being loved lies in the realm of cerebral connection. It is when the thoughts and desires of both the lover and the beloved mirror each other silently, without the need for words. When actions align with unspoken intentions, a genuine bond of love is present. When someone you care for is physically distant and genuine love has not taken root, it can feel akin to experiencing their loss as if they were no longer alive. They only reside in your memories. Yet, these memories are susceptible to being overshadowed by the constant influx of daily experiences. The mind functions as a projector, continuously playing a new film where you assume a role. Some days, this film transforms into an ongoing series, perpetuating the storyline. As you awaken each morning, a fresh scene awaits your participation, allowing you to embrace a new chapter. If only life could be observed as one would watch a movie, where the realization dawns upon us that individuals are merely playing their assigned roles, dictated by the unseen scriptwriter!

  7. Let's clarify the subject of animal sacrifice to the best of our knowledge... Sacrificing an animal is one of the obligations of Hajj (pilgrimage) for those who have performed Hajj. Animal sacrifice is an act of worship that is recommended (nafl or voluntary) for wealthy Muslims, with the intention of distributing the meat to the poor. During their caliphate, both Hz. Abu Bakr and Hz. Umar did not personally perform animal sacrifice to prevent it from being considered obligatory. It is a misconception to relate the act of animal sacrifice to the word "NAHR" in the Surah Al-Kawthar (Surah Kevser); because, at the time the Surah was revealed (in Mecca), Hajj was not yet an obligatory duty and the obligation of animal sacrifice was not present. The word "NAHR" means "sacrifice your SELF (ego)". The meaning of Surah Al-Kawthar, to the best of our knowledge, is as follows: "We have granted you (in the depths of your mind) abundance (the divine attributes) that is from your Rabb. So, perform the Salah (prayer), turn to your Rabb and sacrifice your SELF (realize the existence and essence of your Rabb). Indeed, those who show enmity towards you, they are the ones who will be deprived in the Hereafter (they will be cut off from the blessings of the abundance of the Al-Kawthar)." To the best of what has been revealed to us, the hadith about the "pool of Kawthar" metaphorically explains that those who do not utilize the divine attributes within their minds in the worldly life will be deprived of this blessing in the Hereafter.

  8. The name "ALLAH," the Rabb of the worlds (the worlds of humans), with His attributes of El Asma, creating "EGOs" from the one called "BRAIN," disguising Himself with these "EGOs;" then turning back and loading the effort of attaining a state of closeness to HIM onto the "EGOs" that He created out of nothing, that do not actually exist. By saying, "SACRIFICE your EGOS" (NAHR), He has asked them to abandon the sense of existence that belongs to the essence of "NON-EXISTENCE." At points of HIS choosing, He has created "VICEGERENT" formations by lifting the veil of their "EGOs", observing the manifestations of HIS various attributes. He has also created "corporeal" formations in the worlds of these "EGOs." The observer, the observed, IS the ONE whose name is "ALLAH;" and there is none other!

  9. Does the word "ALLAH" refer to a god, or is it something else? If you follow the conversation in the link I provided below, you will realize that the brain perceives existence through multiplicity and that in fact, the brain itself is a composition of frequencies. youtu.be/x2N_O7zN_eg The understanding that the brain is hardware, and its entire knowledge base is software is incorrect. The brain is entirely composed of waves/data/information, which is the software. The concept of hardware is an assumption created by the perception of information processing in the brain. The entire universe and its contents in the brain's perception are nothing more than information derived from the brain's information field. Different information decoding structures (brains) across the universe will perceive different universes and entities based on the information in their data bases. In conclusion, an infinite and limitless wave/data/information structure creates countless entities by generating different information perceptions according to its own algorithm at every moment. This infinite and limitless knowledge is what is called "ALLAH". In the past, enlightened individuals summarized what we have just explained with the following sentence: "ALLAH observes His knowledge with His knowledge!" We explained how the brain works and what it is in our book titled "THE RENEWAL – ISLAM AND THE NEW AGE." https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/the-renewal-islam-and-the-new-age I recommend that those who are in the pursuit of REALITY try reading it.

