1. If they manage to fool you even once, those that identify your weakness will exploit it and use you for the rest of your life!

  2. Prisoners to accumulated knowledge are bound to be disappointed! “I am right” is based on accumulated knowledge, and everyone will live out the consequences of the knowledge they have accumulated. Those who’s lives are driven by accumulated knowledge never stop to ask whether it was ever worth it.

  3. Conscious people are able to evaluate their actions based on their knowledge and decide whether the results of their actions were worthwhile. Whereas accumulated knowledge feeds the ego and makes people believe that they are right at each instance. YOU, are BEYOND your identity.

  4. Animal instincts govern the tyrannical. Accumulated knowledge governs the oppressed. Had the oppressed not been enslaved to their accumulated knowledge, had they been able to analyze matters objectively, they would have revolted against tyrants and freed themselves from oppression.

  5. Reality was disclosed in our words for mankind to understand his reality. Thus, you think that the One referred to by the name Allah is an external god that thinks like humans do! SubhanAllahu Akbar Wa Bihamdihi… This is what misleads atheists, deists and others that think this way.

  6. The Quran states: Man’s passage to the afterlife is either IN or OUT of a state of DUALITY. If He is IN a state of duality, he will suffer the consequences eternally and all his efforts will have been in vain.  Best grasp what DUALITY means!

  7. Are you not aware that what you see while you are awake is a day dream of the brain, no different than your dreams while asleep. Your whole existence is an illusion created by your brain, based on its inherent database!

  8. PATIENCE is the act of choosing to wait and observe in the face of an unwanted situation, with the full faith and knowledge that the Creator will eventually pave the most auspicious path.

  9. Do you live your life based on instinctive impulses and accumulated knowledge? Or, do you contemplate and evaluate incoming information and refrain from instinctive impulses prior to making decisions? Analyze your own reactions… you be the judge of which category you fall into!

  10. WHY DO TASBIH OR DHIKR? HERE’S REALLY WHY: Religion has been disclosed to mankind for us to realize and recall that the qualities of Allah make up our essential reality. This is what the Quran highlights. Religion does NOT call you to WORSHIP AN ILLUSORY GOD!

  11. PARADISE is the realm of existence in the afterlife for those that discover and activate the qualities of Allah at their essence.  The description (metaphoric representation) of Paradise is allegoric. Learn to differentiate metaphors from the reality! (Decoding the Quran: Surah 47, Verse 15)

  12. Regarding Tasbih and Dhikr. The meanings of the words we read in Tasbih, and those we repeat in dhikr belong to Allah, as man’s essential reality. THEY EXIST FOR MAN TO DISCOVER THESE DIVINE QUALITIES AT HIS OWN ESSENCE. Thus, it is imperative to know and understand their meaning.

  13. So, religious practices are NOT WORSHIP TO AN EXTERNAL ILLUSORY GOD! They are for those who have faith that their essential reality is composed of the qualities of Allah to activate their inherent forces in the ever after. TIME TO AWAKEN TO THIS REALITY!

  14. The Quran, does NOT want you to believe in a god in the heavens by the name Allah! It calls you to have faith in the ABSOLUTE ONE referred to by the name ALLAH, beyond which NOTHING exists. The Universe is but a manifestation of these qualities! And what of YOU within all this?

  15. Suffering is either caused by unfulfilled expectations or by the inability to accept a certain outcome. Do events that caused great suffering in the past still bother you or have they become inconsequential? We fall, we rise, life carries on regardless!

  16. If only people who hoard knowledge could apply a fraction of what they know to their lives, they would have realized long ago that they are but servants of Allah. They wouldn’t have become prisoners to their ego, servants of their persona.

  17. You can’t even begin to imagine how those who spend their lives fighting over who did what feel when they realize the TRUE FORCE BEHIND EACH DEED. Knowledge that doesn’t decipher religious metaphors is nothing but hearsay.

  18. THIS IS NOT A CELEBRATION OF SACRIFICE, IT IS A CELEBRATION OF HAJJ! It is the celebration of those who have BEEN PURIFIED from their past sins at Arafat!

  19. The Rasul of Allah has claimed “HAJJ IS ARAFAT”. Neglecting this, some simply focusing on the fact that those who experience Arafat go on to make a sacrifice, called the celebration Eid al Adha. WHEREAS THE SURAH AL KAWTHAR HIGHLIGHTS SOMETHING ELSE.

  20. “KAWTHAR” refers to the qualities of Allah that constitute the essential reality of your brain. Your Rabb is the potential in this RIVER named KAWTHAR. Al-Kawthar decrees: TURN TO AND KNOW YOUR RABB, SACRIFICE YOUR EGO FOR THIS. Does this have anything to do with animal sacrifice?

  21. To assign people ranks and positions that they cannot live up to is to destroy them by flattering their ego’s. They won’t realize it but they will suffocate from the burden of their own ego’s. In Islam, there are no ranks. We are all servants of Allah!

  22. Your FAITH must have PURPOSE! Without purpose, your faith is but a habit! For FAITH is proposed to you in order to ACHIEVE its purpose. The verses cautioning about being wasteful, are the verses cautioning against wasting your brains true potential! 

  23. Not taking advantage of the brains true potential is WASTEFULNESS; IT IS TORTURE FOR THE BRAIN. The warnings on cruelty primarily refer to this. YOUR BRAIN IS FOR YOU TO KNOW ALLAH means, IT IS FOR YOU TO REALIZE THE QUALITIES OF ALLAHS THAT MAKE UP YOUR ESSENTIAL REALITY.

  24. TO LIMIT YOUR BRAIN WITH; ROUTINES, REPETITION AND THE CAPTIVITY OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE IS WASTEFUL, IT IS TORTURE FOR THE BRAIN! Break out of the cage of your conditionings and IMAGINE YOUR TRUE. The metaphors of heaven highlight YOUR imagination.

  25. The world is SUFFERING FROM A DIFFERENT KIND OF PANDEMIC! Almost everyone has been infected from this pandemic, and SUFFERING from its side effects. “WHY DON’T THINGS WORK OUT THE WAY I WANT?”… “WHY DON’T THEY LIVE THE WAY I WANT THEM TO?”… “WHY DON’T THEY DO AS I SAY?”…

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