1. You can't escape the bog of your mind if you don't overcome your fear of drowning and surrender yourself to the ocean of LOVE

  2. You are on this earth to develop yourSELF, not to criticize others! You will be held accountable for YOUR actions, not the actions of others!

  3. A sign that you may have harmed your brain is repeating the same sentence over and over, talking about the same subject and using the same words.

  4. Satan makes his deeds appealing to you (verse), thus you don't take shelter in the reality of A'udhu Billahi! Have you ever considered what it is that is made most appealing to you? Your sense of SELF, that's what! The greatest obstacle to approaching Allah!

  5. The majority of those that are thought to be saints are people of integrity, but remain completely unaware of the chosen few, the muqarrabin.

  6. Allah is beautiful (Jamil) and loves beauty (Jamâl)! Hadith. Who is beautiful, what is beauty? Love of the Jamâl!

  7. Are mosques the home of Allah? Or is a state of prostration the home of Allah? Does prostration pertain to the body or the heart? Can someone attain a state of prostration in body and not in spirit? So, if prostration pertains to the spirit, where is the home of Allah? In a structure made of stone, or in the heart of the believer? Then why are we really told to not keep dogs at home?

  8. It is said; “That which is referred to by the name Allah administers itself in as many ways as there are forms in existence.” What does that mean?

  9.  Your lifestyle mirrors your faith! In fact your faith can be measured by your lifestyle. What part of your day is dedicated to your faith?

  10. The enlightened experience the results of their knowledge and observe existence without judgement from the viewpoint of wisdom. The unenlightened on the other hand memorize the knowledge of others and content themselves with its gossip; they suffer when faced with a challenge as a result of their inability to apply their knowledge to themselves.

  11. They say, seek the origin of the words, not the lips that utter them.  What profound wisdom!!! The verse states that Allah bears witness. The call from the minaret states Ash Hadu – I bear witness…That Allah is Akbar. Thus, we seek beyond the lips that utter those words, we seek from where they come!

  12. Are you of those that thoughtlessly congratulate others on lailat al-Regaib out of tradition, or are you of those that benefit from the glory of the night of Regaib?

  13. O Allah, I take refuge in YOU from inflexibility of mind, the inability to change and abandon the old for the new; finding comfort in the constant repetition of unapplied information! O Allah, liberate my mind, and facilitate for me the knowledge and actions to bring me closer (yakeen) to YOU.

  14. You are not what you know, you are what you feel yourself to be.

  15. At-Rahman becomes apparent through man and ar-Rahim through woman. A woman’s creativity comes from the power of ar-Rahim.

  16. I live the results of my thoughts, my perspective and what I put forth, not of what I know. Oh Allah, facilitate for me the experience of my knowledge.

  17. Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but an illusion. And the now but a product of your mind. As such there is neither what supposedly belongs to me, nor a ‘me’. As if you exist!

  18. Our brains make our choices for us without us even knowing it...New scientific research shows that we have less control than we think when it comes to how we make choices. Our subconscious brain activity determines our choices without us being aware of it...

  19. There is no worse captivity than the prison of thinking you are the body.  Your existence is either lived in truth, or in corporeality. When you taste of death, your state at that moment will determine your state for eternity.

  20. If someone who has been given the knowledge of the reality choses to continue to live a life of corporeality, they will live the consequences of this ultimate hypocrisy towards Allah.

  21. If you're wondering what you will be faced with tomorrow, analyze your actions of today; you WILL face the consequences of your actions.

  22. The adhan is from Allah, it expresses the Akbar quality of Allah, and urges you to know your place vis-a-vis it’s Akbarriah.  How misguided are those that think that the adhan is from the muezzin.

  23. Greed and acceptance cannot be contained within the same heart. One cannot acceptance consent prior to abandoning one’s greed.

  24. The hidden knowledge of reality (Ilm-i Ledun), is the absolute knowledge of the inherent nature and the eventuality of all existence.

  25. Religion cannot be memorized! You must first understand all the information disseminated by religion, then you must FEEL its meaning down to your core. If you are incapable of feeling the meaning of what you are reading, it means that you are caught up in redundant repetition, repeating what you have memorized... just like a parrot.
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