  10. Many years ago, we tried to explain the SPIRIT of the QURAN that DEISTS, ATHEISTS, and many THEOLOGIANS can't seem to understand. Just give it a read and see: https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/article/the-spirit-of-the-quran-and-women-in-islam

  11. All information that enters the brain will be processed and automatically result in an interpretation of the mind, according to its database. This interpretation, this output will trigger various emotions at that moment. Based on your various conditionings, you will either be elated or suffer due to your emotions! However, you also have a higher consciousness; IF you have been able to free your consciousness from the captivity of your conditionings. The higher consciousness evaluates all formations in existence entirely as a result of a mechanism where one outcome triggers another in an automated manner from the perspective of PURE OBSERVATION. Therefore, it is in a state of OBSERVATION that surpasses the interpretations created by the natural course of consciousness. All the while your consciousness turns your life into heaven or hell as a result of your interpretations, in the course of the higher consciousness, you OBSERVE the course of the created world, WITHOUT INTERPRETATION!

  12. Religion has not been revealed to us for worldly matters, but rather for the afterlife. The phrase: ‘Time and place in this world, faith in the afterlife’, refers to this very reality. In the afterlife, what one believes in becomes their salvation. What are worldly realities? EVERYTHING YOU WILL LEAVE BEHIND IN THIS WORLD ARE YOUR WORLDLY REALITIES. The meaning of faith is to believe in and trust that reality consists of characteristics indicated by the names of Allah in a non-physical structure. In the non-physical life, to the extent that you can purify yourself from the assumptions originating from the physical body; To the extent that you can attain the divine characteristics that constitute your reality, you can evaluate its rewards in all stages of life beyond death. Sooner or later, you will strip yourself from all worldly possessions. If you cannot discover and live your reality, do not blame your illusory gods or others; it is a futile effort. Religion and the Qur'an explain that your essential reality is the characteristics of Allah's qualities, and if you pass away without realizing this, you will commit the greatest injustice to yourself by missing the chance. ALLAH IS NOT YOUR OPPRESSOR. OBSERVE!

  13. We hope to experience REALITY in THE WORLD OF OUR MINDS through religious and mystical concepts, constructed from METAPHORS. How far we FALL from REALTY if we cannot think about what metaphors point to, what they intend to make us realize!

  14. Why do people become distant from religion and turn into atheists or deists? Let me briefly explain. Religious knowledge in people develops primarily through upbringing from parents during childhood, followed by education in schools and religious institutions. Many individuals in these circles learn about the Quran and the concept of "ALLAH" through existing translations and interpretations. Theologians also follow a similar path. The crux of the issue is the perception of the divine understanding as an "ULTIMATE GOD" distinct from the name "ALLAH"! A significant number of members of religious institutions, including theologians, perceive the entity referred to by the name "ALLAH" as a distant, superior being, a commanding God. This perception, reflected in translations and interpretations, ultimately lays the foundation for today's rebellions and rejections of religion. Today, the internet presents a universe made up of hundreds of billions of galaxies, where only 4% is perceivable (the remaining 96% being dark matter). In such vastness, it's inconceivable that a God would issue commands and concern themselves with human affairs. Given this reality, what does the Quran truly convey, and what should humanity comprehend? How did MUHAMMAD, peace be upon him, acquire knowledge of the Quran? Certainly, he received it from "ALLAH," but not from the distant God you imagine as existing in the beyond. As the Basmala indicates, in the Surah Al-Ikhlas, the description of the entity referred to as "ALLAH" is depicted as indivisible, non-fragmentable, unbreakable, a singular essence. This means the Quran does not speak of an "ULTIMATE GOD" as a separate existence. Therefore, if the foundation of religious understanding is not based on this point, regardless of the label, the speaker is expressing their own imaginative creation. From Ali (peace be upon him) to Abu Bakr Siddique, to Imam Jafar Sadiq and all the way to the present, all SUFI mystics have evaluated religion based on the understanding that there is nothing but the essence of "ALLAH." Where does this lead? Rather than chasing an assumption of a divine beyond, humans should recognize the essence represented by the name "ALLAH" and build their religious understanding upon it. I know you'll have many questions about this. I've addressed all of them in my books and in my YouTube videos. When Muhammed, peace be upon him, received the command "READ," what was he supposed to read? The answer is in ahmedhulusi.org/en. Go there and read it for free. If a translation or interpretation creates in you the perception of an "ULTIMATE GOD ABOVE”, it will distance you from the truth.

