1. The hardest people to deal with are those that haven't understood that they haven't understood...

  2. Abraham saw was spared from sacrifice, Muhammed saw sacrificed his grandson to teach us of love - such is the sacrifice that LOVE demands.

  3. Dare not brave love's battlefield unless you are willing to forego all that you cherish. Many heads have rolled here and long been forgotten.

  4. Astrology functions by triggering already existing programs within you.

  5. When we are subject to an astrological effect, events will unfold according to the data triggered through the amygdala.

  6. Oh Rabb, don't lead us astray from the reality after we have witnessed it.

  7. Love IS the love of Allah! While people of the world quarrel with one another, those that turn to Allah just observe, they have no quarrel.

  8. Never define Allah! Allah becomes manifest at each instant through the Infinite and undefinable potential, independent from the past.

  9. Only the heedless believe there are limits to the Infinite One. Allah, with the infinite potential of His names does as He wills.

  10. Limiting our concept of Allah to our limited understanding of the meaning of His names can veil you from reality and lead you astray.

  11. Avoid becoming veiled from the truth due to appearance or assumption. Behind each name, it is Allah who does as He wills.

  12. Unity cannot be experienced through unapplied knowledge.

  13. Tawhid teaches the knowledge of Oneness. Unity (wahdah) is not something you can possess.

  14. The creator becomes apparent only once the veil of the self is lifted.

  15. Unapplied knowledge will only lead to gossip about unity.

  16. Knowledge of Oneness averts duality. Unity however cannot be attained via knowledge, it is a manifest existence evident only to the beholder.

  17. The lover experiences love by mirroring it from the beloved. It cannot be learned.

  18. Sufism cannot be attained through knowledge or guidance. Dare not brave love's battlefield unless you are willing to forego all you cherish.

  19. Sufism is not for the attainment of knowledge, information or power. It's for you to sacrifice your self, and to attain NOTHINGNESS.

  20. Are you in conflict with others, do you displace Allah? Or are you in the observation of the One who does as he wills at each instance? Which is it?

  21. If your life continues unchanged pursuant to a spiritual conversation, it means you were not PRESENT.

  22. In the same way that steal upholds a building, Bismillâh Al-Rahman Al-Rahim upholds the construct of the existence of Man.

  23. Realize this: At each instance, your existence becomes manifest through Bismillâh Al-Rahman Al-Rahim.

  24. To initiate everything with the Basmala is not to an invocation of words, it’s the understanding that everything forms through its meaning.

  25. Life consists of the Basmala! Allah Rahman Rahim and all that is created through Rahim with the attributes of the beautiful names.

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