1. Preachers incapable of contemplating what they read and their Muslim students that claim to know religion do the worst harm to Islam.

  2. A lover’s commitment can only be measured by what he is ready to sacrifice for the beloved. Actions speak louder than words!

  3. Animals are controlled by fear. Humans on the other hand are appealed to through intellect, though it’s their hearts that perceive reality.

  4. While the mind seeks meaning through calculation, the heart feels its way to the reality. The heart’s desire to attain reality is called LOVE!

  5. Know your boundaries... no matter who you are!

  6. Allah has created MAN on earth (in body) for him to realize and live out his Vicergency. Humanoids are oblivious to this notion!

  7. Humanoids are doomed to suffer on earth and in the afterlife because of the way they are composed. They are incapable of faith!

  8. A Humanoid evolves. A Human is VICERGENT and becomes manifest though a humanoid body, possessing the potential of all of Allah's names.

  9. Allah creates your existence by becoming manifest from that which you call your BRAIN!

  10. Your viewpoint is selfish unless you put yourself in the shoes of your adversary. Try and sense their point of view!

  11. Your suffering stems from your conditionings. You will be confronted with everything that you contest either in this world or the next!

  12. You will have lifted the veil of your ego the moment you realize that the love of those that love you is not for you but for Allah!

  13. The deadliest of sins is not knowing WHOM your beloved really is! If only you knew!

  14. Evolve from tolerance on to love, and leave your worldly worries behind. Do you not accept the snake or the scorpion for what they are?

  15. According to the Quran, you are here on this earth either to realize your VICERGENCY and live with the morals of Allah, or not!

  16. Humanoids are governed by what they know and they attack every one or thing that challenges that knowledge.

  17. Most of your experiences result from your choices at turning points. Blame no one! Use your mind and don't fall victim to your intellect!

  18. Your intellect seeks short term benefit, while your mind will steer you right in the long term. Don't fall victim to your emotions.

  19. We become aware of the fallout from our doubt and indecision only after it’s too late!

  20. Those that think that religious metaphors should be taken literally eventually find their understanding of religion gets disproven by science.

  21. Humanoids make judgements based on their conditionings. They look but they cannot see, they listen but they cannot hear!

  22. Desire drives action. The creator makes paradise desirable. A merchant makes his product desirable. A woman makes herself desirable.

  23. If you wish to Give, then make your offering desirable! If you say here take it, no one will want it. The skill is in making it desirable!

  24. ‘Man’ is a servant to Allah and Allah is beyond all worldly concepts. All of creation is in servitude to the names of Allah!

  25. It is futile to waste words amongst those who heed not their own conscience.

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