  15. I wish to discuss the concepts of "CORPOREALITY" and "MAN" as far as my knowledge goes today. Without exception, in every human being, inevitably, there is "CORPOREALITY"! Corporeality is the description given to the totality of all information entering the human brain, whether derived from the body or from the surroundings. The brain constantly analyzes and synthesizes incoming information, functioning according to this corporeal data. This process continues automatically in the brain! Interpretations and decisions in the mind are based on this. This phenomenon is what Jesus, peace be upon him, referred to as "THINKING HOW MAN THINKS”. When Jesus said, "You are not thinking how God thinks. You are thinking how man thinks," he meant that. "CORPOREALITY" is present in the makeup of every human being without exception, including Muhammad, peace be upon him. He also said, "Am I not a corporeal being like you?" in a verse. Since all prophets and saints are in this state, how should we understand the expressions like "I am the Truth," "Apart from Allah, there is nothing under my robe," "I am clothed in flesh and bone..." and the phrase "THINKING LIKE GOD" that emerge from some of the people of divine unity? First, let's emphasize this definite observation: every Man is a "CORPOREAL BEING", even though his ESSENTIAL REALITY is the composition of the qualities and attributes of Allah, He cannot be called "ALLAH"! This said... Within the dimensional depth of the brain that harbors corporeality, there is also the reality of the holographic universe (the eternal mind); the truth of divine dominion is also present based on this reality. Revelation or inspiration, the sayings that I previously mentioned, are all expressions that emerge directly from consciousness without being limited by corporeal constraints. This is why the words known as "revelation or inspiration”, which are based on the emergence of the knowledge of reality, do not belong to Man; rather, they emerge from the quantum information field in the brain's dimensional depth. This emergence is the call of divine dominion. This phenomenon can be instantaneous or prolonged. The indication of "Thinking like Man" means "You are evaluating based on corporeal inputs, not based on the values of Allah." Thinking like Allah is possible through the observation of existence through knowledge in the sight of Allah; this is referred to as "DIVINE KNOWLEDGE." The knowledge referred to as "DIVINE KNOWLEDGE" is the manifestation of quantum field knowledge based on the composition of divine dominion that forms the brain. In this observation, there is no room for value judgments stemming from corporeality! There is much more to be explained in this field, but unfortunately, this is not the place for it. In summary, let us know that those who express "revelation or inspiration" regardless of their attributes, are corporeal beings; corporeal beings cannot be Allah! ALLAH is the name of the knowledge and power that creates universes within universes! However, corporeality has no existence beyond the attributes indicated by the qualities (divine names) of Allah! The REALITY is that which is in the sight of Allah! THERE IS NO GOD, THERE IS ONLY ALLAH, AND NOTHING ELSE!

  16. For those who question the justice of Allah by thinking "as men do"... Some are made to live in the lap of luxury at one extreme, whilst billions are on the brink of starvation on the other extreme? How do you explain this?

  17. The human being who thinks "AS MAN DOES" believes that there is a GOD similar to themselves; one who will treat everyone justly and equally! PURE FANTASY! THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Realize it, understand it already! When saying "In the name of ALLAH" (Bismillah), it is not referring to a GOD; it is talking about a POWER that creates and brings forth everything you live in and perceive according to its own algorithm, which is not a GOD THAT THINKS AS MAN DOES! This is a tangible truth that atheists, deists, and the majority of Muslims cannot perceive or comprehend! For those who do not know the fundamental principles of the creation system defined in the Qur'an as the "SUNNAH OF ALLAH," it is very difficult to free themselves from the notion of the GOD OF THE HEREAFTER. They spend their lives indulging in speculative discussions about the SUPPOSED GOD. In every dimension, a valid system either subjugates the strong to its authority or takes their place! This is the MECHANISM of the manifestation of this POWER. (Note: POWER should not be understood solely as physical strength. The power of money, the power of knowledge, the power of LOVE, the gravitational power of a black hole, and many other manifestations of POWER exist.) Those who have realized this reality have been governing helpless societies in herds for centuries! RENEW YOURSELF OR YOU WILL BE DEFEATED!

  18. The essence and origin of everything is frequency! What we refer to as the brain is a frequency decoder! The brain, by deciphering the frequencies it receives, creates within itself our imaginary holographic WORLD. This creator is known by the name ALLAH, in terms of its origin. This creative power, potential, and origin of everything is referred to by the name ALLAH, and, in terms of its meaning, it establishes the perception of countless entities as a result of frequencies decoding one another. However, everything we describe as universes within universes, or what we define as different dimensions, are these points of perception. One of the countless perceiving systems is what we know as the BRAIN. The Quran uses the term "Vicegerent," meaning representative, to signify one who realizes their origin and truth and lives accordingly. This term is given to the capacity of the entity referred to as the BRAIN; the ability to decode and evaluate frequencies. This is indicated by the expression, "I become the seeing eye, the hearing ear, and the speaking tongue of the one in whom such closeness is established." The servant becomes the seeing eye! In terms of body, corporeal, in terms of essence, The manifestation of absolute truth! In addition to what we have explained above, it is also mentioned that all humans are "Vicegerents," which is due to their ability to sustain their existence through the divine qualities in their potential. Because the entirety of existence is a FREQUENCY structure, true existence is vivid in 2D and self-sustaining with its own existence. (HAYY KAYYUM) Except for those for whom the perception of their essential reality has been revealed, all humans live in their holographic worlds within their brains, called "the realm of the grave," according to the outcomes of their construct in their WORLDS; passing through various stages of life (perception)! The endless and limitless sea of frequencies, with the attributes of KNOWLEDGE, WILL, and POWER, is defined as RAHMAN. The RAHMAN observes his created perception forms in the endless and limitless sea of frequencies with his knowledge, through his knowledge, and with his knowledge! The Quran does not describe a distant GOD/DEITY concept as understood by atheists, deists, or most theologians. This understanding arises from not understanding many verses in the Quran or from an inability to think about the connections between verses. There is only ALLAH; there is nothing else!

  19. GOD DOES NOT EXIST! What is referred to as "ALLAH" is not a god who thinks like a human(!); as far as we know, it is the POWER that has created countless beings with their unique characteristics, living across trillions of stars in billions of galaxies! Now, if you label this POWER, referred to as "THE GREATEST, (AKBAR)" as a god who thinks like a human(!) and then try to judge IT based on what you see, you will be highly misled! For 60 years, I have been trying to explain to people that what is referred to as "ALLAH" is not a god in the sky. You can read about this for free in the book named "ALLAH" which you download on our website ahmedhulusi.org/en. If you understand that this POWER is in constant creation according to its own knowledge, in all the universes within the universe, and that it cannot be comprehended by HUMAN intelligence and logic, then your thinking horizon will begin to expand. Lift your head, look at the sky, then look again, and bow your head in humility; it has been said! In this case, what is left for us is to realize that "ALLAH" cannot be comprehended, that thinking beyond it is futile, and to try to understand the valid system (The System of Allah) within the perception dimension we live in. Human beings are created! The human body fights for survival with conditions beyond our control. Without asking anyone what each organ will do! The human mind accepts the information imposed on it without our control as true/real and spends a lifetime sometimes fighting over it. Throughout this process, for everything people don't like, they criticize their god based on their conditioning to soothe their minds! YET... Within the system we live in, there is NO POSSIBILITY OF SOMETHING BECOMING NOTHING, OR OF SOMETHING NONEXISTENT BECOMING EXISTENT! Because everything that happens in the universe occurs as a result of one thing TRIGGERING another. Like the unfolding of a MAGNIFICENT SOFTWARE! Imagine the first inseminated cell in the womb. According to its program, it expands and multiplies on its own to become organs and eventually the human body! This event is the most visible form of the TRIGGERING SYSTEM. Even your mind works according to the TRIGGERING SYSTEM, where incoming information is automatically analyzed based on information> information-based analysis>result. Can we influence this flow? Evaluate new information if your information base allows it and create an output in that direction. As far as I know, there is nothing else to be done. A corporeal or material perspective ultimately only leads to suffering. The reason for all the suffering is the mind accepting itself as a corporeal being. Understanding the system and concept of Allah, your ESSENTIAL REALITY, on the other hand, leads to the exalted state of existence referred to as paradise.

  20. Are you aware of the greatest miracle in the Quran? The first inner address that came to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) (the knowledge power we know as Gabriel) begins with "READ in the name of your Lord." READ with the knowledge that comes from the essence of your existence, not with the information shaped by acquired environmental conditioning; feel what is in the essence! Interestingly, there is no invitation to "READ" by saying Bismillah. The crux of the matter starts here. The reality that "There is no god" is understood, but what is indicated by the name "Allah. Is not yet grasped" THESE ARE THE MIRACULOUS VERSES: They ask, "You say 'Allah' and reject their gods, but what do you mean by 'Allah' that is different from what we know?" This is the point that today's atheists, deists, and many religious clerics do not understand! If the meaning in Surah Al-Ikhlas cannot be READ (ABSORBED) and the consequences of that "READING" cannot be contemplated, one cannot truly have faith in Allah; they will continue their life forever with the illusory god they have created! The one who cannot READ Surah Al-Ikhlas has also not READ Bismillah! Now, let's get to why this surah is considered the greatest miracle. The two realities that modern scientific thinking has reached explain the original of everything: The origin of the universe in all its dimensions is the QUANTUM field. The valid system in the universe is HOLOGRAPHIC. We have written about this topic in detail in our book, The Observing One https://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/book/the-observing-one… The QUANTUM POTENTIAL is the essence, the origin, the reality, the timeless, spaceless, limitless, infinite, with nothing else outside or inside it, and therefore nothing can be conceived of as a second entity arising from it or anything that can affect it. Now try to READ Surah Al-Ikhlas with this understanding, starting with the sentences that begin with "HU Allah..." This is just the beginning... If this is the truth... Then, what are all the things we perceive or cannot perceive in reality? In this case, what does my mind point to as "ME"? Who is the one I see? For a contemplating brain, this should be the starting point of their thoughts, in my opinion. That's why without understanding what is indicated by the name ALLAH, the command ‘BISMILLAH’ cannot be READ. In the Quran, it cannot be READ in the sense of "READ" as what the letter "B" indicates, which is "AS MY REALITY." And if this subject that I've explained is not understood, the concept of the god/deity created by minds does not disappear, and denial or worship of the inexistent does not cease!

  21. On September 13, 1963, while I was still a Deist, I embraced the Islamic religion with divine inspiration during the Friday prayer, which I attended at my mother's insistence. I transitioned to a new dimension of thought with an understanding that was based on the Quran and Hadith. From that day onwards, as I progressed with both Sharia-based and later Sufism-based knowledge, I realized that many Quranic verses pointed to certain truths through metaphors due to the circumstances of their time, and I understood that these metaphors could be deciphered through science. While studying the human body, the BRAIN, physics, and theoretical physics, I also witnessed that many Quranic verses indicated scientific realities through metaphors. I have shared my insights on this topic in the books I have written and in video conversations. In my understanding, RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE CANNOT BE BOUGHT WITH MONEY. THAT'S WHY I HAVE NEVER SOLD ANY OF MY PUBLICATIONS; I HAVE OFFERED THEM TO HUMANITY FOR FREE FOR 60 YEARS. I AM GRATEFUL TO MY RABB FOR FACILITATING THIS. Religion addresses each person individually. Everyone is responsible for their own beliefs and understanding, and they will experience the consequences of their choices. In RELIGION (i.e., religious practice), THERE IS NO COMPULSION! Those who know, share their knowledge, and each person follows what resonates with their beliefs and understanding, bearing the consequences themselves. Yes, I offer my 60 years of accumulated knowledge for free on the website ahmedhulusi.org/en in a downloadable format. The answers to almost all of your questions about religion can be found there. My understanding of the Quran is on this website! I DO NOT BELONG TO ANY TARIQAT (Sufi order); MY MADHAB (school of thought) IS THE MADHAB OF THE RASUL, peace be upon him! I DO NOT WANT ANY FOLLOWERS. BECAUSE UPON TASTING DEATH, EVERYONE WILL EXPERIENCE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS; MAKING EXCUSES DUE TO OTHERS WILL NOT PREVENT THEM FROM FACING THE RESULTS! The excuse "I didn't know" is not valid in the system of Allah. Not knowing that you will drown won't save you when you fall into the sea. Those who cannot realize how ruthless the system we live in is, live with the god they have created in their imagination. What is valid in the system of Allah is the principle that THE STRONG OVERCOMES THE WEAK, in this world and in the hereafter. So, without further ado, let me conclude with my final words. EITHER RENEW YOURSELF OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! There will be no sympathizers!


  23. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE REAL DISASTER IS? With hundreds of millions of Muslims who console themselves by saying, "We are in distress, in torment, in hell" in this worldly life: If they do not have faith in what is referred to by the name Allah, THAT ALLAH IS THEIR ESSENTIAL REALITY, NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO, THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE THE PUNISHMENT AND HELLFIRE IN THE HEREAFTER, AND ENTERING PARADISE WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE! ACCORDING TO THE QUR'AN, THE CONDITION FOR ENTERING PARADISE IS FAITH, NOT DEEDS. The Qur'an says that if one has thoughts of duality (believing in a god beyond Allah), no good deed or beneficial action will avail them. The current presentation of religion today is leading people away from the essential SUBJECT OF FAITH; and in the absence of faith, it consoles them with deeds that will be of no benefit! RELIGION IS MEANT TO CLEANSE PEOPLE FROM THE BELIEF IN A GOD BEYOND ALLAH AND TO MAKE THEM RECOGNIZE WHAT IS SIGNIFIED BY THE NAME OF ALLAH AND TO FEEL IT, TO LIVE IT. FAITH IS NECESSARY FOR THE IMMORTAL MIND (soul/frequency brain) of a human being, while actions (deeds) are for the taming of corporeality. If the thoughts and perspectives that come with faith are absent in deeds, then what is done is no different from the deeds programmed robots. For an act to be an act of worship, you must know the meaning of EVERYTHING you read and reflect upon it; you must feel who you are and who the one performing the act is. This is only possible through FAITH. Thankfully, I can explain everything I've said using scientific data as well, without using any religious terminology or by evaluating scientific data, I can clarify the goal of religion. I say this for a reason. In this age, Allah has explained every truth referred to with religious terminology, metaphors, with scientific foundations, under the name of science. Knowledge is the path to salvation for humanity! For now, in summary... If you want to be saved from torment, from burning, please take the time to understand: WHAT IS FAITH, WHY IS IT NECESSARY, WHAT IS THE OUTLOOK ON LIFE THAT IT BRINGS; please pay attention to this topic!

  24. Is this why the Quran and religion have been revealed? While the Quran is clear in its rulings, it has been made complicated with various interpretations based on the societal understanding of different individuals! People are forced to follow sects created centuries after the time of the Rasul of Allah. This means, "You cannot understand the Quran, so follow our religious understanding based on our interpretations." When someone makes a statement, ask for the verses that they are referring to in the Quran! Don’t hang your hat on fatwa’s. In the hereafter, religious rulings will NEVER save you! Ask yourself. Is your preference the RELIGION OF THE QURAN or the RELIGION OF THE RULINGS OF OTHERS?

  25. For Worshipers; A warning from the Quran... For thousands of years, people have mostly worshiped one thing or another... Mountains, rocks, animals, fire, water, stars, the sun, and more! Eventually, they evolved(!) and, to a large extent, turned away from what they worshiped and found the ultimate deity: MAN! THUS... They started worshiping PEOPLE, hoping that they would fulfill their desires and meet their expectations. THEY STILL DO! Why is this wrong? You, with your infinite potential deep within your essence, could recognize, explore, and experience the paradise it brings, yet because of the conditioning loaded into your brain from childhood, even infancy, and due to the influence of humanity on your life, you cannot find peace and happiness... You keep chasing after others and worshiping them! The Quran tells you, "There is no entity to worship except Allah"; it advises you to turn your mind from external things to what is within you, to the truth! Everything you perceive or fail to perceive is nothing more than countless compositions of Allah's names. That's why, no matter what or whom you worship, you are always in servitude to Allah. The Quran addresses this with a very original definition: DOONILLAH! BESIDE ALLAH! This means that every particle of your existence, despite being composed of the attributes indicated by the names of Allah, is still a specific composition of the qualities of Allah. Because of its limited capacity, MAN is not Allah! In the Quran, everything that exists with the attributes of the composition qualities of Allah is referred to as DOONILLAH. IN SHORT, EVERYTHING ‘OUTSIDE’ IS ALLAH'S EXISTENCE, BUT DON’T GET CONFUSED BY THIS; YOU ARE CAUTIONED TO TURN TO YOUR ESSENTIAL REALITY, WHICH IS ALLAH! That which is indicated by the name ALLAH is infinite, boundless, with nothing outside or inside. Therefore, every thinking or non-thinking structure is nothing but an integral part. The human consciousness cannot grasp what is indicated by the name Allah, which is why HE IS ALWAYS FACE TO FACE WITH HIS RABB UNTIL ETERNITY! At this point, we realize why the name RABB is emphasized in the Quran and why many things are connected to the LORD. ANYONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NAMES ALLAH AND RABB IN THE QURAN IS IGNORANT OF THE QURAN, IGNORANT OF RELIGION, AND IGNORANT OF PHILOSOPHY! The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) conversed with his RABB during the Night Journey. EVEN EVERY HUMAN IS CONSTANTLY IN CONVERSATION WITH HIS RABB! Everything constantly reveals itself as a revelation from your RABB; your thoughts and actions are returning to your RABB, in other words, to the composition of the names of Allah that is your true existence. YOU ARE PRAYING TO YOUR RABB AT EVERY MOMENT, AND YOUR RABB IS RESPONDING TO YOU! The essence of your soul is your RABB. Your RABB is sufficient as your judge. In other words, you commune with your RABB throughout your life. THIS IS WHY IT IS SAID NOT TO WORSHIP "MAN BESIDE ALLAH," WHICH IS AN EMPTY IDOL; INSTEAD, TURN TO WHAT IS WITHIN YOU, TO KNOW YOURSELF. People are there so we can benefit from their knowledge, not to worship them. EVERYONE LEAVES THIS WORLD ALONE, WITH WHAT THEY HAVE ATTAINED; AFTER CHANGING THEIR WORLD, NO ONE CAN SAVE ANYONE FROM THEIR BLINDNESS AND ITS CONSEQUENCES! We are living within a system that most people cannot even imagine; if we pass through this blindness, into the new dimension of perception, WOE TO US!

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